{My first one that can't actually happen in Oni =( [the other two actually did happen to me =p]}
"Hi, I'm Vicky Molten! Today's Exciting Battle Log(R) is the sequel to yesterday's! Yesterday, Konoko was saved by fluke of her enemy! Today, though, we decided to skip ahead to a very famous battle: Konoko versus Mukade! Let's have a look."
TCTF Agent Konoko ; Battle Log 0.259
I chased Mukade across the rooftops of several buildings to meet up with him in a final showdown between us. He tried to intimidate me at first by circling me and taunting me with strange ideas. I gave him confidence by ACTING scared so that he would be over-confident, giving me a slight advantage. However, I had to take the risk that he wasn't under-confident to begin with. Making him over-confident in that situation could have been disastrous.

Anyway, he started by teleporting to a nearby ledge. The teleportation surprised me, but I quickly caught sight of him and shot him down with my mercury bow. It didn't hurt him much, though. He had one of those fancy invisible, everlasting and super strong forcefeild things. I wonder why they don't give those to all their men... Probably too expensive...

Anyway again, he was knocked over by my shot, but as he rolled on the ground, he dissapeared again. I didn't see the blue flash of a teleport, so I figured he must have gone cloaked. Personal cloaking device, teleportation... What other contraptions would this maniac have up his sleeves?

I would soon find out.

Two red spheres of electrical light began chasing me. I let them hit me; they didn't look too damaging. They took away my entire forcefeild and a bit of my health, though.

Mukade came into view again, and I dashed at him. I did a flying kick, but he teleported away just in time.

I suddenly realized I was flying towards the edge. Desperately, I grabbed onto the ledge. Mukade dashed at me. This guy wasn't into mercy or even slow torture. He went to step on my hand, but I moved it and grabbed his leg with it instead.

He slipped and I threw him off the edge. However, I watched as the blue flash of teleportation left him elsewhere... above.

I jumped up quickly, but he bolted at me, becoming visible right when he was upon me.

He delivered six kicks before he finally lost enough balance to stop. I took advantage of this.

My right side was injured, but I kicked his legs out from under him. As he fell, I rolled over to connect my elbow with his throat, giving the impact of his head on the groud extra force.

He lept up quickly and teleported to the top of the elevator. There he fired off two more heat-seaking red electrical spheres. The death traps emitted from his hands right before my eyes.

Mukade then jumped down from the top of the elvator, thinking he had the fight won. I was damaged, and he was nearly uninjured.

I ran in a circle and led the spheres after me. I jumped over Mukade's head and shook the grip of his hand with one leg while stomping on his back with the other.

The spheres didn't collide with him, though. They gracefully arched over his head and hit me.

This was bad. I was getting a lot weaker. I quickly injected all of my hypos.

Mukade got up and kicked me in the face. Using the impact, I did a backflip and connected my toes to his jaw.

Sending the ninja in the air a bit, I rolled to my feet and lunged at him again. I used my running lariat technique to take him down.

He tried to teleport, but to no avail. I kicked him or punched him no matter what he did. He would have no choice to fight.

He was getting weaker too.

Finally I started to glow from the hypo power. I lunged at Mukade, but he vanished.

I was kicked from behind and then pounced upon. My invisible assailant beat me savagely. It seemed that he was reverting to instinct of rage from his martial arts training.

Finally, he revealed himself again. He backed up to teleport, but I connected a kick to his face.

He staggered backwards, and I struck his stomache with my fist. I then elbowed him in the jaw, and various other things.

Finally, he broke away into a mad dash. He was a bit faster than me.

He prepared to teleport, but I jumped at him.

Not expecting what happened next at all, I got elbowed in the collar bone. His lower arm then delivered a blow to the back of my neck. He had me down.

He put his knee on my spine, but I reached for my mercury bow and fired it behind my head.

The ninja went flying off of me. Dazed, he hit the ground and lie there for a second. He was getting up by the time I attacked.

I faked a low punch, then lept over his head and stomped on his skull from the air.

He fell to the ground, twitching, barely alive. I think I pushed his bones out of alignment and sent him into shock or something.

After that, it was obvious I had won. I twisted my foot into his neck, creating a final, sickening crunch. The man stopped moving. Yes, he was only a man. Nothing more. That's what everyone is compared to me.

I got the disc from him, though. I'm eager to watch it in my father's lab soon. I'm on my way currently...

-Konoko Out