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Meddling In Fate.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Death's Mistress.

October 31st, 2130:

It was only fitting she faded away into her next great adventure the day that she'd first cheated death. The day her parents had died by the hands of history's darkest wizard. Not since Voldemort, born Tom Marvolo Riddle, had the Magical World hit such a low. Dark wizards had come and gone since Voldemort, but none could boast the magical power of Voldemort or even Grindelwald.

They were easily taken care of.

For a long time Violet Potter brought these sort of people to stand trial and be sentenced to Azkaban. She'd spent over sixty years as an Auror with a few odd years spent in the Department of Mysteries, but the work the Unspeakables did wasn't for her in the long run.

She couldn't keep the patience for the job so she went back to what she was good at, fighting dark wizards and witches. After Violet retired she was offered the job of replacing Minerva McGonagall, who'd passed of age well into her hundreds. It only took her so many hours to agree, Hogwarts was after all her first home and always would be.

Grimmauld Place was a dreary place compared to Hogwarts, and taking the position of Headmistress of Hogwarts seemed like going home after a long day's work. It was fulfilling. There hadn't been many times in her life she'd felt the same. She'd lived for one hundred and fifty years. The first eighteen of which couldn't be called living, it was only surviving, but she'd done just that – she'd survived.

She'd defeated the darkest wizard since Salazar Slytherin, being hailed as the Woman-Who-Conquered (much to her disdain) and gifted the Order of Merlin, First Class. Though she was somewhat annoyed, she hadn't wanted fame out of what she'd done. She'd done so because she was the only one who could, or so the prophecy said. Till the day she died, Violet wasn't sure she completely believed in the prophecy. She was someone who believed one wrote their own fate after all.

After the defeat of Voldemort many believed she'd settle down. Find someone to love and would love her, get married, and continue the Potter line (even if the name went extinct). It wasn't like Violet hadn't tried to find love. She'd dated plenty throughout her late teens and twenties.

Then in her early thirties Violet realized love just wasn't in the cards for her. She'd tried, but no one really saw her for her, they saw her for her money, fame, and her accomplishments. Even the one serious boyfriend she had, turned fiancée, didn't work out in the end because he was a Muggle. It wasn't so much the fact he lacked magic, she didn't care about that, but he was a scientist and just couldn't handle the truth of magic.

They ended their relationship before the wedding, and Violet didn't regret it. She knew from the moment she'd told him and he'd reacted badly that marrying him would have been the mistake. Violet Potter remained single, and never had children of her own. She did, however, raise her godson – Teddy Remus Lupin.

His grandmother Andromeda died from rogue Death Eaters when he was nearly one, and after that Violet fought for custody. Narcissa Malfoy would have gotten him otherwise and despite the woman saving her life in the Battle of Hogwarts, she didn't want Teddy exposed to the Malfoy ideals.

Teddy was like a son to her, the child she'd never been blessed with, and in kind Teddy treated her like his mother. He was officially adopted before he was a year old, made heir to his godmother's fortune, the Peverell, Black, and Potter families.

Eventually Teddy grew up and married Victoire Weasley. The Weasley's were a family Violet was still very close with considering her two best friends were Hermione and Ronald Weasley. They'd named her the godmother of their daughter Rose Weasley – who name wasn't just inspired by Shakespeare, but by Violet's own family tradition of naming females after flowers.

Teddy and Victoire graduated Hogwarts a year apart, and soon after Victoire's seventh year they married. They had children, who had children, who had children, and further down the line. Despite not having any biological children, Violet was never really alone or lonely.

Teddy Lupin, now an old man of one-hundred and thirty-two certainly felt his age as he made his way from in front of his adopted mother's tomb, which was a monumental marble statue of the woman. He knew she would have hated it, but the people wanted to honor her for her actions, and he didn't have the heart to deny them their closure.

Violet Potter, Headmistress of Hogwarts and former head of the Auror department in the Ministry of Magic had passed peacefully in her sleep at the old age of one-hundred and fifty. She would've been relieved. She told him as he entered into the Auror force when he was 18 that she'd find a way to haunt him in his afterlife if he got himself killed before she kicked the bucket (her words near exactly).

He'd done as she asked. Though he had some close calls he'd survived his chosen profession with only scars to show for it. Now he was alive over a century later to say goodbye to the woman who'd raised him. Not all wizards or witches made it into their hundreds though. Their magic may expand their lifespan and life force, but it didn't mean everyone lived as long as him, Violet, or even Albus Dumbledore.

Victoire, his wife, had died at only one hundred. Most of the Weasley's from his mother's generation were also dead, having not lived as long as Violet herself had. Their descendants stayed strong. There were plenty of redheaded Weasley's remaining.

"That was a beautiful speech, grandfather," a very pretty girl with long white-blond hair said as he approached his large family.

In his life he'd had three beautiful children, many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. The girl before him who looked so much like her great-great-great grandmother Victoire was Violetta Lupin, named after the woman everyone had come to honor. Though she obviously didn't look anything like Violet, Violetta also had a shade of green eyes, which, while not as vibrant or bright as Teddy's mother, were still a very pretty leaf green.

"I only spoke the truth, it's how she would have wanted it," Teddy said, his wrinkled face lowered as he closed his eyes in remembrance.

"I see," Violetta said, her eyes sad.

She looked back to were her husband William stood with their daughters. Five year old Isolt Lupin – named for her many-times great-grandmother, Isolt Sayre. And Ten month old Andromeda Lupin, also named after her many-times great-grandmother. Andromeda was much too young to know what was happening, and Isolt wasn't really aware of what had happened either. She just knew that she wouldn't be seeing Grammy Violet anymore.

Isolt always loved listening to Violet's stories, but so did many of the extended Lupin family, but Isolt was probably the one who saw Violet the most. She loved changing her looks to look like her Grammy – turning her naturally fiery red hair black and her leaf green eyes a more verdant emerald. Isolt was one of the few of Teddy's descendants to be a Metamorphmagus.

Like her daughter, Violetta was always close to her many times great-grandmother. The woman was a master in the field of Potions and so when Violetta showed an interest and aptitude for the subject, Violet offered to help Violetta learn. Nearly everything she knew about potions came from Violet, and three years after she'd graduated Hogwarts she'd returned to Hogwarts as the Potions Professor.

She looked back at her grandfather. "Do you think Gran will be happy, at rest now?"

Teddy grinned and chuckled.

"My mother once told me, death is but the next great adventure," he said. "I know she is, she always did enjoy adventures."




Death stared at the soul within his hands, a bright golden-white-blue orb which signified the soul of his mistress. The only one to not selfishly wish for the power of his Hallows. Neither did she actually hold them any longer, but the power of his Hallows had chosen and the imprint was in her soul (the reason for the soft golden pulse of the otherwise white-blue soul).

Violet had passed the Cloak of Invisibility down as was tradition. Teddy had received Christmas of his first year at Hogwarts, and Teddy had passed it to his only son James on the Christmas of his first year, and the tradition continued on.

The Stone of Resurrection was lost in the Forbidden Forest, and never found again. The Elder wand remained with its old master, entombed. He'd seen everything in her life, and honestly, he felt she deserved some sort of reward – if it could be called a reward. After all, once she was reborn he had no way of controlling the course of her destiny.

The paths she'd choose were her own. The only thing he could offer her was the knowledge of her first life and a promising family. Death hmm'd, before he walked closer to the unsuspecting woman who knelt beside the lake, washing clothes, her red hair falling down her back. He'd made sure to find suitable parents for his mistress, and the mortal before him would get to keep her first born in return for birthing his mistress. As death he could tell the fetus forming in her womb wouldn't have made it to three weeks without his interference.

His mistress would lose much, but gain acceptable replacements for the power she'd lose.

"Be well, Mistress," he muttered and allowed the soul to float towards the woman.

It sank into her abdomen and formed the soul of the new life growing inside the woman. The redhead, one of the last survivors of Uzushiogakure stood, a sense of something having occurred crossing her mind. Yet nothing was out-of-place. No foreign chakra signatures were in the area, and there was nothing to see..

Softly Uzumaki Suiren laughed. It appeared her mind was playing tricks on her again. Jin always said she worried too much. Within the next nine months the two survivors of the Uzumaki clan would welcome a new yet old soul into the world.



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