Things That Will Be

Godric and Salazar are spurred to action.

Godric closed his eyes, shutting out the pitiful carnage. The bodies were so very small. "You're right. This can't keep happening. If there's a place for children to go...a safe place to learn...this won't...this..." His lips pressed together in bitter silence, his spine rigid as he forced his eyes back open. "They were just children, Sal. How could they be such cowards, to do this to their own children?"

"They fear what they don't understand, Ric." Salazar placed a hand gently on Godric's shoulder. "Their numbers are greater than ours. Greater numbers mean greater power unless counteracted." His eyes rested on the charred remains. "When we're so young, our natural gifts aren't nearly enough."

"It has to stop." Godric's voice was as unyielding as stone.

Salazar nodded. "What we build will make it stop. It will be a haven for our children, where they can come into their heritage unmolested."

Godric shifted his gaze to Salazar. "I take it you have a plan already."

Salazar smiled. "Don't I always?"