Chapter 1

A little help goes a long way

Samandriel stood outside the building, quite unsure of how to proceed. He knew he needed to obey his orders and find the human God had told him to protect, but he was unprepared for what was before him. He had very little knowledge on human women, and even less on the ones that were working at a place such as this. He sent out an angelic call for assistance, explaining the situation. He waited patiently, staring at the building in front of him. The giant neon sign read Dancing Bare – girls, girls, girls.

Two angels appeared on either side of him. Considering the reputation of the both of them, he was not surprised. They both were looking up at the neon sign, and then back at him. Balthazar laughed and clapped Samandriel on the back. "So what have you gotten yourself into this time little brother?"

Gabriel snickered and nudged the younger angel, "so, I am guessing you've never been in this type of establishment?" Samandriel seemed to pale a bit, and shook his head. "Why would I have cause to visit a den of iniquity?" He swallowed hard. "All I know is there is a human girl in there that I am supposed to watch over." Samandriel wasn't sure what was so humorous, as the two older angels laughed and winked at each other. Balthazar and Gabriel each grabbed an arm. "Let's get to watching then!" they said in unison.

"Hey, sweet cheeks, ten minutes and you better be riding that pole like you stole it!" I glared at Craig. "Yes boss, now can you get out so I can finish?" He sauntered away and I gave myself a quick once over, smoothing out the school girl skirt that barely covered anything. Good, I thought, maybe a bunch of men tonight with daddy complexes. I double checked my pigtails and meandered backstage, watching as Kitty was finishing up. She and I were center stagers, since we drew the most bank. She had that all tits and ass, I'm a dirty girl thing, and she rocked it well. I covered the daddy's little girl, girl next door. Since I had the body of a 16 year old, it helped them play out their fantasy. I smirked, knowing they couldn't resist the big blue eyes and blonde pigtails. I squinted into the front row, and noticed all the older men, and … jeez that poor kid sitting in front looked like he was lost. He was squeezed between two men who I just knew I needed to play up to, especially the way they kept nudging him and grinning maniacally.

I was glad I had picked 'Something in her Mouth' as my first song, it drove them crazy when I sucked my thumb and fingers. Kitty brushed by me and we winked, her saying 'front and center, poor kid' and me giggling.

Samandriel had tried to look anywhere except at the stage, until he felt the human girls presence. She was about to come out, and he was feeling a bit terrified and overwhelmed. As she strolled out, Gabriel and Balthazar nudged him and were grinning. He stared open mouthed at her, taking in the tiny plaid skirt, white stockings, and white sheer button up shirt. She seemed to mover herself with perfect control and grace and he felt a new sensation in his vessels body as he watched her swinging on the pole, bending and turning. His vessel was becoming uncomfortably hot as she removed the shirt, shortly followed by the skirt. He took in her creamy skin, covered only by small white undergarments. He suddenly couldn't breathe correctly as she made her way directly in front him, licking her lips and looking down into his eyes as she slowly removed the bra. He was struggling with his vessels reaction so seeing those small perky breasts, his pants feeling more than uncomfortably tight. She seemed at that moment to be dancing solely for him, her eyes never leaving his face even as she worked the pole. He was vaguely aware of Gabriel and Balthazar tossing a large amount of money down.

Too soon her dance was over, and he felt himself being tugged up, and he followed his older brothers to a corner booth in the back. Gabriel looked at his younger brother and patted him on the head. "So Sam-I-Am, what did you think?" Balthazar had already made his way to the bar, and Samandriel shifted uncomfortably before meeting Gabriel's eyes. "I am unsure, seeing her dancing caused my vessel to, react strangely." Samandriel felt his face flush as he thought about her again.

Balthazar sat down with three drinks, handing some sweet-fruity thing with an umbrella to Gabriel, and pushed a small glass with brown liquid towards Samandriel. "Drink up brother. You're going to be needing it, oh, about now." He followed Balthazar's gaze and felt his heart race. She was steadily making her way towards their booth, sashaying her hips, he could almost see the white undergarments as she walked.

I made my way towards the trio in the back, and saw the kid swallow hard and his face flush. He looked way to innocent to be in a place like this. His eyes got wider as I slid into the booth next to him, his two friends grinning and sharing a look. I slid my hand onto his thigh and gave a squeeze. "First time in a place like this?" I whispered huskily in his ear, letting my lips graze his ear. He seemed incapable of speech, so I turned towards his friends. "I think he could use a lap dance, what do you gentlemen think?" I kept my hand on his thigh and sucked my lower lip. The amber eyed hottie laughed, and his older friend tucked a generous amount of cash into the top of stocking, and winked. "I think he could use at least two, what do you say Gabriel?" Gabe smirked. "Definitely two."

I got up and led the kid along towards the back, his eyes still wide, as if he had no idea what was happening, or about to happen to him. I opened the door and led him inside. "Sit," I commanded, and he quickly obliged. "Good boy." I turned on a slow song and slid onto his lap. "Normally, I am not supposed to let anyone touch me," I leaned in and nipped his ear "But in your case, I'll make an exception."

Samandriel felt his vessels heartbeat racing, his whole body was screaming at him that he needed something from her, but he had no idea what. He was straining against his pants as she danced and rubbed her body against his. She took his hands and put them onto her hips, as she slid further up his lap and began grinding down into him. His hands tightened and his breath hitched, he could feel the friction against his erection, and his hips were rocking in time with hers. He whimpered as she lifted off him, but she smiled and began undoing his slacks. "Wouldn't want you to make a mess all over your pants now."

I told myself I shouldn't be touching him, that it could get me fired if Craig found out. But this kid was beyond innocent, and I couldn't resist. He had virgin written all over him, and defiling sweet innocent boys was something I couldn't get enough of. I pulled his slacks down, and his underwear. Licking my lips I knelt down and stroked and sucked. He moaned and whimpered, eyes wide as he watched. I worked him and his hips bucked, his hands frantically grabbing my hair. "I need," he gasped, "please, more." His head fell back and his hips stuttered as he came, and I swallowed and sucked hard until he finished. I gently helped him get dressed again. I sat back on his lap and kissed his sweaty forehead. He looked up at me, and I let my lips brush his. "You were perfect," I whispered, placing another soft kiss on his lips. "Beautiful and perfect." He smiled, his green-blue eyes almost seemed to glow. I stood up and offered him my hand. "We should get you back to your friends now."

Gabriel and Balthazar watched as she led Samandriel back to the booth. He slid in, and she winked at him. "I hope I will be seeing you again." The trio watched as she walked away, swinging her hips as she went.

Samandriel was silent as he climbed into the back of Balthazar's car, still trying to process what had happened. Gabriel magicked a sucker and handed it to him. "You ok back there Sandman? Samandriel looked up at Gabriel, his face flushing. "I just, I didn't realize a lap dance was so, involved." Balthazar and Gabriel's eyes widened and the car came to a stop. Balthazar turned and looked at him. "Involved? Dear lord, how 'involved' did she make it?" Samandriel stared at his lap, before Gabriel reached over and lifted his face up.

Samandriel felt his face get hot as he looked at his two older brothers. "I just did not realize, I mean I thought it was just a dance. I did not know oral sex was involved as well." His face was so serious that any laughter the older angels might have had died in their throats. "She said I was a good boy, and that she would allow me to touch her, even though it was against the rules. She took down my pants, and then put her mouth…" "Okay…" Gabriel interrupted, "We understand how oral sex works bro. Let's just get you back to Balthazar's and we can figure out a plan for tomorrow."