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Psychic Signs: Chapter 1

It was a calm afternoon in New Domino City. It was almost the end of the day. "Alright students, now here are the results from the test and essay on Union monsters" Miss Bartlet said as she handed back the essays and the tests. Just as she finished, the bell rang. "Alright students, remember, homework is to start reading on Fusion monsters" everyone then departed.

Once outside, everyone started talking about the test and essay. "Leo, can I have a quick word?" Miss Bartlet called from the classroom. "Alright" Leo said, following Miss Bartlet, and Luna said "I'll wait for you" "Thanks" Leo replied.

When Leo entered, Miss Bartlet said "Question, how come you got such high marks for the test and essay on Union monsters?" Leo replied with "I use Union Monsters in my Turbo Deck" he then took out his Turbo Deck and searched through it and showed Buster Blaster, 3 Heavy Mech Support Platform, Oilman, Trigon, Delta Tri, Formation Union and Roll Out!. "Whoa! 9 cards related to Union Monsters?" Miss Bartlet said and Leo nodded. Miss Bartlet then added "Well that explains it. Alright, you can go" Leo then scoops up his cards, and leaves.

"So what did Miss Bartlet want?" Luna said. Leo replied with "She just wanted to know how I scored so well in the Union monsters test and essay, so I showed her the Union cards I have in my Turbo Deck" "Oh" Luna said, then, starting up her duel board, added "Leo, I challenge you to a duel" Leo nodded, got onto his duel board, and said "I accept your challenge Luna" they then raced off towards the duel lanes.

Shortly after they arrived, however, four people jumped from another duel lane above gthem into their duel lane, just as they were about to duel. Two people, on their runners, landed in front of them, while the other two, on their duel boards, landed behind them. "What are you guys doing here?" Leo said, and Luna added "We were about to duel, so what do you want?" The first guy, the one on the duel runner, said "We want to duel you" the other person on the runner, another man, then said "Brandon, Shania, drop back, we do not want you to get tangled in their crashes, and you two will not be a part of the duel" Brandon and Shania nodded, and dropped back. Mystery Duellist 1 then said "We activate Speed World 2, so now we duel" and the four Speed World 2's activated. "First person to the exit of the first corner will have their team go first and third" They raced towards the first corner, but it was obvious that Mystery Duellist 1 and Mystery Duellist 2 were faster, with Mystery Duellist 2 reaching the exit first.

Duel: Leo and Luna VS Mystery Duellist 1 and Mystery Duellist 2

The first mystery duelist's first turn began. All 4 duelists have 0 Speed Counters. The first mystery duelist then said "I'll start by summoning Giant Rat in attack mode (11400/1450) (LV:4). I then set 1 card face-down and end my turn"

Leo's first turn then began. All 4 duellists have 1 Speed Counter. Leo then said "I set a monster in defence mode. I then set 2 cards face-down and end my turn"

The second mystery dulist's first turn then began. All 4 duelists have 2 Speed Counters. The second mystery duelist then said "I set a monster in defence mode. I set 5 cards face-down and end my turn"

Luna's first turn then began. All 4 duelists have 3 Speed Counters. Luna then said "I set a monster in defence position. I set a card face-down and end my turn"

The first mystery duellist's second turn the began. All 4 duellists have 4 Speed Counters. The first mystery duellist said "I will start by setting a monster in defence mode. Now my Giant Rat, take out Luna's defender" the defender was revealed to be Shining Angel (1400/800) (LV:4).

Luna reacted with "No my Shining Angel. Argh, well at least Shining Angel's ability allows me to Special Summon another Shining Angel from my deck (1400/800) (LV:4)"

The first mystery duellist then said "I activate the effect of Speed World 2, and be removing 4 Speed Counters I can inflict 800 damage to your life points, Luna, for every Speed Spell I have in my hand" The first mystery duellist's Speed Counterss drop to 0, he reveals Speed Spell - Angel Baton, and Luna's life points are reduced to 3200, with Luna wincing from the pain. Leo said "Luna! Are you OK?" Luna, after a few seconds, replied "I think so" The first mystery duellist then said "That ends my turn"

Leo's second turn then began. Leo's, Luna's and the second mystery duellist's have 5 Speed Counters, while the first mystery duellist's has 1 Speed Counters.

Leo then said "I flip summon my Morphtronic Power Station (0/2000) (LV:3). I then summon Morphtronic Traffiken in attack mode (1200/800) (LV:3)"

The second Mystery Duellist then said "And what is that going to do to help you?" to which Leo replied with "You'll see. I activate the special ability of my Morphtronic Traffiken" then both Leo and Luna say "Now Traffiken, light up"

And two series of lights lit up, one going in one direction, one going in the other, and when they both stopped, the first light stopped on the green light on the left-hand side, while the second light stopped on the yellow light on the left hand side.

Knowing what this meant, Leo said "3 and 2. That means both Luna and I can draw 3 cards, and summon any Morphtronic or Wind-attribute monsters that we drew" Leo drew Speed Spell - Pot of Avarice, Morphtronic Patrolen and Formation Union, while Luna drew Bird of Roses, Watapon and Numinous Healer.

Since Leo drew Morphtronic Patrolen, Leo can special summon it from his hand, which he did in defence mode (1400/1200) (LV:4). Since Bird of Roses is a Wind-attribute monster, Luna can special summon it from her hand, which she does in attack mode (1800/1500) (LV:4).

Luna then smiled and said "In addition to the special summon of Bird of Roses, since Watatpon was brought from my deck to my hand due to a card effect, I can special summon it. I special summon Watapon in defence mode (200/300) (LV:1)"

The second mystery duellist then said "At this point I activate 2 Just Desserts, and I will use this to inflict 1500 points of damage to both of you, are you each have 3 monsters on your field's" the effect lowered Leo's life points to 2500, while Luna's life points were lowered to 1700.

The first mystery duelist then saiid "Nice move" to which the second mystery duellist replied with "Thanks"

Leo then said "Now for another effect. Using Morphtronic Patrolen's effect, you both take 200 points of damage for every Speed Counter you have on Speed World 2".

Since the first mystery duellist's has 5 Speed Counters, he takes 1000 damage, lowering his life points to 3000, while the first mystery duellist has 1 Speed Counter, he takes 200 points of damage, lowering his life points to 3800.

Leo then said "This is just the start, I tune Level 4 Morphtronic Patrolen and Level 3 Morphtronic Traffiken to Synchro Summon Powertool Dragon in attack mode (2300/2500) (LV:7)"

Luna then said "Alright Leo, show then what you can do" Leo nods, then said "I activate the specil ability of my Union Monster, Morphtronic Power Station. Now I will equip it to Powertool Dragon giving it 500 ATK and DEF points (2300-2800/2500-3000).

The first mystery duelist said "Uh oh" to which Leo replied with "Uh oh is right. Powertool Dragon take out Giant Rat" the attack lowered the first mystery duellist's life points to 2400. The first mystery duellist then said "Now I will use the specical ability of Giant Rat allowing me to special summon another Giant Rat in attack mode(1400/1450) (LV:4)" Leo then said "I set a card face-down and end my turn"

The second mystery duellist's second turn then began. Leo, Luna and the second mystery duellist have 6 speed counters, while the first mystery duellist has 2 Speed Counters. The first mystery duellist then said "I activate the Trap Card Call of the Haunted to revive Giant Rat (1400/1450) (LV:4)" he then said "Now I activate the Speed Spell - Angel Baton and since I have 2 Speed Counters I can draw 2 cards as long as I discard one card"

Luna then said "Leo, I don't like where this is heading" the first mystery duellist then said "I activate the Spell Spell - Overboost which increases my Speed Counters by 4 until my end phase, when my Speed Counters drop to 1" he then grinned malevolently, and added "Now I activate Spell Spell - Speed Fusion fusing Big Koala and Des Koala to Fusion Summon Master of Oz in attack mode (4200/3700) (LV:9)"

"Oh no" Leo said when he realised how powerful the monster was.

The first mystery duellist then said "You are both going down" he then said "I activate the Trap Card Beast's Cloning Machine summoning all three of Alejandro's monsters to my field (1400/1450)x2 (LV: 4)x2 (4200/3700) (LV:9)" Alejandro then said "Now I activate the Speed Spell - Power Control, allowing me to attack with Max's monsters as well as my own. Now bith Master of Oz's attack"

Powertool Dragon was attacked twice, with Max's trap card Damage Sprader inflicting half the damage from Leo's battles to both Leo and Luna, inflicting 700 and 950 damage, respectively, although Leo used Morphtronic Power Station's effect to negate the first damage infliction to Luna, lowering Leo's life points to 550, while Luna's life points to 600. "No, leave us alone" Leo said, but Max replied with "No. You're going to be a part of our plan, and it also involves Brandon and Shania back there"

Alejandro then said "Now for the second effect of my Damage Spreader, increasing the ATK of both Giant Rat's to 3000. "Alright both Giant Rat's end this" both Leo and Luna had their life points lowered to 0.

Max then yelled to Brandon and Shania "We have to stop then going overboard"but it was too late, Luna tumbled into Leo, sending both over the edge of the road. The Crimson Dragon caught them both but was unable to place them on the ground, instead seemingly passing through the ground. "Whoa! Now that I didn't expect" Brandon said, with both he and Shania having stopped where Leo and Luna has fallen. "Yeah but where did they go?" Shania asked. "Beats me" Brandon said, and they both left.

So where did Leo and Luna really wind up?

It was a beautiful day in Mosdeep City. Tate and Liza were running around, splashing each other on the shores of the beach. They had been doing this all day but had no idea what was about to occur. After a particularly large splash, Tate looked up and saw a huge crimson-coloured dragon flying towards them. "LIZA! LOOK OUT!" Tate yelled, and Liza, looking up, ran away, winding up crashing into Tate. "Sorry" Liza said as she pulled Tate to his feet. When they look, the dragon has crashed into the ground. Tate and Liza, walking to the location of the crashed site, where they see two young teenagers laying on the ground. Both had light, short sleeved jackets over long-sleeved shirts with golden markings. Both also wore shorts with belts, sneakers and high socks. They both had their hair held by hair bands. One was wearing pink and red while the other was wearing blue and white. The markings were different on the shirts, and the one in white and blue looked male, while the one in purple, pink and red looked female. They also looked like twins. Specifically, Leo and Luna. "Let's get them to the hospital, they look in bad shape" Tate said. Liza agreed, and both carried them to Mosdeep city hospital.