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1. Introductions.

The one where you get to know them all.

As the train was headed to platform 9 3/4 my mind was trailing off. Another year gone. It seemed that it was only yesterday that I bumped into Rose on our way inside the train for the first time. From that moment on, Rose Weasley has been my inseparable best friend.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like we don't get along with Katherine White and Annita Clarke, we have shared a room for over six years now for Christ's sake! But well, we just don't seem to have the same interests... Annita always trails off about her clothes, hair, make-up and all that crap that has no real importance, and Katherine has always followed her in everything.

Ok, it is true that Rose gives studying a hell lot of importance, almost more that humanly possible, if you want my opinion, but she has always been there for me, and come on, it's at least a bit important to study!

Annita is beautiful, she has perfect long blond hair, blue eyes, and a body to die for. That's, I guess, what makes it so difficult for me to understand her craziness with how she looks, she's beautiful already, why does she worries so much?!

Of course she is no match for Rose, no one is, she's absolutely stunning, curly red hair, that stays perfect all day long, light blue eyes, and even though she's really temperamental, she just has a really sweet face. She, of course, is unaware of how gorgeous she looks, and focuses on studying so that she can be on the top of something. Yeah, like her beauty isn't on top of every man's list.

Katherine is pretty normal, she has light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and not a lot of body to show, I think that explains why she looks up so much at Annita. She sees her as some kind of beauty queen, and I think she hopes that with the right products on her hair she's going to look just the same.

As for me, I'm no guy's dreams, I have crazy black hair - my hair literally has its own life, it just decides if on that particular day it's going to be crazy curled, or insanely straight, or anything, really, and there's not much to do about it, it's better if I don't try to fight its daily will. I have dark green eyes that my mum always call olive's eyes, they are the one thing in me that I really like. I have "weird freckles" according to my Dad, they are small, and I only have a bit below my eyes, well, they don't bother me, and I don't think people have realized about their existence, so I guess no harm, no found. My body is a little disproportional, I guess I have ok boobs, but I do have a huge ass, bigger than it should be for my tinny size, that's for sure.

I'm pretty average at school, apart from charms and transfiguration - those are my strong subjects - I suck at herbology, and I'm not that great in potions either, as for all the other subjects, well, I just don't have enough interest in them to keep me paying attention at all classes... I study them before tests, pass with no real effort, but no extravagant O's as well.

That is definitely not the case with Rose, oh no... she's just a maniac when it comes to her studies, almost O's in every subject, and yet, she's always panicking before exams... oh god, this friendship is going to kill me when N.E.W.T.s arrive...

My mother, Daphne Greengrass was a proud Slytherin, pureblood and all, but after the war she was just too scared to hang around with her Slytherin's mates, her best friend used to be Pansy Parkinson, which was, as far as I know, crazy about uncle Draco, way before he married aunt Astoria, of course, and my mother was afraid of what would happen with the Malfoy family at that time. She ended up marring a muggle, she always says that marrying Dad was the best thing she could do to assure my blood wouldn't finish in Azkaban by association.

My dad, Richard Green, is a Doctor, but he got tired over the years of trying to save lives because of stress, so he became a professional masseuse in the hopes of saving people from stress before they needed a doctor in the first place. That, I think was very cleaver, and I, as his only daughter, had to learn how to make an ass kicking massage before I went to Hogwarts, so that I could help, as my father is always saying, people in need.

My father insisted on me keeping my mother's name, he says that that's a good way to assure my mum that her blood is going to be far away from Azkaban, since I'm clearly an angel. Yeap, he is that sweet! Since his last name is Green, they decided it would be just stupid to name me Greengrass Green - thanks goodness they thought about that! - so they only went with Greengrass.

My father is a true Gryffindor even thought he is a muggle and hasn't attended Hogwarts, that surly explains how I got selected into Gryffindor myself.


Oh, I slowly turn my head from the window to find a tomato red face Rose screaming at me. I tend to zone out a lot, that's how I'm able to not pay attention at class with a best friend like Rose by my side in every single one of them.

"Yes, Rose darling, no need to shout, I'm all yours." I simply replied.

In my years of experience, that's the best way to calm Rose whenever she catches me on one of my day dreams, treat her with kindness, and soon she will look more like a carrot instead of a tomato, and eventually her color will fade back to normal.

Not this time. Oh Christ, this could only mean one thing...


Yeap, theory confirmed.. 10 points to Diane everybody! As I look at the compartment's window I found my sweet excuse for a cousin, also, Rose's archenemy, Scorpius Malfoy.

Time-out here.

Scorpius is my aunt, Astoria Greengrass's son, Astoria Malfoy, actually, since she's married to Draco Malfoy. He has been like a brother to me since the day I was born, the day he was born actually, because, he was born four days after me, ha! That always annoys him!

Apparently Rose's destiny to hate Scorpius was set from day one, and before we met, according to her, so there is no changing that. Ron Weasley, Rose's father has said to her in the platform on her very first day to Hogwarts not to get too close to him, and Rose, being the perfect daughter in Ron's eyes, has taken that advice as a rule for the past six years.

Well, who am I kidding? I understand pretty dam well that there is no turning back on the hate of Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, as I too have my archenemy and I know there's no turning back on that, Albus Severus Potter, what a freaking stupid name that is. He thinks he's going to conquer the world because he's Harry Potter's son, what a stupid prat! Not at all like the rest of the family, oh no, I do adore all other Potter and Weasley's, but then again, THEY WEREN'T BORN WITH THAT STUPID ARROGANCE!

Ok, maybe James was, but who cares? He's the sweetest guy I know aside from my father, besides, he has been treating me like a sister since day one, as has Fred, Dominique, Hugo, Roxanne Lily and Louis, everyone! Except for that annoying little mistake of Harry and Ginny, I like to call him the Potter Devil on my mind.

Now, considering that not only Albus Potter is Rose's closest cousin, but he is also Scorpius's best friend - they were both sorted out in Slytherin on their first year, and were almost never apart since then - well, let's just say that neither I, nor Rose can complain with the other about hating their cousin.

Now, back to the train, there, in the window is Scorpius, looking irritated about being waiting like a moron outside. Shit. This is not the best train ride for me.

"Hey Scorp!" I say as I opened the compartment door.

"Outside Diane, can you just shut that stupid door?"

Oh yeah, definitely not my best train ride.

"Come on now Scorp, no staying mad with me, I zoned out, you know I do that, you know it's not on purpose and you dam well know I love you, so stop with the rudeness!"

That did it. I should really write a book on controlling madness...

"Fine Di, fine. Mum will be waiting for us at the platform, an owl has just arrived for me explaining that your mum and dad got caught up on work, they'll pick you up later. So, are you ready? you know mum hates to wait and you are the queen of making people wait!"

"Oh shit. I'm screwed! God dammit!" I looked at my watch, and was right to think I had no time, ten minutes... "what are they playing? ten minutes? TEN FREAKING MINUTES! DO THEY NOT KNOW ME?!"

"Would be twenty if you had opened that door sooner, ha! who's the looser now?" Scorp said clearly reading my mind as he did his ridiculous victory dance. Thanks goodness he's insanely handsome - don't get me wrong, I'm his cousin, I'm not interested in him, but I do have eyes, and a reputation to maintain, let's face it, your reputation can only survive your cousin doing that stupid dance if he's good looking enough to be on the top tree most handsome guys at Hogwarts in every girls book - except from Rose's and mine, of course.

Let me explain, it is no secret that James Potter is the most popular guy in school, followed by Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter - those two vary their position depending on the girl. I think it got pretty clear now why this is not either mine, nor Rose's book.

Back to freaking out.

I ran like a stupid crazy person back inside my compartment and started to put, or better, throw, all my things inside my purse, extendable charm, I love you. I had no use, the train had stopped, and I still had half of my belongings spread around the compartment.

To top it off, Rose was acting like she hadn't seen what was going on, even though I knew she had, that stupid girl that I used to call my best friend was pretending - ok, maybe not pretending, being who she is - to read a book trying to cover her stupid grim of revenge.

"Rose, ROSE!"

That made her stop, I nearly never scream with anyone except her stupid cousin Albus Potter, and when I'm freaking out, which is clearly the case here.

"Oh my god, you're really freaking out, what do you need?" Rose asked me with concern look. Finally it hit her.

"I'm going back with my aunt, oh my god she's going to freak out if I'm not outside now! Just get the rest of my stuff to your house, I'll be there in a week anyway, just DO IT! I have to go! Oh my god, I should be gone already!" I didn't stop to hear Rose's reply, I was already outside when she had time to understand all my screaming.

"MOVE PEOPLE, MOVE!" I shouted.

"Oh yeah, if it's not the queen of the train thinking that seeing her mommy is more important that everyone else."

I knew that voice.. why me? why do the gods hate me so? Freaking Merlin, you hate me! I turned slowly becoming purple with my anger, I could feel my face burning, and sure enough, there was Hogwarts winner of the most stupid face award, Albus freaking Potter.

"Can't you mind your own business Potter? Or at least stop following me around, if you don't get it from my face, I hate you, so MOVE ALONG!" I shouted.

"I don't look at your face if you haven't notice it, there is clearly nothing to see in there, your ass on the other hand... please, why don't you get in front of me so that I really have the best sight position".

"You stupid sex pervert! You really think you can say all you want and just get away with it?" I tried to find my wand on my jeans, but it wasn't there, oh stupid rush, I must have thrown it in my bag. Merlin really hates me, that's living proof!

"What is it, no wand? Is that so?" Albus said with that stupid smirk on his face, "Would you like to borrow mine, perhaps? After I use it, that is."

His wand was pointing straight at my face. Shit.

"Now Al! That's no way to talk to my best friend in front of a prefect!" There she was, my savior, Rose Weasley and her perfectly polished Prefect badge! Ha! Take that you asshole! "And you Di, is that the way to talk to a prefect's favorite cousin?" Dam you Merlin, I blame this on you!

"Here Di, you forgot your wand inside, but no using it on Al!" She said with her arms crossed putting herself between Potter and I.

At that moment I looked thought the window of the next compartment, oh god, there it was, my life sentence! Scorpius was already outside, hugging aunt Astoria and I was nowhere near the train exit. Shit, shit, shit!

I started running again like a freaking maniac, bumping into everyone I could find on my way outside. Everything was going as fine as it could be until I bombed on someone huge, and of course, fell into the grounds, perfect, what now?!

"Hey sweet cheeks, is that the way to say goodbye to your favorite person on earth" I looked up to see James smiling at me, hand already ready to help me up.

"Oh hey James, no hard feelings but I have to run, I'm really, really late! Love you, see you at Rose's in a week!" I said already with my back to him, getting off the train and running like a maniac again to my aunt and Scorp.

"Hey sweetie, calm down, I didn't really expected you to be ready since I have only sent the owl, Jees honey, calm down, it's ok now, you made it in perfect timing, ok?"

I love my aunt, have I said that already?

The way back to Malfoy Manor was pretty nice, aunt Astoria had bought a car when we first went to Hogwarts, she thought it would be easier for us to go and leave the platform in muggle style. She went all the way chatting with Scorp as I cleared my thoughts looking outside the window. The sun was so bright outside, I love summer, it's just so much better than winter, no snow, no stupid layers of clothes, just the shinning sun providing the heat I was so found of.

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