So, I've received a review from transfrmersfan2013 stating what he thought Carver's reaction would be. So I've decided to add an extra chapter to this! Enjoy!

It was pretty quiet back at Howe's Hardware. The guards were on the usual lookout for walkers, bandits, or any other sort of trouble. However, they noticed that their leader, William 'Bill' Carver, had been going out for prolonged periods of time. He was most likely searching for the people who left them, who 'threw away their trust'.

He also seemed fixated on finding Alvin's wife, Rebecca, the most. Some believed he just wanted to bring them all back just to keep them there because she was pregnant, but a few of the residents knew the real reason why...

It was actually... well, BORING. Tavia had taken over for Bill until he came back. But nothing out of the ordinary was happening. At least, until one of the residents found an electronic device...

Bonnie was doing her usual rounds around the community: helping keeping the pen-dwellers out of trouble and making sure they were doing the work they were assigned to do. She noticed that Bill was even MORE edgier than usual. He kept talking about bringing the 'traitors' back and have them 'earn their place back'. By earn their place, he meant be put through labor. Before Luke and the others left, he told Bonnie he could come with them... but she couldn't. She couldn't leave the safety of the community. How could they think it WASN'T safe here?

As she set a bucket of nails down by a supply shelf, she noticed something a light gray color out of the corner of her eye. Raising an eyebrow, she looked at the shelf and much to her surprise, found an iPad there.

The redheaded woman picked the device up and examined it. "That's weird... who'd leave this here?" she asked herself.

Pressing the button at the bottom of the device, it turned on and she noticed it was fully charged. Well, this place DID have electricity...

'Someone must've left it here and forgot it...' Bonnie guessed as she swiped the screen with her finger. It ended up taking her to the home screen and she found several boxes on it. She fiddled around with the device for a minute until she noticed a small green box on the screen. Inside the box, it had a yellow bird and below the box, it read 'Flappy Bird'.

"Must be some sort of game..." she muttered to herself. She tapped on the box and the screen changed to a blue background with the yellow bird flying across the screen.

Raising an eyebrow, the woman looked over her shoulder, seeing no one there. Bonnie shrugged and looked back at the screen. "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt..." she said to herself as she tapped START.

The sound of the bird crashing into the green pipes rang in Bonnie's ears for the tenth time.

Bonnie groaned and hung her head as the game over screen appeared once again. It displayed her high score: 5.

This game seemed so simple... how can this one game be so hard?! Bonnie had been playing the game for the past ten minutes and she did not make it further than the fifth pipe. Why would someone download such a frustrating game?!

Shaking her head, Bonnie got up from her seat with the iPad in her hand and headed over to another area of the community. She ended up bumping into Reggie. "Oh! Sorry, Reggie..." she apologized.

Reggie smiled and waved his remaining hand. "Nah, that's alright."

"So, how are things going for you?" Bonnie asked. "Well, Bill said that I'm getting closer to being let back in." Reggie told her. She smiled enthusiastically. "Reggie, that's great! I know Bill's been giving you a tough time for... well, you know."

The one armed man nodded. Ever since he helped Luke and his group escape, Bill's been treating him pretty roughly... and even when he had his arm amputated, Bill still made him work. Reggie noticed the device in Bonnie's hands. "Hey, is that what I think it is?"

Bonnie nodded as she set the iPad down on a barrel, the screen still showing the yellow bird flying across the screen. "I think it belongs to someone around here. I don't know who, though." she replied. Reggie shrugged. "Well, it's definitely not mine." he chuckled. Bonnie smiled back before she looked around. "I gotta go... gotta get back to my rounds. Good luck with your work, Reggie." she told the comical man before she left.

"Hey, you forgot the-" Reggie began, but the redheaded woman was already gone. He sighed and slumped his shoulders. "Never mind..."

The man rose an eyebrow as he saw the yellow bird flying across the screen. He looked around, making sure no guards were around before he tapped START.

Several minutes passed since he started playing the game, but Reggie was NOT making any progress. The poor guy had to lean over the barrel to tap the screen. The furthest he made it in the dreaded game was past four pipes. His highest score he managed to achieve on this game was 4.

"Come on, I just gotta get this bird to go through the green pipes. Why does this have to be so hard?" he groaned as he tapped the screen with his remaining hand. Once again, he failed, only managing to make the bird to go through two pipes before it crashed into the third pipe.


The one-armed man froze. "Oh shit..." he whispered before he turned around, finding Troy storming over to him with his assault rifle present in his hands.

"Hey, Troy." Reggie greeted, trying to act as casual as possible as he hid the iPad on the barrel behind his back.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Troy demanded. "You're supposed to be up in the greenhouse today!"

Reggie gulped. He let himself get distracted... he just PRAYED that nothing bad would happen.

"I-I'm sorry, Troy. I just-"

"What's that behind your back?" Troy scowled. Reggie tried to act casual as he shrugged before replying, "What do you mean?"

The guard frowned before he shoved Reggie aside, seeing the iPad with the game still on. "Are you fuckin' kidding me?!" he snarled as he snatched the iPad up. "Get back to work! Do you want me to tell Bill when he gets back?!"

Reggie stiffened up. If Bill heard about this... he'd be in trouble. "N-No..."

"Then get the fuck back to work!" Troy demanded. Reggie immediately walked away at a fast pace, hoping that he wouldn't anger the heartless guard any longer. The camouflage dressed man grumbled as he looked down at the screen. The yellow bird still flew across the screen, waiting for someone to play the game.

"The hell is this?" he grumbled as he tapped the START button. He had NO idea how much he was going to regret that decision.

Troy's left eye was twitching erratically as the yellow bird crashed to the ground for the tenth time.

"Fuck. You." he growled as he tapped the screen again. He tapped the screen like there was no tomorrow as he attempted to make the bird go through the pipes. "Get through the fuckin' pipes, you stupid bird!" he snarled.

The bird only crashed into a pipe and fell down to the ground.

Troy seethed as he tried again. "You. Stupid. Piece. Of. Shit! Get. Through. The. Damn. PIPES!" he seethed as he tapped. Once again, the yellow bird crashed into the pipe and fell down. Troy's highest score was shown: 2.

"FUCK!" he roared at the top of his lungs. Right now, he just wanted to throw the device down, stomp on it till it was broken, then shoot it-


The guard froze as he whirled around to find Tavia walking over to him with a frown. "Mind telling me why you're screaming loud enough for the whole community to hear?" she asked. Troy actually stuttered, "Uh... W-Well, I, uh..."

Tavia took the device out of his hands and glanced down at the screen, which showed the yellow bird flying across the screen as if it was taunting Troy. "'Flappy Bird'?" she read, raising an eyebrow. "You were getting so worked up over a game?"

"But that game is so fuckin' hard!" Troy protested.

Tavia sighed and shook her head. "Just get back to work, Troy. Bill's gonna be back any minute now." she ordered. Reluctantly, the guard took his assault rifle and stormed back to his post. As Tavia headed up to Carver's office to watch over things, she glanced down at the screen again. "Hm..." she muttered to herself as she tapped START.

William Carver's search for the 'runaways' once again had no results. He was growing frustrated with each passing day. He WAS going to find them. He WAS going to bring Rebecca back. He WAS going to raise HIS child the RIGHT way, to make the 'next generation stronger'.

He hopped out of the truck once it had pulled in. The leader was greeted by several guards, who he greeted back as he trudged on through his community, his so called 'safe-haven'.

Carver had noticed that Troy seemed more angrier than usual. He didn't bother to ask what was with him. He was too angry that once again his search for Rebecca failed. If anything else went wrong...

Mentally planning what he was going to do to Alvin once he found the runaways, he trudged up the stairs that led to his office. As he stepped inside, he found a surprising sight. His second in command, Tavia, was hunched over in a chair tapping the screen of an iPad playing a game. He could hear several beeps coming from the game, followed by a crash. Tavia groaned in frustration.


She jumped up out of her seat and whirled around to face him. "Oh! Bill, welcome back." she greeted as she tried to act casual.

"Were you playing a game?" Carver asked with a frown. Tavia sighed. "Yes, I was... how did your search go?"

Carver sat down in his chair behind the desk. "Same results as last time..." he grumbled. "They're still out there... but I WILL find them."

Tavia nodded and headed towards the door, leaving the iPad on his desk. "I'll leave you alone. See you, Bill." she told him before she stepped out of his office. The man sat in his chair, mentally roaring in anger. The electronic device then caught his eye. He noticed that Tavia had gotten a high score of 6. The psychotic leader then picked up the device in his hands and tapped RETRY.

Several minutes later, gunshots could be heard coming from Carver's office. Tavia, Lowell, and Vince immediately rushed up to his office just in time to see Bill storming out with a face full of rage.

Inside, Carver was FUMING over his highest score of 5 and how he wasn't able to get any further than that.

"Uh... boss?" Lowell asked, but Carver didn't respond as he kept storming down the hallway, probably heading somewhere to take his anger out on something.

The three guards stepped inside and were surprised at what they saw. Lying on the floor was the iPad, or rather, what REMAINED of the iPad. The screen was shattered and it had FOUR bullet holes in it. Carver must have shot it.

Vince looked down the hallway Carver had stormed through. What could have made him shoot this thing?

Elsewhere, a resident of the community had heard the gunshots, but decided to let the guards take care of it. She searched through her belongings, but could not find her electronic device anywhere in sight.

"Hey, Shel? Have you seen my iPad anywhere?" Becca called.