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About time for anyone telling you off for all your deeds
No sign the roaring thunder stopped in cold to read
No time
Get mine and make no excuses waste of precious breath
No time
The sun shines on everyone, everyone love yourself to death

So you gotta fire up, you gotta let go
You'll never be loved till you've made your own
You gotta face up, you gotta get yours
You never know the top till you get too low

I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons

Penny and I were relaxing on one of the comfiest sofas in the world – don't you dare say otherwise! She was reading The Fault In Our Stars for the first time and I was browsing the internet for funny memes, finally I found a good one.

"Hey Penny."


I smirked and turned the computer towards her "Check this one out."

She sighed and looked up from her book and then smiled (We're gonna be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes!)

"Certainly Al, certainly!"

I smirked and took the computer back. I arched an eyebrow as I heard the whirring of the elevator and Jarvis's voice came into the room (Tony was sitting at a desk not far from us)

"Sir, it appears that Thor is rather irritated and is coming up."

Penny and I glanced at each other worriedly and hopped quickly off the sofa as the elevator dinged. We scurried down the hall to Penny's rooms and slammed the door shut after us. Panting slightly I looked at Penny curiously

"Not much time left bitch, what are supposed to do?"

Her eyes widened slightly

"We can't do much cause Grant's still locked up by SHIELD." She paused for a minute "Can you –"

She was cut off by Jarvis's voice speaking in our room

"Mr Stark is requesting your presence in the sitting room."

I sighed and looked at Penny sadly

"You can't run from them anymore."


I shook my head

"I know the consequences, I can deal with them."

She ran forward and hugged me, her shoulders shaking

"I'll never be able to see you again."

I rolled my eyes and patted her back

"Let's just see what he wants first ok? Don't come to any conclusions just yet."

She stepped back and wiped her eyes then smiled at me. I smiled back at her, forcing my courage to show and tears to hide. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders as we went back to the sitting room. Tony and Clint – who had appeared out of nowhere – were leaning comfortably against a wall; Tony watching Thor pace and Clint observing everything within site.

Three pairs of eyes darted to stare at us as we entered the room. The smile on my face stayed but was now rather forced. Knowing that Penny's face had started to fall I whispered in her ear

"Doth thou have any aspirin? For I'm a little Thor!"

She snickered and Tony looked at me curiously – I just shook my head. Again I whispered to her

"I started walking around without any shoes and it became sort of a hobbit."

She looked at me curiously and then slapped her hand to her face. I held up a hand to her

"Wait for it, I have another one."

Tony looked annoyed "Another what?"

I rolled my eyes and whispered in Penny's ear

"Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth, then it just becomes a soap opera."

She snorted and Tony pushed himself off the wall

"Ok, enough jokes. Either of you two want to tell me why Thor has come here demanding that Thruer – who I didn't even know existed – be brought back to Asgard."

Clint caught my gaze and I gritted my teeth, hoping he keeps his mouth shut. Thor had finally stopped pacing and was looking at Penny with a smile

"Thruer – "

I looked at him with a snarl colouring my face

"First of all her name's Penny, second of all, Penny is allowed to choose where he life takes her."

Thor shot a glare my way but continued to speak to Penny

"You must come back to Asgard! Sif has missed you dearly."

I watched Penny's face contort in a mixture of emotions and I stepped forward boldly

"You don't control her life! You're not even her protector! What gives you the right to tell her what to do?"

Thor stalked up to my face his hammer ready in his hand. Anger raged in his eyes and he snarled at me

"Lady Thruer belongs on Asgard. She is my daughter, and she is a warrior!"

I lifted my head proudly, "Thruer has been gone from Asgard, from the nine realms, for almost all of her life, and now you want her back. I don't think so Shakespeare."

Penny (now known as Thruer) shoved us apart and I fell into Clint's arms. Angrily I struggled against Clint's grip but he wouldn't let me go. Finally I fell slack and stared at Penny, my voice wavering

"Penny – Thruer – this is your choice, I can't stop you from going and Shakespeare here can't stop you from staying."

She glanced between us and slowly stepped up to Thor's side. The tears in my eyes dried up and my face grew hard as I nodded.

"You cannot see me again, not in person, or else I will die."

She stared at me, her eyes wide

"Why? What's wrong? You said it was my choice and implied that you wouldn't mind."

I nodded again

"I know, I don't mind. However, once you've made it back to Asgard, if you ever see me in person again I will return to the Underworld. As it is –"

Penny was shaking her head "No."

I sighed "Let me finish. As it is, Grant is slowly dying in his SHIELD cell and is returning to his former position as Yggdrasil."

Penny's lip trembled and she let out a watery laugh

"To think he's always been a girl."

I smiled loosely and stepped free from Clint. I kneeled in front of Thor

"I hope you are pleased with how I have served you and give my well wishes to Lady Sif and Lady Frigga."

I stepped back up and watched as Thor and Thruer stepped outside and vanished in a bright beam of light. The elevator dinged and Natasha rushed into the room, her gun pointed at me. Agents stood behind her; Coulson, May, Hunter, Hill – and a few others I couldn't identify.

"Where's Mr Kennedy?"

I glanced at them warily

"He's back where he belongs, or rather, Yggdrasil has finally returned to her duties."

"I don't get it Alberta, how the hell did you manage to keep that such a secret?"

I smiled at a slightly drunk Tony and shared a glance with Steve Rogers, who I had recently met.

"I just did; it was my job."

Natasha walked into the room and didn't bat an eyelid at Tony's drunken state. She sat on a bar stool next to me and stated blankly

"I've been wondering."

I nodded "Let me guess, who I really am?"

Natasha allowed herself to smile

"Even assassins have curiosity."

I nodded

"When you think about it, it's not that hard to figure out. I am the queen of the underworld."

Clint walked up next to Natasha and greeted me with a smirk


And ta da! There it is ladies and gentlemen, the final chapter of Crash Boom Bang! I actually had to do some research and make sure I was correct on my facts, and I am. Thruer is actually Thor and Sif's daughter in the Norse Mythology and Hel is the Queen of the Underworld and Yggdrasil is the actual tree that gives life to the nine realms.

Hope you all enjoyed reading Crash Boom Bang and didn't think the ending was too bad.

Yours Sincerely