(FYI - Alberta is 14 and Penny is 16. Cover: Alberta is on the right, Grant is on the left and Penny is the blonde at the bottom. Enjoy!)

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Friends forever,
face whatever,
friends forever,
yay! we're never gonna be apart,

You and me we are so oddly the same,
the way we think, the way we play,
Right from the start, so off the chart, about this thing,
But we didn't know at first that we were making,

Friends Forever - Puffy Ami Yumi

"Ms Mills?"


"So… just to clarify, you would like me to read this entire book, take notes, and then hand in these notes three weeks after I have left this school?"

"Miss Kennedy that is exactly what I wish you to do."

I nodded my head, that bitch was the first thing that ran into my head "That should be totally achievable. Good afternoon." Promptly, I gathered my school supplies and stalked out the door. Seriously? She gives be a whole book to read on the last day of my schooling in Australia? Well, she can go shove that assignment up her –

"Alberta! Wait up!"

Turning, I faced my bff "Hey Penny, what's up? You excited for America?"

She rolled her eyes, her figure towering over me "Girl, when will you learn? I was born in America, and have only been here for two years. Of course I'm excited to be going back to where I belong."

I pouted and elbowed her gently as we walked towards the lockers "Mate, don't you belong with me? Aren't I good enough?"

She laughed and slung her arm around my shoulders "Of course you're good enough, but you do realise that my family is over in America. I do kinda miss them."

Speaking of family, my brother was walking right past me and I scowled, quickly flipping up my middle finger. He only returned the favour and stalked past me like he owned the place. Penny snorted and spoke in my ear

"When will you two learn, people don't expect twins to act that way."

My scowl only grew and I replied "when will you learn that we are not twins. In fact, Grant is a year older than me –" then I smiled "but dumb enough to be stuck in the year below me." Actually, Grant wasn't dumb at all, he achieved top of his year every year, and it was the fact that I was too smart for my own good that had propelled me two years forward.

Our locker doors rested against each other and Penny laughed when she saw the state of mine "Seriously, for a highly academic girl like yourself, I am always amazed at the state of your locker!"

I rolled my eyes and informed her about her own personality "Mate, you're just a clean freak."

The bell for next lesson echoed throughout the hallway, but we stayed where we were. With only one lesson to go, we needed time to collect our possessions and clean out our lockers. It was kinda depressing, standing there, taking down the cut-outs from magazines and scrunching them up for a throw at the nearest bin.

A sigh escaped my lips and Penny's voice came out of the deafening silence. "What's the matter Al?"

I just sighed again and rested my head against the cool metal of a closed locker; "I guess it's all just becoming real. I never really expected for this day to come so quickly, for dad to become the CEO of his own company, for him to become so rich that we can move to America and still afford everything we could ever want. And, I guess I'm kind scared."

She leant against the lockers with me and gently prodded me with her words "Scared of what?"


She made and 'ah' sound and wisely decided to switch topics "So, are you coming to the gym with me or what?"

I jumped forwards and slammed my locker shut – even though it wouldn't stay shut because the lock had to be handed in to the office. My bag sat on the floor – but not for long. I swung it over my shoulder and spoke to Penny with a grin

"You ready?"

She laughed, "I thought I was the one who was asking you that."

I walked away backwards and replied "Well you're not anymore!"

~Crash, Boom, Bang! Time Skip~

The sound of feet thudding against the base of the treadmill was comforting however the puffing of our breathing was certainly not. I looked at my watch – 4:30pm – we had been going for an hour, almost beating our record. Pressing the button that stopped the treadmill, I stepped off and took a long drink from my water bottle.

I could hear Penny next to me, doing the same, and when I stopped to gasp for air I spoke out from the silence. "You reckon we should have a sparring round before we go to the hotel?"

We were staying at a hotel for the night before we headed to the private jet at the landing strip. Our stuff had been moved out of both our homes and was on its way to the USA and should arrive there two weeks after us.

Penny nodded and said "Better hope I don't kick your ass like last time." I pouted and shoved her gently to the side with my shoulder, "Hey! Come on, that's not fair, you've got 8 years on top of me. Anyway, I've already seen you're tricks so you better hope I don't kick your ass."