A bloodcurdling scream cut through the night, ripping Lauren and I from our dreams of spooking out a few guards.

Another scream shook us from our shocked states and made us jump up to our feet

"Lauren, search the indoors area of the campus and keep everyone indoors."

She nodded and headed to the door. I passed her as I made my way to the window

"Will, what are you going to do?"

I smirked

"What I do best, being a show off."

With that done I jumped out the window and landed on the grass below. One more scream split the silence in the night and I abandoned all hope of being stealthy. Instead I ran forwards to where the scream came from and saw a terrifying sight.

Approximately six people were surrounded by people clothed in black. Near the edge of the circle surrounding them were eight figures – one who I'm sure is Captain America – fighting their way to the centre.

A shot rang out and I saw one of the figures drop to the ground screaming in pain.

I rushed forwards and set myself alight.

People turned to look at me and shots were fired in my direction. I threw up my hands and blocked the bullets with a shield of compact air particles.

Sweat trickled down my face and I continued to run forwards. Quickly I manipulated the air to carry me into the centre of the circle surrounding the victims.

Leaving my fist alight I placed it on the grass and created a circle around the victims, protecting them from any threats.

Something hard and cool was placed on the crease of my neck as I heard a confident voice speak

"So Miss Bakshi, enjoying your stay with SHIELD?"

I smirked


I kicked upwards and flipped back landing on the fire circle. Yanking his gun out of his hands I held the trigger down and shot wildly into the night. People fell and I just hoped they weren't the good guys.

Running forwards I latched onto a neck and swung the person round, knocking five people off their feet. I levitated myself into the arm and let go of my control of the particles, letting myself drop solidly on the current bad guy.

A red bandage around his dead arm caught my attention and I stared at the logo engraved into the fabric – Hydra. I snarled and whipped around with a kick launched at someone's face.

"Will! Will, it's me."

I stopped mid-kick and got flipped onto the ground instead. Strong arms pulled me back up and I saw the damage around me.

Bodies littered the grass and a group was standing off to the side. The sun was coming up and I could see a black circle of where the fire used to be. A familiar voice said loudly behind me

"If you shoot me I split her pretty neck."


We spun to face the scream and I saw Lauren's face smudged with grime and tears. She started coming forwards and I shook my head weakly – Lauren stopped. We spun back to face the large group; huh, even Captain America was here.

A gun was trained at his head by a fiery looking red head who I assumed to be Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow. A warm breath played in my ear

"So, I'll ask again. Are you enjoying your time at SHIELD?"

I let out a shaky breath and chuckled

"Father, of course I'm enjoying my time here. Tell me, what did mother say of your plans to kill me? Or did you not tell her?"

The knife was pressed harder against my neck and I struggled to breath, a warm liquid – which I assumed to be my blood – trickled down my neck as my father replied

"Wrong answer."

I grunted and pushed outwards against the knife then head-butted him. His grip loosened and I ran forwards out of his grasps. I spun on my heel and kicked him squarely where the sun don't shine, and then I punched him in the face – effectively breaking his nose.

The knife fell into the soft grass and I darted for it before he could regain a sense of co-ordination. I jumped back up to receive a high kick to the chest.

Pain exploded in my ribs as I continued with my attack. Grabbing his foot I flipped him onto the grass and plunged the knife into his stomach. His stunned eyes looked up at me and tears stabbed at the back of my eyes. I looked at him with disgust mixed with love and looked down at my blood covered hands that were stinging.

A cut about five centimetres long ran along the palm of both and many soldier's blood was drying on my skin.


I looked up to where Lauren stood a dazed look on her face and a hand held out for me. I grabbed it and she pulled me up and hugged me, my shoulders starting to shake. Warm tears fell onto her cream coloured pyjamas and a sob came from my mouth.

She patted my back and then I pulled away

"Lauren, did I do the right thing?"

She looked at me sternly

"It was life or death, you or him. Yes, you did the right thing."

I nodded and started walking slowly towards the campus. A hand grabbed my shoulder and I spun around wildly, a punch aimed for someone's face. Blonde hair framed a face with baby blue eyes – Captain America, and I just stared.

"Hey, are you ok?"

I nodded slowly and went to turn back around but he stopped me again.

"Look, we….we want to offer our thanks for your help and uh….if you want to…..you can come back to the Avengers Tower. Bring your friend too."

I nodded again and then shook my head

"We haven't finished our course yet."

He nodded

"Agent Coulson has said he'll explain everything to you, if you're willing to spend time to talk to him."

I stared him in the face and small smile playing on my lips,

"Thanks, um, do you mind if Lauren and I pack our stuff back up before we go?"

He smiled

"Of course, we'll ah…..we'll be waiting."

I quickly ran up and grabbed Lauren's hand then dragged her all the way to our room, my mind running in circles, my eyes painful from rejected tears. Someone was standing outside when we arrived and I immediately put my guard up again. Said person turned around and faced us with raised eyebrows

"Girls breaking curfew on your first night, and I thought I would be the one to break curfew first….."

Penny's voice trailed off as she saw our blood stained state and my trembling lip and watery eyes. She opened the room's door and carefully grabbed my hand, Lauren trailing after us

"Let's get you cleaned up and then we can talk."