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Tony was sitting in his workplace in the lab he shares with his father. He was currently working on his first robot with an AI system. He has plans for it to help him with his work, because who wouldn't want a second pair of hands standing by to help. He attaches the last bit of wire to the circuit board and types in a line of code into the computer and voila, his robot is finished! He presses the on button and waits patiently for the robot to turn on. The robot springs to life.

" Can you hear me?" he asked the robot " If you can nod your head." he mimics the motion with his own head so that the robot could learn. The robot nods his head.

" It works! Now what should I call you?" the robot was in the shape of a dog, so potential dog names ran through his head. Spot, Max, Buddy? No these were too obvious, why his father given him a dog when he was younger, it would have helped him a lot in his naming process. The perfect name suddenly came into his mind, " What about Boba? Do you like Boba? " The robot nodded his head enthusiastically. "Boba it is then. Now for your first command, Boba fetch me the screw driver on the workbench over in the corner." the robot obeyed. " Good job, Boba!" Tony Stark, at the age of 13 had just successfully created the world's first AI system.

As Tony continued to train his new robot/puppy, his father barged thru the doors.

" What are you doing with this pile of scrap metal!" he inquired of tony in a slightly slurred voice.

" This is Boba, he's an AI I designed to help me in the lab. Do you want me to show you what he can do?" Tony asked , desperately seeking the approval that he both craved and deserved.

" No!" his father shouted, while he staggered up to Tony and lifted him by his shirt collar " How many times have I told you to stop playing with your stupid robots and help me build the technology to help find Captain America!" Tony could smell the whiskey on his breath " You are an miserable excuse for a Stark! Steven Rogers was ten times more of a man then you'll ever be! Its time you stop playing with baby toys and grow up!" With this Howard punched Tony , who sagged to the ground, and grabbed the robot from the table and picked up a hammer, after years of experience Tony knew what was going to happen next and the thought of it brought tears to his eyes. Howard brought the robot to Tony and tossed it next to him, he then began smashing the hell out of the precious creation, and in his blind fury landed a few blows to Tony who was sitting inches away from the mess too shocked to move.

With each smack of the hammer, Tony felt his heart break into a million pieces, pain from the blows to his body clouded his mind causing his eyes to water.

" Are you crying?" his father demanded in a cruel voice. " Starks don't cry! Do you need me to remind you again?" Tony was too shocked to say anything, so his father grabbed pieces of the sharp metal and put it in his hands, he then began landing punch after punch on tony's abused body. Tony vaguely felt pieces of rubble embed themselves into his skin and felt the warm stickiness of his blood cover his skin, he couldn't retaliate because he knew that his beating would only worsen if he dare punch protect himself. His vision was darkening yet his father would give up, he kept beating his brilliant son long after Tony went limp. When he finished Tony was an unrecognizable mass of bloody and bruised skin. He called up to Jarvis to gather his disobedient son and went back to his bottle of whiskey.

"What has the bastard done to you this time?" He nearly shouted at the sight of his young ward covered in metal and blood. Jarvis carefully checked for broken limbs and found that the young stark's left arm and leg were horrendously broken along with several ribs, he would have to call Dr. Misto, the family doctor, to set the Jones later. Jarvis gently cradled, minding not to jar any of the breaks , the boy, he had loved and cared for , and carried him up to his room. Jarvis than gathered some bandages and a washcloth to start the long process of tending to the boys wounds.

Dr. Misto, who had worked with the starks for years and knew that the story's about the boys accidents were false, after all how many times can a boy call down the stairs, but couldn't do anything about it cause who would believe his word over that of Howard Stark, came by in the morning to inspect the boys various injuries. Tony was still unconscious from the previous nights fight, and was running a fever.

" What happened this time?" he asked the vigilant butler.

"Well, the official story is that Tony fell down the stairs and landed in a pile of scrap metal..."

" And what really happened?" the doctor asked interrupting Jarvis.

" Howard attacked him when he found Tony with a robot dog. Howard smashed it to pieces, hit Tony with the hammer a few times, then considered to beat Tony with the broken pieces of metal for well over an hour. I tended to his wounds as best as I could, but I know He will need proper medical care." Jarvis informed Dr. Misto , knowing full well that he knew what was going on in the house.

The doctor went over to inspect Tony's obviously broken arm and leg, "Well, these will definitely need to be surgically set." He said after a thorough inspection, he then went to peel the bandages off of the various lacerations, " A nasty infection is also setting in on some of these wounds," He then went to the nasty wound on Tony's forehead, "He doesn't have a fractured skull, but if the wound was an inch over it would have caused some very serious damaged. He probably has a severe concussion," he pulled out a pen light and inspected tony's pupils, confirming the concussion. " He needs to be in the hospital, while I inform my team on who the patient is and get prepared to move him, can you inform his bastard of a father that tony needs to hospitalized."

Jarvis went to inform Howard and Maria,but as he left the room he heard the mutter "What kind of monster does this to a 13 year old boy?". When Jarvis got to his masters bedroom, Howard was probably still asleep despite the late hour of the morning, he knocked on the door.

" Come in." A gruff voice answered. Jarvis gathered up all of his strength and put on a stoic face before entering the bastards room.

"Sir, I regret to inform you but your son,Tony, requires hospitalization. Would you want him to be admitted under his real name or one of his aliases?"

"What do you think? That boy is such a baby, he needs to learn to suck it up. Inform me of the exact moment when he is able to get back to work. Steve Rogers is lying in a hole in the godforsaken arctic, we can't wait around for a lazy insolent boy. Now where is that maid with my coffee?"

"I shall go see, sir." Jarvis said walking out of the room. On his way back to Tony's room he spotted the maid, he went over to the maid opened up the lid to the coffee pot and spit in it. The maid looked up with a smile on her face.

"Having a bad day?" she inquired, already knowing the answer.

"Have you seen what he's did to tony. He nearly killed him!" he informed her. She then took the pot and spat into it too. She walked away with anger brewing in the pit of her stomach. Everyone who worked in the house knew of the tragic story of Tony Stark. He was starved, beaten, neglected, and hated because he wasn't Captain America. His mother was no better, because half of the time she was off in her own little world, the other half she was as drunk as Howard. The various house staff doted on Tony giving him candy and various trinkets that could easily be hidden away, as Howard and Maria never have him anything, not even a stuffed animal to scare away the childhood terrors tony had suffered from.

Jarvis finally reached Tony's room where Dr. Misto was making some final preparations before He and Jarvis would be taking him to the hospital.

"Howard, informed me that we will be using the Antonio Russo alias when he is admitted." Jarvis informed Dr. Misto. "I have to inform the house staff about what is happening with Tony. Is everything ready to transport him?"

"Yes I shall be ready shortly. Go inform them, I'm sure they are all worried. Howards really done a number to him this time. He seems to be getting more aggressive with each beating, I'm afraid that one day I'll come and find that I was too late." Dr. Misto announced remorsefully.

" I'm scared for his safety too" Jarvis said as he took Tony's hand and gently held it.

" I'll be back to help carry him in a few minutes." he said as he left the room casting a final look to his ward. He then set about his task of gathering the house staff in the kitchen.

Once everyone has gathered he starting the difficult job of informing them of Tony's condition.

"As many of you may know last night Mr. Stark attacked Tony in a drunken rage." At this a few of the maids gasped " Tony received multiple lacerations and Howard managed to crush both his arm and leg, along with a few ribs. Tony also received a severe blow to the head and has the onsets of an infection." he informed them on the verge of tears, He wasn't the only one to tear up as many of maids were patting their eyes with handkerchiefs, " Dr. Misto and I will be taking Tony to the hospital for medical attention, all we ask for are your prayers and for someone to take over my duties as I will be caring for Tony. I must take my leave now." He told them as he made to leave the room. By the looks on their faces the Starks, Howard and Maria that is, would be receiving a lot of spit in their meals over the next few days. There was not a dry eye in the room as he departed from them.

Jarvis made his way up to Tony's room again to find ready to take Tony to the hospital. Jarvis went over to the gathered Tony in his arms and gently carried him down the stairs. Jarvis laid Tony in the back seat and they left for the hospital. The ride was uncomfortably silent as both the doctor and the butler were in their own minds trying to rationalize why someone would do this to their child and neither came up with suitable answers.

Once they got to the hospital The buses and fellow doctors went into a fury trying to treat Tony's various injuries. Tony was taken into surgery to set his bones and to take care of the various internal injuries that Tony had received. Jarvis was forced to wait anxiously in the waiting room, for what seemed like hours. Finally a doctor came into the room.

" Are you Antonio Russo's father?" he asked as he went up to Jarvis.

"No, I am his caretaker, his parents were unable to come."

" Oh," he said shocked, what kind of parents are busy when there son is lying in the hospital, " well I'm Dr. Michaels, the surgeon in charge of antonios surgery." Antonio is out of surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. We are putting him in the ICU due to the complexity of his injuries, usually we don't allow non-relatives into the ICU, but I think we can make an exception for you since no one else is here for him. If you would follow me." Dr. Michaels said as he guided a worried Jarvis out of the room.

" Well Antonio is a very lucky boy. His injuries could have killed him but it looks like you took care of him properly. His leg and arm required metal plates to be fused to the bone to allow him full use of his limbs. They should recover quite nicely if he doesn't use them for 2 months. He did puncture a lung but we fixed it up on the nick of time. He also had some minor internal bleeding. His most threatening injury is the blow to the head he received, it caused a severe concussion, which resulted in a cerebral edema, in other words his brain was swelling. We caught it on time , If you would of brought him in a few hours later we would have had to surgically decompress his brain, but right now he is on a diuretic which should return his brain back to normal within the next few days. He is in a coma currently, but he should come out of it by the end of the week. Well here is his room, I should be around shortly to check up on him. " Dr. Michaels explained as they travelled thru the hospital.

As soon as Jarvis saw Tony lying on the bed looking fragile and hooked up to various machines and tubes he collapsed onto the nearest chair and began crying silently. He had to get Tony away from his father before the bastard killed him. Jarvis didn't plan on leaving his vigil, except to inform the house staff on Tony's condition, until Tony was well again.

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