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Summary: Seth Rollins has decided he has had enough of the Authority and he misses his old friends in the Shield and the cheers and the support of the crowd so with help from a Diva they reform the Shield and take out the Authority.

The new Hounds of Justice

Written by Kenn,Faith,Dawn


It was a week before Survivor Series and Team Authority would be facing Team Cena and if Team Cena was victorious then the Authority was out of business. Triple H had called both teams to the Authorities office on Raw so he could go over some details with the two teams about what would happen in the match.

"Here's the deal Team Authority is going to win the match and then the 5 of you will be written off screen for a few months only to return as entrants in the Rumble Match and stop any Authority member from winning a match that night" said Triple H.

Everyone nodded their agreement to the way the story was going well almost everybody Seth Rollins wasn't too happy with it, he felt that ever since he joined the Authority they had broken the promises that Triple H had made to him, sure they had let him win Money in the Bank but he could never cash it in since Brock Lesner hardly ever showed up and he knew inside that if he had still been with the shield the outcome would have been the same at Money in the Bank.

Seth decided he needed time to think so he began walking around the back stage area until he found a quiet area and climbed up a few boxes so he was sure he was away from everyone and went through the events that had happened since he had turned heel on Dean and Roman, he had lost almost all of his friends he missed the cheers that the Shield got from the crowd after they turned face, strangely he missed the Shield but most importantly he missed her the one girl who had understood him, they had been friends in FCW and briefly in NXT but when he turned heel not long after she came to the main roster she had only said 8 words to him and that had been months ago, but those words were still clear in his head they were 'Come and find me when you want out'

The new Hounds of Justice

About 20 minutes later Seth was still sitting in his little hiding spot and had finally noticed there was a TV monitor not far away he saw a beat down in the ring with Nikki and Brie beating up AJ who was one of Nikki's opponents at Survivor Series.

'This is what the Shield was supposed to stop but it just seems to have gotten worse, nobody is willing to stand up to the Authority, that needs to change' thought Seth, then he heard her Music.

'Stars in the Night' played out as Paige ran to the ring and attacked both Nikki and Brie and hit them both with a Ram-Paige before grabbing a mic.

"This is the only warning I am giving you both I'm coming for the belt at Survivor Series and to get my 3rd title reign so I can bring some order to the divas division" said Paige and she left the ring and headed back up the entrance way.

"That's it I know what I need to do" said Seth to himself as he climbed down from his secret location and began walking round the back stage with a purpose as if he was looking for someone.

The new Hounds of Justice

As he was walking round he heard an argument and spotted the Bella's had cornered Paige so he decided to hang back and see how Paige handled it seeing as he knew from personal experience she was more than capable of dealing with the likes of the Bella's, Paige locked eyes with Seth and smirked as she made light work of the Bella's taking them both down and this time they were in no condition to get back up.

"So you just gunna send more diva's at me seeing as I am standing against the Authority, which should be your job" said Paige.

"No I'm not I don't even know what that was about" said Seth before adding "nice job in the ring"

"So are you gunna try your luck next?"

"No I'm not, and I know it should be my job"

"Are you back?"

"Not yet but I'm thinking about it, things have gone downhill since I won this" said Seth indicating to his briefcase.

"Have you spoken to them?"

"No I haven't seen either of them yet"

"What's wrong you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?"

"Is a week enough time to get them to forgive me?" asked Seth.

"I guess it depends on how sincere they think you are do you want me to come with you?" asked Paige.

"Yes please Paige if they see that you and I are talking again maybe they will see that I am trying to turn over a new leaf"

The new Hounds of Justice

The two of them walk around the arena looking for the last two people Seth would normally want to see.

"Look what the cat dragged in" said Dean Ambrose.

"I'm sure they have a reason for coming" said Roman Reigns.

"So what do you want traitor?" asked Dean.

"I want to apologise for what I did when I turned on you both" said Seth.

Dean started laughing until Roman stopped him and said "I think he's serious this time"

"Really?" asked Dean.

"Yeah Paige is with him and she's not with them" said Roman.

"Ok so what do you want Seth"

"Uhm I want to come back to the Shield" said Seth.

"Why aren't you his golden boy anymore?" asked Dean

"I'll tell you the truth I miss the cheers of the fans and I also feel used by the Authority"

"We told you that would happen" said Roman.

"I know and the latest thing Triple H wants to do is too much"

"What is it?"

"At Survivor Series he wants Team Authority to win so he can get Team Cena out of action and bring them back for the Rumble"

"That is ridicules this place can't lose 5 of its top face's" said Roman.

"I know but I can't do anything myself to make it change" said Seth.

"So what is your plan?" asked Paige letting them know she wanted in.

"We need Triple H to be on Team Authority" said Seth.

"How?" asked Roman.

"We need to take out a member of Team Authority, then I'll talk Triple H into joining Team Authority"

"Ok so who do we take out?" asked Dean.

"If Luke Harper gets taken out then Erik Rowan might also leave freeing a space on Team Cena" said Seth.

"Which would mean space for me to return" said Roman.

"Right because I have a match with Bray that night" said Dean.

The four of them continued to make their plans until Seth's mobile rang.

"I have to go Hunters looking for me" said Seth.

"Right you head off Paige can stay here and we will talk strategy and she can let you know what we will do later since officially you to are friends so she can get closer to you than either Roman or I" said Dean

The new Hounds of Justice

Seth found Triple H sitting in his office.

"Seth where did you go?" asked Hunter.

"I just needed some time to myself" replied Seth.

Nikki came barging in the door and started shouting about Paige.

"Nikki calm down I saw what Paige did but I can't do anything about it she earned her spot in the triple threat match" said Triple H.

"Either you punish her or I will find someone else to do it, if I didn't know better I'd say she is trying to act like a divas version of the shield" said Nikki.

"You didn't help yourself after attacking AJ after the match"

"She will pay" said Nikki as she slammed the door shut as she left.

The new Hounds of Justice

Later that night Paige was walking towards the garage to head off to the hotel when she was stopped by Luke Harper, Brie and Nikki standing in her way.

"What do you want?" said Paige.

"Luke here is going to help me get revenge on you for that attack earlier" said Nikki.

"You do know if he touches me he will lose his Title Shot on Smack Down"

Luke grabbed Paige by her hair and was about to hit her until Dean Ambrose turned up and attacked Luke who let go of Paige. Dean had Luke on the ground and looked up to see if Paige was ok and she was standing there with a smirk on her face and Roman was standing beside her.

"Triple time" said Dean.

Paige and Roman nodded and Roman got in front of Luke Harper while Dean and Paige between them just managed to lift Luke into position and Roman finished it off with the Power Bomb. Seth had also been in position to capture the required footage of Paige getting confronted by The Bella's and Luke and to catch Dean saving her but he cut the camera before the rest of the beat down.

The four of them made sure no one was around before Roman, Dean and Seth touched fists and nodded to Paige who joined in and added her fist. Seth again used his camera to catch the fourth fist joining for their new entrance video, before three of them left the garage and headed back to the hotel and Seth went back in so he could be there when the Authority left the building.

The new Hounds of Justice

Ten minutes had passed and the Authority were heading out to the Garage to head to the hotel and that is when Seth pretended to find Luke Harper who was still out cold after the beat down 10 minutes ago.

"Nikki go get the doc" said Triple H as he started to check on Luke and Seth offered his jacket to go under Luke's head.

The doc and Nikki returned and he checked over Luke and said he needed to go to the hospital.

The Ambulance arrived and Luke was sent to the hospital.

"Ok did any of you see what happened to Luke Harper?" asked Triple H once the Authority reached the hotel.

"Dean Ambrose attacked him" said Nikki.

"Nikki please tell me you did not try to get Luke to attack Paige?" asked Triple H.

Nikki didn't say anything which was as good as a confession in the Eyes of Triple H and Stephanie.

"Nikki this is why sometimes I think the other Divas are right you are not yet ready to be Divas Champion" said Stephanie.

"But Paige attacked me twice there was the attack in the ring and again back stage"

"Nikki you had Brie with you both times and Paige took both of you down that shows you need to get better not complain"

"What do we do about Dean and Survivor Series?" asked Stephanie.

"Bray will get to name any stipulation he wants for their match, and as for the Survivor Series I will replace Luke on the team and we will need to take out Erik Rowan from Team Cena we are guaranteed the win anyway since we have a member of Team Cena in our control" said Triple H.

"We will strike on Smack Down leaving John not much time to get a replacement" said Seth.

"Right so now let's go to our own rooms and get ready for Smack Down" said Triple H.

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