"Hi, I'm Vicky Molten! Today's Exciting Battle Log(R) is from perhaps the most popular of all... Konoko! Let's have a look."

TCTF Agent Konoko ; Battle Log 0.124

I had just killed most of them, but there hadn't been time to collect their hypos and ammo and stuff yet... There were still a couple left; a Hoplite and one of those psychotic Bomb Strikers, to be exact. The Hoplite bore a fully armed Black Adder with plenty of backup clips, but there wasn't much I could do to avoid the battle. They were guarding a Force Shield, anyways...

Well, anyways, I felt pretty good when I went into battle. I charged straight for the Hoplite, him not noticing till I was not 10 feet away. The Bomb Striker noticed sooner than I expected, and his offensive movements distracted my attack, giving the Hoplite a few more hits on me.

I punched the Hoplite, but he withstood the attack amazingly, coming back with a kick of his own, and put another bullet into my Standard TCTF Battle Armor. I ducked and finally kicked his feet out from under him, but by then the Bomb Striker had reached me.

I tackled the Bomb Striker to the ground, the Hoplite rising again. The Bomb Striker and me were caught in a tight battle, so the Hoplite couldn't fire for fear of hitting me. Instead, he went for a headbutt.

The Hoplite went careening into me, forcing me to kick the Bomb Striker too hard. Right before i snapped his neck, his finger was put into position to trigger the bomb when he hit the ground.

I cursed inwardly.

I smacked the Hoplite in the neck with my palm, and he surprisedly dropped his gun and fell, draping over the Bomb Strikers body.


I was almost dead from the battle. I could feel it, and the fact that I could little but crawl and bleed contributed to the clues that were hinting to the fact that I was badly injured. The Hoplite reached over and picked up his gun.


He rolled into a standing position and aimed the black adder.


BANG! BANG! Two bullets whizzed by my ear on either side, then the final explosion sent the dead Hoplite flying. The flames of the bomb going off licked my cheeks. The black adder went zipping off into oblivion... or at least out of my sight.

And that was it. I had cheated death once again. I made my way to a hypo and injected the healing fluid into my bloodstream. After that, I could move fairly easily again, and I went around collecting two more hypos, a SBG, a Force Shield and a ballistic ammo clip. Now there's a Communications Striker with a Van de Graff--which I really want to get my hands on, by the way--in the control room guarding the console to open the door into the next section. I have a feeling that yet another battle lies in store for me there...

Well, that's about it. I thought it was one of the more exciting battles I've had. I'll update soon. Until then, Konoko out.