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Summary: Seth Rollins has decided he has had enough of the Authority and he misses his old friends in the Shield and the cheers and the support of the crowd so with help from a Diva they reform the Shield and take out the Authority.

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The new Hounds of Justice

Chapter 29

"Welcome everyone to a special Monday Night Raw since today if February 14th and as Shane McMahon announced welcome to St Valentine's Day Massacre" said JBL.

"Tonight should be unpredictable since we have no idea what craziness could happen" said Cole.

"And what will the ramifications be for the Shield who attacked Shane McMahon last week on Smack Down" said King.

'Welcome to the Queendom' played out as Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring with a mic in hand.

"Last week on Smack Down we saw Bray Wyatt try to intimidate the Shield and he also tried to do the same my brother Shane, The Shield responded to Bray but then in a completely unprovoked attack they triple Powerbombed Shane as well" said Stephanie.

'Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta' blasted through the arena followed by 'special Op's' playing as the four members of the Shield entered through different entry points of the arena and headed for the ring.

"Stephanie had better be careful the Shield are just as likely to triple Powerbomb her as they did Shane last week" said JBL.

The Shield jumped the barriers and surrounded the ring before Paige grabbed a mic and said "You know what Stephanie you are wrong about why we attacked Shane and you know the true reason why we have been so against your so called Authority so to say it was unprovoked was lie your whole family hate that we reformed to deal with the injustice the McMahon family has caused over the time we were separated"

"You have no idea what you will step into the ring with come Wrestlemania that is if you even make it to Mania, I hope you like fighting as tonight you are all in matches that for one of you will dictate your involvement at the Elimination Chamber pay per view" said Stephanie.

"What does that me King?" asked Cole.

"Why should I know just listen to Stephanie and she will tell us" said King.

"Tonight Paige you will face the Bella Twins and if either of them defeat you then Brie will qualify for a Divas title 6 women Elimination Chamber match, Becky Lynch will be in the match since she is Champion as well as Tamina, Natalya and Emma who have qualified in matched on Superstars over the past few weeks and there are two places left one for the winner of your match and the other will be a surprise revealed at the Pay Per View" said Stephanie then she added "And as for you Shield tonight Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose you will face the team of the Royal Rumble winner AJ Styles, and his tag team partner Dolph Ziggler" said Stephanie.

'Live in Fear' plays out as Bray Wyatt appears on the Titantron

'Shield you will see at Elimination Chamber when you will find out what happens to those that decide to Follow the Buzzards' said Bray

The lights flash and the screen go's blank and when the lights come back on the Titantron is back to normal and the Shield are looking round for any sign of the Wyatt's but there's nothing.

"Wyatt's we will be keeping an eye out for you Believe That" said Roman Reigns as the 4 Shield members jumped the barriers and headed back up through the crowd.

"The Wyatt's once again trying to play mind games with the Shield" said JBL.

"But what did Bray mean when he said at Elimination Chamber you will find out what happens to those that decide to Follow the Buzzards?" asked Cole.

"I guess we will find that out later tonight" said King.

"That's true King" said JBL.

The new Hounds of Justice

Back stage in the Shields Locker room the four Shield members were sitting together as Sheamus and Becky came into the locker room and sat with them.

"So what's the plan for tonight, you know the Wyatt's will likely do something in your match tonight?" said Sheamus.

"If any one does interfere then I think it's time we show them we have new members as well" said Seth.

"Do we reveal it's us?" asked Becky.

"No you wear black face masks while wearing Shield gear that way it doesn't give them too much info" said Roman.

"One other thing it's almost time for a road trip to NXT Crowe debuts next week so those of us who are able to be there should be there to support him" said Dean.

"Who's he against?" asked Seth.

"Eric Young who is the leader of that new faction Sanity" said Dean.

"So I take it we are going in force to give him back up?" asked Becky.

"Exactly" said Dean

"Any other news we need to be aware of?" asked Sheamus.

Seth looks to Paige and she nod's to him.

"Yeah there is one other bit of news" said Seth.

"Really and what is that?" asked Ambrose.

"Yeah come on and tell us since only you seem to have news and Dean and I have no idea what you are talking about" said Roman.

"Well the thing is that Uhm, well I Uhm, god I don't know how to say this" said Seth.

Paige without the others noticing had interlocked a hand with Seth and again Seth looked at Paige who smiles back at him.

"You know what since I can't seem to find the right words I'll just show you" said Seth, as he grabbed Paige by the waist and pulled her to him and they locked lips and kissed in front of the other Shield members.

"You mean to say you are together?" said Dean.

"How long?" asked Roman.

"Yes we are together" said Paige answering Ambrose.

"And as for how long, well it started at the rumble when I was backstage with Paige in the medical room she confessed she had feelings for me at first I was flattered but I still felt the pain of losing Leighla thanks to the Authority's mind games, but Sweet Saraya came in to see how Paige was and heard us talking about our feelings and reminded me that if Leighla and I were ment to be together she would have believed me when I said there was nothing between us but she didn't so I guess from that moment on Paige helped me put my broken heart back together and she became an integral part of it" said Seth.

"Well then I guess congratulations are in order fella" said Sheamus.

"Yeah I couldn't think of anyone better for my best friend to be with other than you Seth" said Becky.

"Thanks everyone for being so understanding" said Seth.

"Just one thing don't let the bosses get a hold of this info just yet otherwise they will use it as proof that they were right and that the pictures of you two together were genuine" said Dean.

Just then there was a knock on the door and a stage hand opened the door and said "Paige it's time for your match"

Paige thanked him and grabbed her Shield inspired leather Jacket and headed for the door.

"You want one of us out there with you tonight?" asked Dean.

"No I think the four of us should head down there since there's a chance John and Daniel could try to interfere" said Paige.

"Right see you guy's during the Main event" said Becky as she and Sheamus left the Shield locker room and went to get ready for later that night.

The new Hounds of Justice

"The following contest is a 2 on 1 handicap match where both Bella's can be in the ring at the same time introducing 1st from Scottsdale Arizona Brie and the WWE Divas Champion Nikki the Bella twins" said Lillian.

'You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)' plays out as the Bella twins make their way to the ring.

"And there opponent being accompanied to the ring by the rest of the Shield from Norwich England, Paige" said Lillian.

'Special Op' plays out as the Shield make their way down through the crowd and after they jump the barrier Paige enters the ring and lets out a trademark scream.

Nikki and Brie both attack Paige the minute her back is turned to them as she is taking off her jacket they both delivers clubbing fore arms to the back of Paige knocking her to the mat then Each Bella take it in turns to deliver Elbows to the back of Paige. The rest of the Shield see this and Seth jumps up on the apron to try and stop it only for, 'Basic Thuganomics' to play out as John Cena came running down to the ring and attacked the Shield, he was starting to get out manned when 'Flight of the Valkyries' played out and Daniel Bryan came running out and jumped the Shield as well.

"You know the McMahon's had to be planning this from the minute they announced this match" said JBL.

"Yeah I think this was all just a ruse to try and weaken the Shield ahead of their match tonight and then again in two weeks at Elimination Chamber" said King.

"Come on this is great somebody is stepping up to the Shield and are doing it in front of our faces" said Michael Cole.

"What is wrong with you Cole since reforming the Shield have had almost the entire roster step up to them, we have seen a Nexus reunion, we have seen D-Generation-X, The Mean Street Posse, the NWO and every iteration of the Authority and they have all failed" said JBL.

Meanwhile the Ref was distracted looking at the outside of the ring and trying to regain some order out there to notice that a mysterious woman had climbed into the ring wearing a Sheep mask some Wyatt family inspired clothing, the Bella's backed away once they saw the woman who looked to Paige and pulled her to her feet before delivering a Sister Abigail to Paige then she left the ring and soon disappeared.

"What was that some woman in a Sheep mask just attacked Paige?" asked JBL.

"Is that a new member to the Wyatt family?" asked King.

"Who knows guy's but I guess the Shield now have a threat in every division they compete in now we have seen this a female Wyatt family member just attacked Paige and left the ring and vanished just as quick" said Cole.

The Bella's grabbed the Ref and he watched as Nikki covered Paige and the ref counted 1


And just before the Ref hit the mat for the third time Paige somehow got her shoulder up, the Bella's were incensed and cornered the Referee saying it was a 3 count but the Ref just ignored their pleas and waved to the back for Security to come and separated the two warring groups on the outside before sending each group to the back and away from the ring. All this time Paige was laying in the ring recovering while Nikki and Brie protested that their partners should be allowed to stay at ring side.

"Smart here by Paige catching her breath while the Bella's are too distracted" said King.

Paige by now had recovered enough to get back to her feet and did and while both Bella's were still mouthing to the ref they hadn't noticed Paige coming to them and she grabbed Brie by the hair and spun her round into a powerful Clothesline, now Nikki had become aware that Paige was going after her next so she tried to lock up with Paige only for Paige to duck under the attempt and deliver a sharp kick to the lower back of Nikki before hitting a reverse DDT on her then Paige turned her attention back to Brie who was slowly getting back to her feet in the corner with the help of the ring ropes until Paige grabbed her and head-butted her and then followed that up with a Snap Suplex. Paige turned back to Nikki who had got back to her feet and Paige ran at her going for a Clothesline but Nikki countered it by hitting Paige with a Vicious Fore Arm knocking Paige to the mat and Nikki then went over to cover Paige but before she could Paige grabbed her leg and managed to counter Nikki in to a Single Leg Boston Crab.

"Fantastic counter there by Paige and now Nikki is under pressure" said King.

"Yeah it's a small reprieve but Nikki should be able to easily get out of this" said JBL

Nikki rolled through on to her back and used her leg strength to counter out of the submission move and pushed Paige towards Brie who locked up with Paige and tried to go for a Suplex only for Paige to counter and hit a Suplex of her own then she saw Nikki pulling herself up with the ropes and Brie was trying to get up as well Paige ran towards Brie and hit a Curb Stomp on Brie and continued running at Nikki now and hit a Clothesline and then dragged Nikki into the middle of the Ring and Hit a Ram-Paige on Nikki and then fell into the Cover on her and got a 3 count.

"What a draining match, Paige had the odds stacked against her and we even saw a female member of the Wyatt family come out and hit Sister Abigail on her but Paige managed to fight through everything and win the match" said JBL.

"That was one hell of a match and I think the Diva's division has been put on notice that they will need to seriously step up their game to get the better of Paige" said Cole.

"Well they already knew that Michael ever since Paige was revealed to be a member of the Shield she has been unstoppable, the biggest question I think is who can stop Paige once they enter that Elimination Chamber in two weeks' time" said King as Paige and the Bella's were helped to the back.

The new Hounds of Justice

Half an hour later the Titantron lit up gold as it showed the WWE Hall Of Fame logo and Jerry the King Lawler was standing in the ring with a Mic.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honour to reveal the third member of this year's class to enter the WWE Hall Of Fame, this man has had a unique career here in the WWE he is also one of the most entertaining men of the Attitude Era. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you The Godfather.

'Show me how it's done' plays out as The Godfather makes his way down to the ring with four of his lady friends, King holds the ropes for the ladies to enter and then hands the Mic to The Godfather.

"King thank you for that introduction, now I want to be serious for a minute I was so honoured when the WWE called me and asked me to be a part of this year's Hall of Fame it showed that even a man like me had made it, to be asked to be in the Hall of Fame is the pinnacle for any WWE superstar entry isn't based on the amount of World titles you have one, it isn't based on in ring success it is based on how much of a connection you have with the fans. You made the Godfather one of the stars of the Attitude era and I loved each and every minute of it so thank you for that" said the Godfather

'Show me how it's done' plays out as The Godfather and his ladies make their way back up the entrance ramp to the back with a standing ovation from the crowd.

The new Hounds of Justice

It was finally time for the Main event and Paige had been given the all clear to be at ringside with the Shield so the four of them were waiting at their entrance points plus they had Sheamus and Becky ready to come out if they were getting beaten down.

"The following is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall introducing first being accompanied by Roman Reigns and Paige at a combined weight of 442lbs the Shield.

'Special Op' plays out as the Shield make their way out through the crowd and down to the ring.

"And their opponents first from Hollywood Florida weighing in at 214 lbs. he is the Show off Dolph Ziggler" said Lillian.

'Here to Show the World' plays out as Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring.

"And his tag team partner from Gainesville Georgia weighing in at 218 lbs. he is the Winner of the Royal Rumble and will face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania he is the Phenomenal AJ Styles" said Lillian.

'Phenomenal' plays out as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring to join Dolph Ziggler for the main event.

The ref gets Paige and Roman out the ring before calling for the bell to start the match.

Dolph starts for his team and locks up with Dean Ambrose and goes into a Hammerlock before changing it into a Snapmere and dropping to the mat with Ambrose in a Side Headlock. Ambrose found a way out of the move and hit Ziggler with a Fore arm and then and Snap Suplex before floating over into the cover and Ziggler kicked out before the 1 count. Ziggler got to his feet and he and Ambrose went to lock up again only this time Dolph ducked away from the lock up and hit a Knife Edge Chop on Ambrose and followed that up with a Fore Arm and then a DDT before pulling Ambrose to his feet and Irish Whipping him into the corner and tagging in AJ Styles. Styles jumps into the ring and delivers a Splash to Ambrose who is being held in the corner by Ziggler, Ambrose staggers out the corner and into a Dropkick from Styles who follows that up with a Running Knee Drop. Styles then roles to the outside of the ring and Stands on the Apron before going for and Spring Board 450 but Ambrose rolls away and Styles manages to roll through and not hit the mat. Ambrose makes it to his corner and tags in Seth Rollins and he and AJ counter whatever the other tries until AJ ducks under an attempted Clothesline and hits a Pele Kick to Rollins, AJ pulls Seth up and goes for the Styles Clash only for Rollins to counter the move into a Back Body Drop. Rollins pulls Styles to his feet and hits him with a Turnbuckle Power Bomb, Rollins follows that up with an Enzuigiri which drops AJ to the mat and Seth goes straight for the cover only for Dolph to break the pin fall up. Dean comes in to the ring and tries to attack Dolph only for Dolph to duck and catch Dean with a Super Kick then Rollins hits Dolph with a running Big Boot taking Ziggler out of the match for now and then Rollins turns his attention back to Styles. The distraction was just long enough for Styles to get back to his feet and as Seth turned back towards him Styles connected with a Styles Clash to Seth Rollins and rolled into the cover only for Seth to barely get his shoulder up at 2.

"The Shield were almost defeated right there" said JBL.

"Yeah and you have to know that Stephanie is backstage smiling and is routing on Styles and Ziggler" said King.

AJ looked to the ref and indicated that he thought that was a 3, but the ref responded by indicating that it was a 2 count. Then the ref turned back to check on Seth and AJ hit the Ref with a Pele Kick that the ref never saw knocking the ref out.

"What in the world did AJ do that for?" asked Cole.

"Who knows maybe he didn't agree with the cadence of the ref's count" said JBL.

"That still doesn't give him the right to take out an official" said King.

Roman and Paige began checking on their teammates only for Styles to and Ziggler to attack Roman and then corner Paige.

'Get up' plays out as the Uso's come running out with Tamina.

"Thank goodness someone is coming out here to help I don't want to think what they might have done to Paige" said Cole.

The Uso's block AJ and Ziggler from reaching the Shield while Tamina checks on Paige who signals she is ok. Tamina turns and re-joins the Uso's letting them know Paige is ok and that's when the Uso's and Tamina smirk and Tamina turns back to Paige and hits her with a Super kick, Roman gets back to his feet using the ropes and confronts the Uso's who deliver a Double Super kick to Reigns laying him out.

"What why did they do that they are family?" asked JBL.

"That was for Naomi" said Jimmy Uso.

"I guess we just found out John" said King.

By now Seth and Dean had got back to their feet and tried to get some revenge only for Styles to attack Rollins and that left Ambrose who got surrounded by The Uso's, Dean attacked both of them and looked to be surviving until Ziggler joined in and the three of them delivered a Triple Super Kick to Ambrose who as he fell was grabbed by AJ Styles and he hit a Styles Clash. The Uso's and Tamina left the ring and headed to the back as the Referee was coming back around and saw Styles was covering Ambrose and he counted the 3.

Styles and Ziggler left the ring having earned their win and headed to the back.

The new Hounds of Justice

The Shield were trying to regroup when 'Basic Thuganomics' played out and John Cena makes his way down the ramp and stops before entering the ring and appears to be waiting then, 'Fight' played out as Kevin Owens comes out and stands beside Cena, then 'I came to play' plays out as the Miz joins the two men at ringside and then 'Voices plays out as Randy Orton makes his return and joins the other three men the three of them surround the ring.

"Oh my I don't like the look of this there are four of the top stars in the WWE surrounding the Shield" said King.

"Yeah and they all have a problem with the Shield" said JBL.

'Veil of Fire' plays out as Kane joins the attackers outside the ring.

"Come on the Shield have just been decimated by the Uso's betraying Roman Reigns and then lost to AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler they are still trying to recover from that attack, now these 5 are coming out here to strike while the Shield are down" said Cole.

"It's the numbers game Michael and unfortunately for the Shield they are on the wrong side of it. If they were 100% then they would stand a chance but now I don't know" said JBL.

The five attackers enter the ring and Cena and Orton pull Reigns into a corner and start to beat him down, Kane does the same with Dean Ambrose and Owens takes Seth to a corner to do the same. Miz however picks Paige up and sets her up for the Skull Crushing Finale but he is stopped as 'Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta' plays out and two masked people wearing full Shield attire run out to even the odds.

"I guess there are two new Shield Members but who are they?" asked JBL.

"I don't know" said King.

"Maybe they will unmask and reveal their identities after the ring is cleared" said Cole.

One of the two masked Shield members jumps the Miz stopping him from attacking Paige and the other grabs Cena and delivers a stiff clothesline to Cena, The Miz is taken out by Paige and the other new Shield member they deliver a double DDT to him, then the other three exit the ring not wanting any more of the Shield with their two new members.

"Thank you for watching tonight and we will see you again for Smack down where hopefully we will find out the true identity of these two new Shield Members" said JBL.

"Once we do who knows what the McMahons will do with two more people aligning themselves with the Shield" said Cole.