Live like there's No Tomorrow

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A small smile played around Jean-Luc's mouth as he stood back and watched Remy work. Dressed in a black, insignia-free body suit the boy was little more than a darker outline against dark bushes as he scanned the exterior of the building, looking for the small grated window he'd picked out of the building's blueprints weeks ago while he waited for his broken ribs and jaw to finish healing to his Oncle's satisfaction.

Spotting the entry point Remy attached the small binoculars to his belt even as he readied the grappling hook. Remy sprinted lightly across the compound then fired. The grapple lodged firmly in the mortar above the window frame. Jean-Luc paused for a moment to make an approving note of the boy's easy, acrobatic grace as he climbed; little waste of energy, smooth flowing movements that naturally blended with the shadows, before following him.

Jean-Luc joined Remy on the window ledge a few moments later and motioned for him to wait until the more experienced thief could disarm the electronic security system. That done Jean-Luc moved aside to let Remy deal with the physical barriers hindering their entry. Remy cut through the bolts that held the grating in place then placed his open hand against the glass. He took a deep breath and a moment later the window's latch took on a slight glow and began jiggling.

"Not 'nough area to push 'gainst," Remy whispered to himself. With an amused smile Jean-Luc handed Remy a slip of metal. Blushing a little the boy slid it through a crack in the window and opened the latch.

Remy let Jean-Luc enter first, pulling their ropes inside with him, then stepped inside, moving the grate back in place as he did so, preventing a casual glance from the guards patrolling the grounds from giving them away.

The 'house' they were breaking into seemed more like a fortress to Remy. Once inside the building the pair squeezed into a ventilation shaft to evade the next line of defenses. Jean-Luc signaled for Remy to lead the way with a slightly challenging grin. After several minutes of crawling through the tight space, Remy removed another granting and lowered himself head first from the ventilation shaft till he hung from his knees into the room below.

Just inches above his live of sight there was a security panel set into the wall. Remy glanced back up at Jean-Luc, who gestured for him to go ahead. Remy took off it's cover and handed it up to Jean- Luc then looked over the wiring he'd revealed and shook his head, his teeth gleaming in the dim light as he shot his Oncle a quick grin and rapidly rewired the panel, which was an exact duplicate of the one he'd rewired a hundred times before in the aftermath of his, Lapin and Pierre's little joyride.

Jean-Luc shrugged innocently as if to say "What a coincidence," but his eyes gleamed with a wicked amusement that matched Remy's own mischievous spirit.

Once that was done Remy dropped into the room, twisting as he fell to land in a crouch. Jean-Luc dropped soundless into the room to land beside his nephew.

The office they stood in was opulent. Jean-Luc shook his head at the overdone show of wealth.

Remy hopped onto the desk and perched there impudently as he removed the portrait that hung over it and set to work cracking the safe it had hidden. Jean-Luc stood by patiently as he watched frustration cloud Remy's expression. When Remy snatched off his stethoscope and prepared to hurl it across the room, Jean-Luc reached out to place a calming hand on the boy's shoulder, he smiled encouragingly and gestured back to the safe.

Remy took a few deep breaths and returned to his task, several minutes later the safe door swung open. He swept the jewels and money he found into a pouch on his belt, then reached out with his powers to reduce the packet of drugs he'd also discovered in the safe to a pile of ashes.

Remy smirked in satisfaction as the white powder was incinerated; during his years on the streets he'd seen too many victims of chemicals like that one. Jean-Luc gave him an approving smile and they moved on to the next room. The liquid assets were always nice and the safe had been a good test for Remy, but Jean-Luc's primary objective for the night was a rather valuable piece of artwork the owner had recently acquired.

The painting had been hung in the living room. Jean-Luc signaled Remy to allow him to remove the canvas from its frame. While he worked Remy wandered into the kitchen, he returned munching on a slice of pizza. "Remy!" Jean-Luc hissed reprovingly.

"What? I was hungry," Remy whispered. "It's not like we're not robbin' de place anyways."

Jean-Luc rolled his eyes heavenward and resolved to have a few words with the teen about professionalism as soon as the circumstances allowed. He rolled up the canvas and slipped it into a tube strapped across his back, then the pair retraced their path back outside to where Jean-Luc had left a rental car.

As they drove back toward New Orleans with several thousand dollars in cash and jewels, the painting, worth easily three times that and Remy's slice of cold pizza, Jean-Luc thought how glad he was that he'd decided to personally train Remy as a thief.

Spending time with the teen was a shining bright spot in days otherwise filled with concerns about the Benefactress' inevitable return, the apparently hopeless task of freeing Genard Allouet and the rest of Candra's soldiers from her brainwashing and the delicate balancing act that he and Marius engaged in to maintain their alliance now that the immediate threat had passed.

Remy was bright, engaging and Jean-Luc was seriously tempted to try to talk him into staying, but with the Marauders' involvement in the attack there was little doubt that Sinister knew where Remy was and Jean-Luc was a little concerned about how Remy wasn't reacting to that fact.

Jean-Luc had found Remy shortly after Mattie had finished binding his ribs and wiring his jaw in the aftermath of the battle.

When he saw Jean-Luc Remy had grabbed the pad of paper Mattie had left him and scribbled out a question. "What do you do?" he'd asked. "When you find everything you want and it belongs to someone who you hate?"

"I'm a t'ief Remy," Jean-Luc had replied. "I steal it away."

Remy had managed a nod of agreement and that was when Jean-Luc had noticed the glint in his dark, burning eyes; determined, reckless and wild.

Jean-Luc was certain he could convince Remy to stay; he wouldn't be ready to enroll in classes when the fall term started but by winter break he'd be up with his grade level, even in lit, Remy would certainly be happy to join Lapin, Belle and his other friends, even if it was in school. Remy also showed every sign of enjoying being a thief, keeping him nearby would certainly make it easier to continue his lessons in other subjects which weren't taught in school and which Xavier wouldn't approve of. And Jean-Luc believed Remy loved being a part of a family again as much as he loved having his family together again for the first time in twelve years.

He could convince Remy to stay, he just wasn't sure that he should. It certainly wouldn't hurt anyone if Remy where to be elsewhere when Sinister's creatures started snooping around. Still he would have been willing to take the risk, if he'd believed Remy would take sufficient precautions. Jean-Luc hadn't worried about that when he first brought Remy to New Orleans, but things changed, Remy had apparently exorcised the concept of caution from his brain.

He was rapidly replacing Lapin as the ringleader for the teenage set. Thankfully there hadn't been another jet, but night they spent drag racing with police cars wasn't a notable improvement. Still Jean-Luc had to admit to a certain degree of amusement the following day when the police had realized the teens had also rewired the sirens to play pop tunes.

And with Belladonna's help Remy was getting their opposites in the Assassin's Guild to join in their stunts. "Good for the future of the Unified Guilds," Jean-Luc thought. "Bad for the sanity of their elders not to mention what it was doing to the city's Police force now that the two groups weren't keeping each other busy anymore."

Jean-Luc was a little surprised at how well Marius was taking Remy and Belle's continued relationship but he wasn't complaining. Still it was only a matter of time until Julian stopped nursing his hurt pride and started more trouble, but when Remy couldn't be bothered to worry about Sinister, convincing him to watch himself around Belle's older brother wasn't likely. Or apparently convincing him to take jobs seriously, but there were always other tactics.

Several miles down the road they stopped to restore the vehicle's original plates.

"Away clean an' clear," Remy said proudly.

"Yo' did bien, petite. Mais dere is one t'ing I should mention.. raiding de man's refrigerator?" Jean-Luc sighed. "Dat jus' lacks class."

" 'Kay a'ready, I won' do it 'gain, yo' happy?" Remy asked.

"Very. Now 'bout yo' goin' back North in 'nother week; Yo' shor dat your mail be private in dat place?" Jean-Luc asked. "I don' want yo' havin' to 'xplain why 'm sendin' yo' blueprints, 'mong other t'ings."

" 'M shor," Remy said.

"Cause if not, yo' can a'ways set up a box at de post office," Jean-Luc continued, wanting to be sure that Remy didn't think insecure mail would put an end to their plans for furthering his apprenticeship even while he was away at school.

"De 'paths be too stuck-up to snoop like a normal person," Remy said. "An' de other's wouldn'."

"If yo're certain," Jean-Luc replied. "I'll send de background 'bout a month 'fore I want us to do de job. Yo' don' try it on your own jus' yet, oui?"

"An' mess up your 'xcuse for visitin'? I t'ink not," Remy replied smiling.

Jean-Luc shook his head, "I don' need an 'xcuse to visit m' one an' only nephew. Popular 'pinion aside, dere are a number of people who know what yo' and your friends been up to. Even de police know who it was dat relocated de Social Services' offices to de jail cells, dey jus' don' want to admit dat it was a bunch of kids dat waltzed t'rough deir security. An' don' yo' t'ink dat little prank was a bit over de top?"

Remy grinned, "Mais it was very entertainin'. We rigged cameras to catch deir 'xpressions too."

" 'M shor it was," Jean-Luc said. "Jus' don' get in too much trouble while yo're at school, don' want to be givin' dat Professor of yours fit or anyt'ing do we?" But the tone of Jean-Luc's voice that suggested he really wouldn't mind getting a call from Xavier asking for help in dealing with Remy.



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