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My Other Half


Everyone has their obsession, consuming thoughts, consuming time
They hold high their prized possession, that defines the meaning of their lives

You are mine, you are mine
You are mine, all mine, you are mine

There are objects of affection, that can mesmerized the soul
There is always one addiction, that just cannot be controlled

You are mine, all mine, you are mine


"Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they're born."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Chapter One — Sleep Well

25th December 1914—New Orleans


Kaylah Mikaelson sped into the compound, dark eyes looking around for any sign of the brother she was calling for. She pushed through the crowd of people, ignoring the glares they sent her way, though they would never dare say anything to a Mikaelson. It was Christmas time, and like they did every year, her siblings hosted a party, which was usually boring but out of respect for her brother, Kaylah showed up reluctantly. Kol had set out a dress for her that he had picked out and, in return for her attendance, he had promised her an 'exiting evening out' which, in Kol-speak meant 'bloody massacre' somewhere outside the city. She had been speaking with her date outside, who she had planned to kill at the end of the night, when she heard Kol shouting from inside.

It was a familiar yell, and she instantly knew what that meant but Kaylah hoped she was wrong. Her brother wasn't fearful but there was one thing he was scared of. She stopped at the end of the stairs, looking for her siblings, but frowned when she saw none of them. It wasn't like them to disappear. Rebekah liked the attention as much as Klaus did and Elijah wasn't rude.

As she went to make her way up the steps, her eyes caught sight of the woman Kol had taken to the gathering. Her senses instantly perked up when she looked more closely at the girl – witch. Kol's favorite, Kaylah mused, her brother always was a thrill seeker. She flashed over to the girl, who jumped in surprise."Can I help you?"

"You're Kol's date, aren't you, darling?"

She nodded and Kaylah smiled as politely as she could."Good. I need to talk with my brother, do you happen to know where I might find him?"

"Your siblings disappeared with him a few moments ago. I assume they have had an argument, it got quite...heated."

Kaylah swallowed thickly, instantly knowing what had happened."That bastard."

Thanking the young blonde, she resisted the urge to snap her neck to calm herself. Mumbling curses, she grabbed the bottom of her dress so that it wouldn't catch dust and made her way up the stairs. She didn't know what her brother had been up to, something that was rare because the two always caused havoc together. But he had told her that it was to be a present for her whenever he got around to 'finishing it', and she assumed that it was something that Klaus didn't like. So she let it be. Kol was always smirking to himself, as if he held a secret and no matter how much she demanded to know, he just told her that it was a gift for them all. She listened out for her siblings, but failed because of all the chatter that was happening in the compound. She swore, angry at herself for leaving him alone with the three.

"Niklaus! Elijah!"

She stormed into the front room, but before she could make another move, her sister was in front of her. Kaylah saw hesitance and guilt in her blue eyes, and instantly knew that she was hiding something."What did you do, Rebekah?"

"It had to be done. Kol was going to get us all into trouble. I did what I had to do."

"What are you talking about? Where is he?"

Rebekah looked at the ground, an ashamed look on her face, different to the grin she had worn when Kol had been daggered.

Even though Kaylah was seething with anger, the blonde could see the worried look in her eyes, and knew that she wasn't going to like what Rebekah had to say next. The twins were close and when something bad happened to the other, it was like a part of them had been torn. Ever since they had been children, it was like Kol and Kaylah had been in their own small world. They had been inseparable as children and when they turned, nothing seemed to change. When one was angry, the other felt it. When one was in a good mood, the other was beaming from ear to ear.

But something that nobody wanted to experience from them was murderous. When one of the twins was murderous, the other only seemed to encourage it.

They were the monsters that children feared was underneath their bed.

"Nik and Elijah daggered him. He's in his coffin."

Even though she already knew what had happened, hearing the words made it worse. Kaylah didn't cry, she didn't beg for her brother back, instead she did what the one of the twins always did whenever they were separated from their other half.

She waited.

She waited for her dagger.

"I'm sorry, Kay. He-He was going to take me down with him and I couldn't do that.""

"But you are more than willing to allow others to be parted? Just so you can hand your heart to a man who has given you nothing but heartbreak?"

Kaylah felt the anger boil up inside of her, to the point that her hands began to shake.

Rebekah knew perfectly that if one twin is daggered, that the other had to be given the same punishment. That was what she and Kol had swore to one another when they were first turned. While Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus made their pact, they made their own. One could not survive without the other. Kol was embedded in her like she was in him. He was the only constant she had in her life, and she was the same for him. Wherever one would go, the other wouldn't be far behind. They had been daggered several times before, and although they hated being locked away, the experiences only made their bond stronger. Klaus had always been paranoid with the twins, and if he left one daggered, then he would worry that they would get revenge.

"I know you're waiting, Niklaus. At least look at me before you stab that dagger in my heart. A coward does the opposite."

The brother in question entered the room, his hands behind his back while Elijah followed him. Her eldest living brother looked at her with some sort of shame, but she refused to let him feel better.

"I do wish that it doesn't have to be this way, sister. But you know as well as I do that your bond with Kol is much stronger than the love you have for the rest of us. You two cannot live without one another, and I know that if it had been the other way around, he would have done the same thing."

Klaus' hands appeared, white ash in the other and he dipped the tip of the dagger inside of it. A second later, he was in front of her.

"If only Kol had shown me the same loyalty he does his precious twin then I wouldn't have had to dagger him."

Unlike he did with Kol, Klaus' eyes held some sort of remorse for Kaylah but she ignored him. Like Kol, she resented Klaus a great deal. Yes, he was her brother and she would burn those alive who would attempt to threaten him but that did not mean she didn't hate him. He was family, and she would always stand by him against outsiders like Kol would, but sometimes the hate ran so deep. She despised how he used a weakness against her, against them all, and got no consequence for it. Kaylah eyed the dagger somewhat warily, wondering if Kol had suffered, but knew that she would reunite with her brother one day.

"Sleep well, sister. I do hope that Kol learns his lesson during his slumber, for your sake."

At his words, anger took over her as dagger came toward her, and Kaylah spoke up."Nik?"

He slowed his actions, and using his distraction, Kaylah grabbed the dagger before kicking her brother out of the way. She put all her strength behind the kick, sending him flying backwards, hitting a painting that hung on the wall. It crashed on top of him, trapping Klaus for a split second before his shock faded. He looked at her with wide eyes, jumping back onto his feet, and she watched the three carefully.

"Kaylah, do not be so foolish-"

"...do not fret, brother. I would just prefer it to be on my terms."

Kayley raised her hand, wondering how a simple stab could make her powerless.

Her eyes met Klaus' once again, noting how he refused to look her in the eye, as if he were slightly ashamed of his actions. The other two copied him, and Kaylah laughed cruelly, shaking her head. Her family had fallen apart many years before, and she wondered how long it would take before they realized that it wasn't possible to fix them. She swallowed, ready to sleep once again. She had gotten somewhat used to being daggered, but was never prepared for how long she was going to be locked in a box for, powerless.

Until we meet again, brother.

In one swift motion, Kaylah fell into her slumber, the dagger sliding into her heart.

Present—Mystic Falls—Mikaelson Mansion

"Have I mentioned how much of a creep your brother is?"

Elijah ignored Damon's comment and entered the room in which his siblings lay sleeping in the coffins. Four, excluding the coffin the Salvatore's were keeping away from the hybrid, filled the small space, giving the room an eerie feeling, but he shrugged it off. Damon wondered what exactly the other siblings had done to deserve such a punishment. He knew that Elena had caused Rebekah's daggering, but since he hadn't heard about the others, it didn't stop him wondering how it had come to them be locked in a box. The elder Salvatore brother watched with a curious eye as the Original opened up the first box, revealing Rebekah and without hesitating he pulled the dagger out of her. It was as if Elijah had experienced this sort of thing before, he didn't blink before opening the coffin. Damon leaned against the door frame, listening as Klaus and Stefan insulted one another, and the hybrid's mocking comments about the ripper he had gotten to know so well.

"So, just or curiosity, who has been locked away the longest?" He smirked as Elijah stood next to another coffin.

"My older brother...Finn. Nine hundred years."

To make a point, Elijah opened the lid and revealed said brother, causing Damon to come forward to get a clear view. The clothing the recently undaggered brother was wearing belonged in a museum, proving Elijah's words. He had long hair and was wearing a green tunic and pants in the fashion of the period he had been daggered in. He watched as Elijah pulled the dagger out of his elder brother gently before taking a step back. His face remained emotionless in front of Damon, even though inside, Elijah was feeling a whole range of things.

"Why was he daggered?"

Elijah handed the dagger to the compelled blonde was carrying a tray, placing it next to Rebekah's one.

"He hated what we were, and I assume he still does. Nevertheless, he is my brother and does not deserve being locked in a box."

As he did with Rebekah, Elijah left the lid open and walked to the other side of the room, where another two coffins lay. But, unlike the others, these coffins were side by side, only a few feet between them. The Original suddenly become unusually quiet, as if somewhat hesitant to open them. Damon frowned but kept quiet, wondering why Elijah was holding back on opening them, after all he, out of the siblings Damon had met, had wanted his family to reunite. Elijah unusually stilled, as if he was contemplating not opening the two coffins that stood in front of him. He shook his head, telling himself that he had a duty to his family to keep them together, despite their differences. Damon kept silent, knowing better than to anger the elder vampire as Elijah slowly opened the coffin nearest to him.

As the lid raised, revealing the face of who was inside, Damon rolled his blue orbs."You have another sister? Fantastic."

"If you value your life, Damon, I may suggest that you keep sarcastic comments like that to yourself when Kaylah wakes up, especially around Kol, too. He will not hesitate before ripping your tongue. He is very protective of his twin."

Leaving Damon to process the new information, Elijah, after much consideration, took out both daggers from each twin. Along with the other two, he placed them on the tray and turned towards the Salvatore.


Elijah nodded, placing his hands inside his pockets."Yes. Out of all my siblings, they are the closest. Inseparable, in fact. Niklaus was close with Rebekah, Henrik was doted on since he was the youngest, it only makes sense that they felt like they only had one another. When we were younger, they would sit for hours together, not interacting with others but eachother. At times they wouldn't even talk, as long as they were together. When Mikael would take Kol off to hunt, it would cause havoc. But both very dangerous, impulsive and reckless, sometimes more than Niklaus himself."

"That's why you hesitated before you undaggered them?"

"They are my family, it is my duty to keep us as one, but it is difficult to control and I refuse to become Niklaus. Sometimes I think the world is better off with them locked away and it probably is, they have no respect for human life, and kill just because it amuses them. They do not feed because it helps them survive, but because they get some sort of pleasure from it. Thousands have died at the hands of Kol and Kaylah, that is the reason why we have had to dagger them. They were bringing attention to where we were after they returned to us after travelling for a few years. I cannot begin to describe the horror they have caused. That is why it is so surprising that they are still inseparable just as they were when they were children. It is rare and fascinating, even i myself find it difficult to understand."

Memories hit Elijah as he spoke, his voice slightly shaky, which was out of character."When one is upset, the other will not settle until they destroy what has caused the other to be that way. They cannot be apart. We have tried several times to separate them, assuming that their murderous ways will fade if they are not together to encourage their vile acts, but that has only served to strengthen their bond. Despite their similarities, Kol feels as if he is the protector of the two, so do not underestimate him when it comes to her."

Damon let out a surprised breath, silently hoping that he wouldn't regret his decision to work with Elijah, while a question brimmed."Is that why they were both daggered, because of their murder sprees?"

"Well, that was partly it but Kol was...he was up to no good and it resulted in himself getting daggered by Niklaus and myself."

"What did the other terror twin do to be daggered?"

"Kaylah was beginning to enjoy her feeding too much and Niklaus was considering daggering her but it was mostly just talk. But the true reason she is daggered is mainly because of loyalty. When one twin is daggered, the other can't bear it. It's shocking because of how vile and sadistic their actions are, but it seems as if they are more content together. So when Kol was daggered, Kaylah didn't put up a fight. She daggered herself, to be truthful with you, only because she was disgusted with myself and Niklaus. The two have more loyalty to eachother than you will ever see."

"...it has been us that has failed them." The Original ended with a sigh.

Elijah stared at the twins for a moment, noticing that the greyness of their skin was beginning to fade. He hoped that their time in the coffins would refrain them from acting like they used to, but he doubted it. He also hoped that their respect for him hadn't deteriorated either. He didn't want to dagger them but it was for their own good, and Elijah knew how hypocritical it was of him to think such a way. He wanted his family to be whole once again, but previous events leading up to this moment was enough to prove that maybe it was time to give up on his brother. Or maybe it was time for Klaus to make the first move, instead of Elijah. His hybrid brother had much more to apologize for than he did.

After realizing that Damon was looking at him, Elijah quickly composted himself, clearing his throat, brushing invisible dust off of his suit. Damon observed him. For the first time, he saw behind Elijah's normally cool, calm and collected mask. He seemed uneasy, and was now refusing avoiding having to look at the twins.

"Come along. We have much more work to do. We do not have much time before they wake up. Niklaus mustn't suspect anything."

"Right behind ya. The sooner we return, the sooner you and your psycho-family leave this town."

especially those damn twins, they sound like more bad news than your hybrid brother.

Nodding, Damon fixed his collar as he followed the Original, his game face replacing the shocked expression because of the information he had just been told. As he trailed behind Elijah, he felt a weight being lifted off of his shoulders. Tonight was the night. They were finally going to get rid of the hybrid that had tortured them for what seemed like an eternity. Their family would leave, and the town would once again be somewhat safe, something that never stayed for long but at least Klaus would be gone. He would slowly begin to have his brother back and maybe if he played his cards right, Elena would look his way.

"Ah, Mr Salvatore, I take it you've finished with your temper tantrum?"

He sat back down, grinning up at the blonde who poured him more wine while Elijah re-joined Klaus, taking the seat next to him."I take it you're still a dick?"

"Is that any way to talk to the person who is going to give your precious Elena protection for the rest of her natural born life?"

Damon shook his head, taking a sip of his wine while Stefan opened his mouth, making him raise his hand to cut him off."Nu-huh, no way. That deal is off the table, as my brother said earlier...don't get ahead of yourself."

Klaus tilted his head, blue orbs flashing dangerously, temped to lunge across the table and show Damon what pain truly felt like. But, no matter how much he wanted to, his coffin was at stake. His jaw tightened, and his knuckles went white as he tried to control his temper. He smirked, not showing the brothers how much he was affected by the coffin, so he stayed silent, allowing his elder brother to talk while he imagined driving a stake through Damon's heart.

Elijah spoke up, getting rid of the tension."Shall we continue discussing the real reason that we're sitting here, gentleman?"

Inwardly, the elder Salvatore grinned to himself. It was going to be over soon. The town, his brother and Elena would be free of the Originals. They had won, the hell they had been forced to endure was over.

Damon didn't know it but his plans had just crumbled around him.

At that exact same moment, a pair of dark eyes snapped open, a gasp filling the room.

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