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Odin Borrson, the great and powerful Allfather, ruler of Asgard, stared almost unseeingly at his unusually grim eldest son, while his second-eldest (adopted) son stared sullenly at the floor. His lovely wife, Frigga, stood next to him with a strange expression on her face, Sif and the Warriors Three looked varying degrees of alarmed, while Heimdall, the last of their strange group (not including the multitude of guards, warriors, nobles, and passers-by) was outright amused. Odin wasn't even going to begin to focus on how strange that was.

"...Come again?" Odin said commandingly, completely disregarding how faint and shocked he sounded. He was the king, damnit, he could pretend all he wanted.

"The Master of Death wishes for me to pass you a message, father," Thor repeated.

Damn. That's what he thought Thor had said. Odin thought quickly, trying to recall anything he may have done recently that could have the slightest chance of bringing him to the attention of that being. He couldn't think of any.

"Very well. What is His message, my son?"

"He said that until you learn to clean up your own messes, He is keeping the tesseract. Also, He seemed very displeased with Asgard. He compared us to... the Olympians." Odin mirrored his son's expression of distaste. (The only one he found more annoying than that idiot Zeus was that bloody know-it-all Thoth. At least Zeus provided entertainment during the Divine Council meetings with his relentless squabbling with his Roman counterpart.)

"I see. ...You don't suppose He would reconsider?" Frigga narrowed her eyes at her husband while everyone else seemed to huddle together, looking around uncertainly as if Death would suddenly appear before them, and Heimdall looked, scarily, even more amused. The look Thor gave his father clearly questioned his sanity; Loki appeared somewhat hopeful that he would actually try.

Seemingly sensing his intentions, the skies above Asgard dimmed as though a large cloud covered the entirety of the world, and the air around them rumbled ominously.

"Er, right. Never mind."

Edit 4/17/2015: The loverly and awesome GallonsoftheStuff wrote a one-shot based on this little universe that is completely awesome and I love them for it. It was a brilliant unintentional birthday present. Go read Deus Mortis. Now. I command thee. ;P