I've received a review saying I should do a sequel to my Flappy Bird story with the cabin survivors. So, I've decided to make one. Enjoy, everyone!

Clementine sat on the couch in the living room of the cabin. It was actually peaceful for the past couple of days. Her arm still hurt from the dog bite and the stitching, but she could live with it. For some odd reason, the adults were occasionally discussing about a man named 'Carver'. She didn't know who he was, but by the way they spoke about him, he must have been dangerous.

Just then, her new friend, Sarah, came running down the stairs. "Clementine!" she called with a smile. The eleven year old looked back at her friend with a slight smile. "Hey, Sarah..." she greeted. She noticed that the fifteen year old had something in her hands, something gray and flat. "Look at what I found when I was going through some stuff!" Sarah said gleefully as she showed her new friend the item. As soon as Clem's eyes fell on it, her eyes widened. It was an iPad! And it was working! She hadn't seen a device like that since the motor inn!

"Where'd you get that?" Clementine asked with surprise. Sarah simply shrugged. "I found it in a drawer." she replied as she turned it on. She messed around with it a little before she noticed something on the main screen. It was a small, green square with the picture of a yellow bird on it. Below it, it said Flappy Bird.

"Hey, look at this!" Sarah said she showed Clementine this. Clementine rose an eyebrow as she looked at it, but froze at the title.

Oh, no. No. No. ANYTHING but that game again!

It was that god-awful game again! She thought she had seen the last of it two years ago when Kenny literally threw that iPad out of the motor inn! She didn't wanna play it a second time!

"I've heard of this game. I hear it makes a lot of people really mad for some reason..." Sarah said innocently.

"Oh, it does. Trust me." Clem muttered.

There was an awkward silence. "... wanna play it?" Sarah asked.

Clem stiffened up. "No." she answered immediately. There was absolutely NO way she was gonna play that game again!

Sarah's bottom lip quivered. "Please?" she asked, giving her friend the puppy-dog eyes behind her red glasses. Clementine struggled not to fall for it, having used the puppy eyes before... but she couldn't resist this time.

"Oh, alright..." she relented as she took the iPad from a gleeful Sarah. She KNEW she was gonna regret this...

The crashing sound of the bird falling to the ground for the seventh time rung in Clementine's ears.

"Come on..." she murmured in frustration. She was now on her eighth try and her highest score had been 4. She REALLY wanted to chuck the iPad at the wall with frustration now. As she tapped RETRY for the eight time, she tapped the screen repeatedly to try and get the bird to go through the pipes. Sadly, she only managed to make it go through two pipes.

She finally growled in frustration. "This is why I didn't wanna play it."

Sarah tilted her head. "It really doesn't seem that hard, Clem. Can I try it?"

The younger girl shook her head. "No, Sarah. Trust me, you do NOT wanna play this game."

"Please?" Sarah pleaded.

After a moment, Clementine finally gave in and handed her the iPad. "Don't say I didn't warn you..." she sighed.

Fifteen minutes have passed with Sarah playing the game. And now, she as well was getting frustrated with it.

She frowned when the bird fell down AGAIN, showing her highest score; 5.

"This is really hard..." she groaned.

Clementine relaxed on the couched. "I warned you..." she deadpanned. Just then, Sarah's father, Carlos, stepped into the living room. The Hispanic man rose an eyebrow seeing the iPad in Sarah's hands. "Sarah, where'd you get that?" he questioned.

Sarah shyly looked up at her father. "I-I found it in a drawer... We're playing this really hard game called Flappy Bird. Do you wanna play it?"

Carlos hesitated for a moment. Why would he want to play a game on an electronic device right now? He had other things he needed to worry about, such as the chance of Carver finding them...

"I'm a little busy right now, honey. Maybe another time..." Carlos told her.

"Are you sure, Dad?" Sarah asked her father.

Carlos was silent for a moment as he looked at the iPad in her hands. Maybe it couldn't hurt if he played just ONE simple game for a few minutes...

He let out a sigh. "Alright..." he replied as he took the iPad and pressed START.

Carlos frowned when the bird fell down to the ground for the ninth time. The two girls were relaxing on the couch as the older man struggled to play the game. He couldn't believe that he had decided to play such a frustrating game. As the bird fell down again for the tenth time and his high score of 3 showed up on the screen, he finally gave up.

"That's it. No more." he said as he put the iPad down on the table.

"Frustrating, isn't it?" Clementine sighed.

Carlos looked at the girl. He didn't exactly trust her yet, but he sighed and nodded. "Yes, it is extremely frustrating..."

He then stood up from the couch and headed over to the kitchen. "You girls go do something. I'm gonna go check on supplies." he called over his shoulder.

"Okay, Dad!" Sarah said as she led her younger friend upstairs to play some cards. A moment later, Luke stepped into the living room and he rose an eyebrow seeing the iPad lying on the table.

"Holy shit..." he muttered as he picked the device up and held it in his hands. "Where the hell did this come from?"

Luke rose an eyebrow as he saw a small yellow bird flying across the screen with the words Flappy Bird above it in white letters. Raising an eyebrow, he tapped the START button.

Moments later, the 26-year-old was doing everything he could to resist yelling out in frustration. His brown eyes narrowed as he tapped the screen repeatedly to keep the bird from falling and crashing into the pipes. Unfortunately, the stupid bird crashed into the pipe and fell to the ground. His high score was revealed to be 7.

He groaned and hung his head in defeat. "Who came up with a game like that?!" he moaned.

Right when he said that, his best friend, Nick, came trudging into the room with a tired look. "What's goin' on?" he asked as he looked at Luke with his blue eyes. His best friend merely showed him the iPad. "This..." he grumbled.

"What? 'Flappy Bird'?" Nick asked as he took the device out of Luke's hands. "I wouldn't play that if I were you..." Luke warned.

Unfortunately, the black haired man didn't heed his warning.

"What? You think I'm chicken?" Nick scoffed as he sat down in a chair.

Luke sighed. He's gonna regret it...

Nick's eye twitched with pure annoyance as he hit RETRY once again for the umpteenth time. He could SWEAR the bird was taunting him by flying across the screen on its own before he hit start.

"You. Stupid. Yellow. Bird. Fuck. You." Nick growled on each tap. Then, the bird crashed once again and fell to the ground. The screen showed his highest score out of all of them; 4.

"FUCK!" he roared with frustration.

In the room next to the living room, Pete had been hearing his nephew swear loudly for the past fifteen minutes. 'Alright, enough is enough...' he thought with a frown as he stood up and stepped out of the room. "What's all the-"

He was cut off when Nick chucked an electronic device at him and stormed out of the living room. Pete somehow managed to catch it before it hit his face. Pete looked down at the screen, seeing a yellow bird flying across the screen. Raising an eyebrow, he tapped START.

The gray haired man frowned as he set the iPad down after about five tries. He only managed to get a high score of 2. He didn't think he'd ever understand these type of devices...

Unlike his hot-headed nephew, he didn't swear at the top of his lungs. He simply set the electronic device down on the table and stepped outside. One, he needed to forget about that god-awful game, and two, he was gonna be on the look out for lurkers.

The iPad sat by its lonesome with the Flappy Bird game still on, waiting for its next victim.

Just then, Alvin picked up the device with a curious expression. He headed over to his and his wife's room with it while tapping PLAY. He did not know how much he was gonna regret that choice.

The man frowned for what seemed to be the hundredth time for him as he attempted the game again. He was shutting all distractions in the room out, trying to get past his high score of six.

His eyes lit up when the bird went through a seventh pipe, but his joy faded when the bird crashed to the ground after he tapped too early.

With a sigh, he placed the device on the bed next to him. Well... at least he beat his high score, finally.

The bedroom door then opened up and his pregnant wife, Rebecca, stepped inside as she placed her hands on her baby bump. "Hey, honey." she greeted, a tired look visible on her face.

"Somethin' botherin' you, Bec?" Alvin asked his wife.

"I just don't trust that girl..." Rebecca muttered as she crossed her arms. That girl had confronted her about her baby, but even though she said she wouldn't tell anyone, she still didn't trust her.

"Just give her some time, sweetie." Alvin told her.

Rebecca was about to reply to that, but cut herself off when she saw the flat device lying on their bed. "An iPad?" she asked with confusion as she picked it up and tapped start on the game.

"Uh, Bec? I wouldn't-" Alvin tried to warn his wife, but unfortunately, it was too late as she was already tapping away at the screen.

Moments later, the iPad was sent flying out one of the cabin windows, shattering the glass.


That window had to be boarded up from now on ever since that day. They all learned something; never let Rebecca play Flappy Bird again.