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Chapter Twenty Five—Darling Duo

Two Hours Ago

"I sent you to find me something that could be of use. I also expected you back a while ago. What took you so long?"

"The witch sent us around in circles."

"Witches have a habit of being a pain in the arse, mate. Dead or alive, believe me."

Luke, the somewhat leader of the hybrids, followed his sire into the front room, two of them carrying something underneath a sheet. Elijah followed, avoiding standing next to his hybrid brother who looked bothered by it. A moment later in walked Rebekah and Finn, who had just come out of Kol's bedroom, and Rebekah had clearly just been crying as she walked in the room, slamming the door behind her, a blank look on her face. Klaus offered her a small comforting smile as she entered but she refused to look at him as she walked in.

But that didn't mean he didn't try talking to her.

He held out his hand when she went to pour herself a drink, telling her that he would like a glass.

"How is our brother, 'Bekah?"

Rebekah didn't answer Klaus. She walked right passed him, standing near Elijah who turned to his brother with a sigh.

"What are they doing here, Niklaus? This time is quite...intimate."

"I sent them to a witch who has claimed that she knows my undoing."Klaus responded, a smirk on his face though his eyes held something deeper, something that as the total opposite of amusement."She claimed to have a premonition about an Original ending at the hands of Mystic Falls. So I sent my hybrids to check it out."

This caught Rebekah's attention. Her eyes widened angrily and she turned to her brother.

"What? You mean that a witch had knowledge of Kay-"

"This was after."Klaus cut off his sister, eyes meeting hers, nodding softly at her, as if trying to calm her.

"I only found out a few days ago. Clarissa is an old friend. She has a gift that I use now and then but most of her premonitions have been false rather than true. But I never put myself at risk, you know that."

"It's all about you, Niklaus, we know that full well."

Klaus and Elijah stared at eachother, the hybrid frowning.

He cleared his throat, shifting awkwardly, his eyes narrowing. He looked at his brother for a few more moments before he snapped his fingers, telling his hybrid to reveal what they had taken in. The two hybrid holding it quickly moved to the table and laid it down on the table before quickly removing the sheet to reveal the sign of Wickery Bridge.

Klaus frowned, raising an eyebrow as he looked between his hybrid and the sign."What? You're giving this to me as what? A souvenir?"

"The witches say that this is your ending." Luke said.

"What?" Rebekah and Klaus asked at the same time.

"This is what Clarissa had the premonition about."

"A bloody sign?"Rebekah frowned, sitting down on the chair across from the sign."What the hell are you talking about?"

"I am immortal. We are all immortal, you pillock."Klaus smirked somewhat smugly, crossing his arms over his chest."I have no ending."

"You're wrong. Because what we he is holding could have been your undoing if Clarissa hadn't put the pieces together."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that this-"The young hybrid paused and pointed at the sign."is what you feared. Apparently the tree you burt down was not the end of white oak. A sapling of the white oak was planted in the same pl-"

"That can't be."

"Rebekah, calm down."Finn implored his sister, sitting on the arm of her chair, grabbing her hand in a comforting manner. Klaus watched with a slight bothered expression, as if he were jealous of the fact that the two were supporting eachother but leaving him out."Carry on, please."

"It was also used to built this sign."Luke said, patting the sign with his hand."We burned down everything else. We made sure of that. The witch cannot find anything else."

"But why give that to us?" Elijah asked, standing up, eyes demanding."How dare you bring that to us?"

"We heard you talking Klaus talking about your father and how he always manages to escape. Even death. This is just in case."

"It is all gone? If you are lying to me-"

"We can't lie to you."One of the hybrids cut in, a clear look of loyalty on his face as he stepped forward to his sire."We're under your control. All white oak but this is gone. We swear."

Klaus' eyes widened somewhat fearfully while Elijah, Finn and Rebekah shared a confused yet shocked look as they stared at the sign.

The sign was made of white oak.

The only thing that could kill them.


The hybrid cut himself off as he entered the room to see his youngest brother sleeping on the bed, a troubled expressoin on his face as he slept without peace. Kol had exhausted himself and had reluctantly given into sleep. Davina's dead body lay at the foot of the bed, her head torn from her neck, it laying a few meters from the bed. Blood streaked across the ground and the walls, along with shattered glass and pieces of wood with bloody ends.


Klaus inhaled a shocked gasp when he saw the burned body of his sister.

His sister.

He had taught her and Kol how to talk, how to read and write their names.

He had killed his sister.

He stumbled back, hitting the wall behind him, eyes glassing over as he stared at his sister. He knew what he had done, he had suffered for it but until he saw her he hadn't truly believed that he had ended his sister. He had been waiting to see her strut around insulting him with Kol while they whispered to eachother. He had been waiting to see them together, lost in their own world with their smiles.

He believed it now.

Klaus moved forward, a tear running down his cheek as he looked down at Kaylah.

"I'm sorry...sister."He whispered, hand brushing hers as the tear slid off his cheek."I'm so sorry."

"What are you doing?"


"Don't touch her, don't touch her!"Kol cried out, fangs extracting and eyes turning blood red as he rose to his feet, stalking forward dangerously as Klaus moved backwards."She doesn't want you here, you can't be here!"


Klaus didn't have time to react as Kol's fist came in contact with his cheek. His head snapped to the side as his brother punched him before his foot hit the centre of Klaus' chest, sending him flying backwards. He hit the door, breaking it in half causing him to smash through it and fall into the hallway. Kol followed, picking up a piece of broken wood, growling angrily as he stepped over his brother.

"Brother, I didn't mean to-"

"You never mean to do anything, do you, Nik?"Kol spat, his eyes wild as he kicked his brother in the ribs, knocking him onto his back."You don't think, you don't do anything that makes you suffer! Just everyone else!"

"I DIDN'T MEAN TO KILL HER!"Klaus yelled out, hand grabbing Kol's fist before he punched him again. He twisted his brother's hand, snapping his wrist without trying, shoving him back as he jumped up."It was a mistake. I would never kill her."

He meant it.

Kaylah was his sister, his first sister and he would never purposefully harm her. He hadn't meant to harm her, he honestly meant that. He had taught the twins how to walk and how to talk, he had been there when they first held hands and told him that they were going to love eachother forever. He had been the first one to find out about them. They were the twins. And he would never intentionally separate them, never in a million years. He honestly, deep down, loved them in his own way and since her death he had been haunted by the screams of his sister, screams that he would never forget. The screams of pain and Kol's pleading for her to wake up and hold his hand. Klaus was the most powerful being in the world and not even he could bring back his sister to reunite the twins.

It haunted him.

"You have to believe me."

"Bastard's don't know the meaning of the word truth."

Kol hit his brother with the wood, kicking him against the wall, bringing the wood to his neck.

"She's mad at you, you know?"Kol laughed, pinning Klaus to the wall with the sharp end of the wood against his neck."I've never seen her so mad….not even when Rebekah stood on her fingers when she was little. She's really mad, Nik."

"She's here?" Klaus asked, wincing when Kol dug the wood into him again. He looked around, frowning, some hope in his eyes as Kol smiled."Kaylah?"

"Of course she is. She'd never leave without me. She's waiting." Kol said as if he were confused with Klaus' words."But you just don't deserve to see her."

"She's never hated someone before."Kol hissed, smiling cruelly when the point sliced Klaus' skin, blood dripping."She hates you."

That's right. I hate you, Nik.

Kol blinked and in that moment he saw his twin leaning over Klaus, sitting on her knees. She hovered her second eldest brother, a harsh grin on her face as she looked down at him, twirling her hair around her finger. Kol moved forward, kicking Klaus away and he kneeled down next to her. He couldn't touch her, that was a horrid consequence to their situatoin, but he could look at the beauty that was his twin.

"You came back."

Of course. I'd never leave you.

"It's time, isn't it?"

It's time, brother.

The two smiled at one another.

Kol's light had returned to his eyes.

"This is the key?"

It's the key. Clarissa found it. Our old friend.

"KOL, NO!"

Before they could stop him Kol quickly snapped off a piece of the sign, a sharp piece, and flashed to the other side of the room, knocking Elijah out of the way before his brother could grab him. His throw sent his brother flying across the room, taking a table with him before he tumbled to the ground, hitting his head off the wood. Finn and Klaus flashed into the room just in time to see Elijah jumping onto his feet. They all shared a worried look as their brother stood a meter from them, holding the only thing that could kill him in his hands.

It was a nightmare.

"Put that down, Kol, right now."Finn ordered, glaring at his brother with a worried look.

"This isn't the answer."

"It is. This is the key Kaylah told me about. Clarissa. She was the key."Kol said, looking down at the stake before looking back at his family."We'll be together again."

I miss you, brother.

"I miss you, too."

Rebekah's eyes widened in fear as Kol toyed with the piece of white oak in his hands."Kol, please….don't."

"I must. She can't come back here. She's waiting in paradise. Where we always meant to go if we had to leave this world."Kol smiled a little, biting his lip as he laughed."We'll rule another world together forever. We'll be able to touch each-other again, laugh again, rule the world as king and queen."

"That's not on the other side, brother."Elijah stated, stepping closer, holding out a hand."Calm down, Kol. You're not thinking right."

"She's not there!"Kol yelled, as if he were tired of saying it."She's in paradise. Waiting for me. In our world."

"You can't. Please don't. I can't…i can't lose you too."Rebekah gasped, tears streaming down her cheeks as she looked at her brother with a heartbroken expression."Please, Kol."

"We won't be gone."Kaylah said, standing behind Rebekah, her twin nodding in agreement."We'll be here."

"I can't...i can't keep her waiting. I can't stay here while she is there. It's as if a part of me is missing and I can't live without her here."Kol stressed to his family, clutching the white oak in his hand so hard that the wood pierced his skin, making him bleed."We can't be apart. It's too much."

"You can't leave us."Rebekah sobbed, stepping closer to her brother, blue eyes shining."Please, Kol. Don't go. Don't leave me."

"I have to, sister. Kaylah is waiting. She misses me and I miss her."

Rebekah ran into Kol's arms, crying loudly as she begged him not to leave her, not to leave them.

Kol wrapped an arm around her, his other still holding tight onto the white oak. Kaylah, invisible to them all but Kol, stood beside her twin as her sister cried loudly in his arms. Elijah's eyes glassed over as he stared at his brother, both understanding yet the same sadness in his eyes as he watched. Klaus turned away, rubbing a hand over his face, unable to watch any longer as he listened. Finn crossed his arms over his chest, looking the same as Elijah, torn between understanding but reluctant to let him go.

They understood.

But they didn't want to lose them both.

"Brother, we implore you."Finn said to his brother, trying to calm him down."We can find another way-"

Kol kissed his sister on the cheek and stepped away, shaking his head."There is no other way. Nothing to bring her back to this world. I must go to her."

Kol looked at his siblings, mainly Rebekah as he sighed. He lifted the hand that held the stake, covered in his blood and looked down at it, avoiding their eyes."She misses you. But, don't fret, we'll still be here."

We're not leaving. We're still here.

Rebekah shook head head, a broken sob leaving her as she reached out, trying to grab his hand again.

She adored the twins more than she could describe nd she would hate to lose Kol too. She could barely function without her sister and if she lost them both she wasn't sure if she could cope. She moved forward, blocking her siblings view of Kol and held out her shaky hands, cupping his face in her hands and forced him to look at her. She shook her head again, whispers leaving her as she tried to stop him. She couldn't take him but she could beg him not to leave.

"I'm sorry, Bekah."

His hand came up and grabbed one of her hands that was cupping her cheek.

"Kol, please. Please, please, please. Don't-"

We love you, 'Bekah.

Rebekah suddenly dropped to the ground, her feet giving out from underneath her. The sound of a sharp inhale hit the ears of Klaus, Finn and Elijah. They all looked at eachother in worry and quickly flashed over, catching Rebekah before she could hit the ground.

But it wasn't her who had cried out.

It was Kol.


Their brother, their youngest brother, lay on the ground, his skin grey.

And a small smile graced his face.

Kol and Kaylah had returned home.

He had followed her with a smile on his face.

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