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Ruby laid on the floor of the giant shrine. She woke from her unconsciousness and looked around only to noticed her vision is blurry. Ruby looked behind her and noticed something standing near her. She rubbed her eyes to try and make her vision slightly better. "Who's there?" Ruby looked back to see no one standing there anymore.

Ruby picked herself off the ground and noticed a bright light behind her. She stared at the closest stone idol while a blue light erupted from the statue. She jumped back as it exploded. "Whoa!"

"Thy next foe is... in the seaside cave... it moves slowly... raise thy courage to defeat it." The voice slowly faded away and she looked at the stone idol on the other side of the destroyed idol. She walked towards to inspect it and she stared at the face of the statue before moving closer. Ruby brushed off the dust and noticed what looks like to be a name.

"Q-Quadratus...?" Ruby backed up when she suddenly heard footsteps near the stairs. She looked at the stairs to see two familiar people come into sight.

"Ruby!? You're okay!" Yang ran towards the young girl and hugged her. Ruby looked at Blake who was smiling at her with a relieved expression.

"What exactly happened?"

"Uh... well, some black goo like thing or something came out the dead Colossus and went into you. Shortly after that happened, you started to float away."

"Weird... well, we got another to beat." Ruby pulled out her sword and looked at the girl on the pedestal.

"I don't-" Blake stopped herself after seeing the determination in young girl's eyes. "...Let's go."

Ruby, Yang, and Blake walk out of the shrine. Ruby lifts her sword up to find the direction of the next Colossus. "It's somewhere behind the shrine. C'mon, let's go." They started walking towards the direction of the Colossus and every once in a while Ruby lifted her sword up to correct their direction. They arrived at a natural stone bridge and Ruby once again lifted her sword, she looked around and she got confused as none of the direction was right. Ruby noticed what looks like to be a cave, she angled her sword and the beams of light focus on the cave.

"Looks like we're going down." Ruby pointed to get the others attention and they walked towards Ruby to see where she was pointing.

"Really? Well... let's be careful." Blake went first and then the others started to follow. They carefully crossed the stone bridge as they don't know if it could collapse.

"Ruby, are you sure it's down there?" Yang carefully walked crossed the stone bridge.

"Yes, that's where the light is telling us to go." Ruby stopped at the near the cross road leading a different direction. Ruby waited for the others before she continued downward to what appears to be where the Colossus is located.

'Weiss... I'll bring you back no matter what.' Ruby thought as she continued along the path when the others caught up. Yang grabbed Ruby's arm and pulled her back just as a big rock fell on the spot where she was standing on.

"Thanks, Yang." Ruby brushed off the dust off her clothes before continuing cautiously. Ruby stared at the giant stone bridge above them before she looked around trying to figure out where it is.

"Where is it?" Blake started to look around also and Yang pointed at large cave ahead of them.

"Maybe in there, it looks pretty large, so maybe it could be in there." Ruby nodded as she made her way towards the cave, she stopped after feeling something strange. Blake and Yang wondered why she stopped suddenly. They watched as Ruby looked at the ground before she kneeled down and placed her hand on the ground.

"Do you guys feel that?"

"Feel what?" Blake wondered as she also started to feel the same thing Ruby felt.

"It's like the ground is shaking... and it's getting stronger." They suddenly heard the sound of rocks being destroyed and they looked towards the cave. They see a giant goat-like Colossus with a spine made of stone on top of it. They watched as it continues forwards without even noticing the three close by. They all looked at it as they tried to figure out how to get on top of it. They all take a step back as the Colossus stopped and looks towards them, slowly turns towards to them.

"I guess we don't have time to figure out how to get on it!" Yang readies her arrow while the other two run towards the water and the Colossus slowly made its way towards the two. Yang fires her arrow hoping to distract it but as the arrow hit the Colossus eyes glowed red and it didn't even turn towards her.

"Shit!" Yang quickly starts firing arrows as fast as she can trying to get its attention. The Colossus finally stopped and turned towards her, Yang started backing up and she steadies her aim. She fires it effectively stunning it and the Colossus lifted both its front legs. Ruby watched as it lifted its legs and she noticed something glowing under its hooves, Ruby pulled out her sword and turned to Blake. Yang quickly started running away from the giant that's about to stomp her and jumped behind the pillars from the bridge to avoid the debris flying towards her.

"Blake, I want to try something, but I need your bow."

"What is it, Ruby?"

"I noticed something glowing under that things feet and I want you to shoot it next time it raises its hooves to try and stomp on us again." Blake nodded and they raced towards the giant Colossus. The Colossus noticed them and turned towards them. Blake waited as the thing started walking towards them. She readies her arrow waiting patiently. The Colossus lifted its feet once again and Blake fired her arrow, the Colossus cried from the being hit in a soft area. The Colossus fell to the ground as Ruby was already running towards the leg Blake shot. Blake quickly followed Ruby as they both started climbing Ruby climbed on top of a small platform and Ruby helped Blake up before the Colossus got up. They both grabbed onto the fur as the Colossus started getting up and it turned towards Yang. Ruby jumped towards the back of the legs and grabbed onto its fur, Blake also decided to jump and Ruby reached out and grabbed Blake's hand to help her up.

They both started climbing up until they reached the top, Ruby started moving along its back and she climbed over the stones to reach its head. Ruby gripped her sword and stabbed its head, the Colossus again cried with pain and started shaking its head. Ruby tried to pull the sword out but it wouldn't budge. "Blake, I can't get the sword out!"

"What!?" Blake started walking towards Ruby, but the Colossus again started to shake its head furiously and Blake fell off the Colossus. Blake landed on the ground and she tried to get up but was too stunned from the fall. The Colossus walked towards Blake and Yang ran as fast as she could to get to Blake before it got to her. The Colossus lifted its foot over Blake and Ruby started pulling the sword with all her might. "No, you don't!" Ruby pulled out the sword and stabbed it again.

The Colossus stepped back from the pain and Yang quickly picked Blake up and carried her away. Ruby pulled her sword out and tried to rest for a bit before she attacked again. She quickly went back to its weakness and she used all her strength in this attack and she stabbed it once again. The Colossus cried out in pain as it fell to its knees before falling to its side and Ruby held onto it till it stopped moving. Ruby jumped off it and started walking towards the others. Ruby looked at the dead Colossus and noticed a black energy covering it. Ruby looked as a black stream of energy flew out of it and started moving towards her.

Yang looked towards the Colossus killer and she started to panic as the same stuff from before flew towards Ruby. "Ruby!" Yang got up and started running towards her, she watched as it went inside her again and she fell down unconsciousness. Ruby floated away as Yang got to her and she quickly ran towards Blake. Yang picked her up and started carrying her towards the giant shrine.

The stone idol of Quadratus started to glow before it exploded and crumbled. Ruby woke up from the sound of rubble falling to the ground and she slowly got up. She noticed everything blurry before her vision started to focus and she started walking towards the altar. Ruby stopped when she heard a familiar voice and she turned around.

"Thy next foe is... a giant canopy soars the heavens... The anger of the sleeping giant shatters the earth..."

Ruby sighed as she started heading towards the stairs, but stopped when a light appeared at the other end of the hall. "You don't like to waste time, do you?" Ruby walked towards the light to see what it could be and she reached in the water. She pulled out a cloth and she inspected it to see what it could be but strapped it on anyways. Once Ruby passed by the statue of the next she had to beat and started to get curious if this Colossus had a name like the other. She walked up as she stared at the statue before kneeling down and brushing off any dust. Eventually, Ruby felt some indentations on the statue and began dusting off the area. Once she was down with dusting she found the name of it. "Gaius?" Ruby sighed before left. Ruby lifted her sword up once she was outside and she started heading the same direction from the other Colossus she just beaten.

Yang put Blake down once she was able to walk again and they started running up the path to get back to the shrine. They both notice a beam of light shine and they started to rush over to the stone bridge, they both arrived at the top of the bridge. Ruby looked at the two who came into view and she stopped.

"Oh, I was so caught up with trying to kill them, I forgot about you two."

"Don't forget about us next time, we're a team," Blake told the young girl before they headed out.

Yang noticed the clouds darken since the fight with the other Colossus and Blake sniffed the air. "I think it's going to rain soon, I suggest we find some shelter." Yang nodded as they continued along the path and they noticed a small shrine in the distance. Yang felt something wet hit her face and she looked up.

"We better hurry, it's starting." They ran as the rain started to pour harder and harder as the seconds go by.

"Good thing we made it here before it really started to rain." Yang rests on the ground and she looked at Ruby noticing something off about her.

"Ruby, is there something wrong?"

"What do you mean?" Ruby curious to what her sister is talking about.

"You look a little... pale."

"Yeah, also your clothes look a little darker than before." Blake placed her hand against her forehead and didn't feel anything abnormal. "You don't have a fever... and your breathing is normal too."

"I think you need some rest," Yang told her young sister.

"I don't need rest, I need to save Weiss!" Ruby stood with her hands clenched into a fist.

"Ruby! You haven't rested since this whole adventure started! Plus we're not leaving until this rain stops." Yang grabbed her before she could go anywhere.

"I can't! I need to-"

"No, Ruby! You can't save Weiss if you can't even walk!" Blake interrupted Ruby who's also trying to convince the young girl. Ruby stood there thinking about what her friend and sister said. Ruby sighed a little as she sat down. Ruby rested against Yang and she closed her eyes, Yang and Blake sat there looking at the sky and not along after convincing Ruby to rest, they hear her breathing softly. Yang rests Ruby's head on her lap and Blake watched them as Yang stroked Ruby's hair. Blake quickly looked away when she noticed Yang looking at her and Yang smiled at the girl.

"Are you getting a little jealous?" Yang teased her.

"What!? No! What gave you that idea."

"Come here." Blake slowly and reluctantly got up and moved next to her. Yang wrapped her arm around the girl and pulled her closer.

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