The Pokémon are at the same level as they were at the end of the previous chapter.

As Leo and Wattson approached the Petalburg Gym Arena. Leo was nervous. Other than Norman and Liza, Wattson was the only other Gym Leader Leo is thinking he may need more than one attempt to defeat. Leo and Wattson then head to opposite sides of the arena, and Norman, who's referring, said "The battle between the Gym Leader Wattson and Leo of Mosdeep City will now begin. Each trainer will use three Pokémon, and only the challenger can make substitutes. Begin"

"Alright then, Magnemite, let's go" Watsson said. Leo replied with "Alright, Bronzor, show them what you can do" and at this, Magnemite and Bronzor materialise.

Battle: Leo VS Wattson, Metagon, Bronzor and Kirlia VS Luxio, Magnemite and Voltorb

"Magnemite, use Sonic Boom" Wattson said. Leo called in response "Bronzor, dodge it" but even though Bronzor moved after Magnemite fired Sonic Boom, Leo noticed that Magnemite moved in time with Bronzor's movements, and this meant that Bronzor was still hit.

"Uh oh, uh, Wattson, your Magnemite wouldn't happen to have Magnet Pull for it's ability, would it?" Leo asked. Wattson affirmed, Leo groaned.

"Alright then, Bronzor, use Confuse Ray" Leo said, and with a flash of strange light, Magnemite was left Confused.

"Did you honestly think that Confusion would stop Magnemite from tracking Bronzor?" Wattson asked. Leo replied with "If it hits itself in it's Confusion, then yes, I'll have a brief window in which to strike"

"Well then, Magnemite, use Shock Wave" Wattson said. Leo held back, waiting to see if Magnemite would get through it's Confusion, and it hit itself.

"Bronzor, quick, use Confusion" Leo said, and Bronzor shot a burst of Confusion and struck a critical blow on Magnemite, still doing almost no damage. Magnemite recovered quickly, and Wattson said "Now Magnemite, use Shock Wave", and this time Magnemite fought through its Confusion and fired off the Shock Wave, doing a moderate amount of damage to Bronzor.

"Quick, Bronzor, Feint Attack" Leo said, and Bronzor responded by feigning being KO'ed by the Shock Wave, and then leapt at Magnemite and doing a little more chip damage. Wattson smirked as Magnemite snapped out of its Confusion, and said "You haven't even done half of Magnemite's health yet"

"What?" Leo asked, shocked by how little damage Bronzor had done. Wattson replied with "Alright Magnemite, use Shock Wave" and it hit Bronzor, again.

"Are you alright Bronzor?" Leo asked. Bronzor affirmed, then Leo added "Alright, Bronzor, use Confusion" and Bronzor shot out its energy waves at Magnemite, doing a bit more damage. Wattson then said "Magnemite, finish Bronzor with Shock Wave" and, this time, Bronzor's Shock Wave not only hit, but KO'ed Bronzor.

"Bronzor is unable to battle, Magnemite wins" Norman said. Leo returned Bronzor to its Poké Ball, then said "Her some rest Bronzor, you did well", then Leo added "Now then, Kirlia, show them what you can do" and Kirlia materialised from her ball.

"Leo, why have you sent me in? I'm a Fairy-type, weak to Steel-types like Magnemite" Kirlia said telepathically to Leo. Leo replied with "I know, but with my strategy, we can win" to which Kirlia nodded.

"Magnemite, use Mirror Shot" Wattson said. Magnemite shot a grey beam at Krilia, but Leo quickly said "Kirlia, Teleport then use Confusion" and Kirlia easily avoided it, then fired a Confusion attack at Magnemite, dealing a bit more chip damage.

"Magnemite, use Shock Wave, then follow up with a Mirror Shot" Wattson said. Leo replied with "Brace yourself for the Shock Wave, then try to use Confusion to counter the Mirror Shot" and Kirlia braced himself for the attack, but it did enough damage to cause Kirlia to have to use its Sitrus berry. However, Kirlia barely deflected the Mirror Shot with the Confusion.

"Kirlia, Draining Kiss" Leo said. Kirlia kissed Magnemite, and Kirlia drained the energy of Magnemite and used it to restore health. Wattson replied with "Now Magnemite, use Shock Wave" and this got Leo an idea.

"Kirlia, use Teleport to guide Shock Wave to Magnemite" Leo said. Kirlia nodded, and Teleported to directly in front of Magnemite, and, at the last moment before Shock Wave hit, Kirlia Teleported away again and Magnemite was hit, and KO'ed.

"Magnemite is unable to battle, Kirlia wins" Norman said as Wattson withdrew Magnemite.

"Well, I didn't expect you to pass Magnemite. Now then, Voltorb, let's go" Wattson said, calling in a giant Poké Ball with eyes, a Voltorb.

"Are you ready? Kirlia, let's go" Leo said. Kirlia nodded, and took his stance.

"Voltorb, use Shock Wave" Wattson said, and Voltorb fired an electrical shock at Kirlia, dealing a fair amount of damage. Leo quickly replied with "Now Kirlia, use Draining Kiss" and Kirlia, with one kiss, drained health away from Voltorb. At Wattson's command, Voltorb cast a Shock Wave, but Leo quickly said "Krilia, use Teleport" and she managed to get enough distance to use Confusion to deflect the shot.

"Voltorb, Sonic Boom" Wattson said. Voltorb fired off the Sonic Booms, but Leo quickly said "Kirlia, use Teleport, then, Draining Kiss" and Kirlia easily avoided the Sonic Boom, and drained more health from Voltorb. However, Wattson was ready.

"Voltorb, quick, use Shock Wave" Wattson said, and the Shock Wave hit Kirlia, who was still very close to Voltorb, hard. Leo gritted his teeth and said "Krilia, are you alright?" to which Kirlia got unsteadily to his feet and said "Yeah".

"Voltorb, end this. Shock Wave" Wattson said. Leo then reacted by saying "Kirlia, Teleport, then, one more Draining Kiss" and the effect was the same. This time, however, Voltorb fainted, while Kirlia withstood, just.

"Voltorb is unable to battle, Kirlia wins" Norman said. Wattson seemed to be waiting to bring his third Pokémon after withdrawing Voltorb.

"What are you waiting for Wattson?" Leo asked. Norman looked at Wattson, looked at Leo's Kirlia, who was barely standing, then realised what Wattson was trying to do.

"Wattson, if you do not send in your last Pokémon you will have forfeited" Norman said. Wattson grunted, then finally said "Fine, Luxio, let's go" and soon, the male Luxio walked onto the arena and took his position, using Intimidate to cut Kirlia's attack.

"That's, what, I, was, hoping, for" Kirlia said, and he almost immediately fainted. Noticing this, Norman said "Kirlia is unable to battle, Luxio wins"

"I had a feeling that was what he was planning" Wattson said. Leo nodded, withdrew Kirlia, said "You take a very long rest Kirlia, you really need it" then said "I've been saving this one for last. Metagon, show them what you can do" and the large metal dragon appeared.

"I was hoping to Intimidate him, not Kirlia" Wattson said.

"Luxio, use Bite" Wattson said. Leo replied with "Metagon, use Light Wing" and they both hit, doing a modest amount of damage to both. Leo, noticing that Metagon didn't do a neutral effective damage, said "Looks like Light-type moves don't do much damage to Electric-type Pokémon"

"Hmm, Luxio, use Spark, try to Paralyse Metagon" Wattson said, and Luxio charged in, cloaking himself in electricity. Leo then said "Metagon, brace, then use Slam" and Metagon was struck, and used his tail to slam Luxio into the ground, dealing a significant amount of damage.

"Luxio, Leer Metagon. We have to soften him up" Wattson said. Luxio glared at Metagon, and reduced his Defence. Leo then said "Alright Metagon, one more Slam" and although Metagon tried to slam his tail into the ground, Luxio avoided the attack. Wattson then said "Luxio, use Bite"

"Metagon, Bite too" Leo said. Both Metagon and Luxio bit each other. Wattson then said "Luxio, Bite again" but this time, as Luxio tried to Bite Metagon, Leo said "Metagon, dodge and use Slam to finish Luxio" and this time, Metagon hit Luxio, and knocked it out.

"Luxio is unable to battle, Metagon wins. The victor is Leo of Mosdeep City" Norman said. Leo cheered along with his Metagon as Wattson returned Luxio to his Poké Ball.

"Well done Leo, here's the Dyanmo Badge and TM34 Shock Wave" Wattson said. Leo, puzzled, said "I thought that your TM is Volt Switch" to which Wattson replied with "Not yet, or at least, not this time" and after putting the Dynamo Badge in his badge case and the TM in his bag, he said "Thanks for the battle, I haven't been pushed like that yet" to which Wattson replied with "No worries Leo, hopefully I hope to give your sister a battle just as fun", Leo nodded, and departed.

Battle: Leo VS Wattson, Metagon, Bronzor and Kirlia VS Luxio, Magnemite and Voltorb. Winner: Leo

Over lunch, Leo and Luna were discussing Luna's strategy to counter Wattson. Leo said "So Intimidate was no trouble for me, thanks to poor Kirlia, but it's going to be more of an impact on your team, as both Drobaren and Luxio are Physical attackers. However, I can confirm that Wattson's Luxio is also a Physical attacker"

"He's probably expecting Drobaren, right?" Luna asked. Leo replied with "It's probably why he has Luxio on his team". Luna nodded, then asked "Is Kirlia OK? I saw you tell Nurse Joy to take special care of him"

"He stayed standing, not going down, through sheer determination, for something like a minute, wanting to make sure he took the Intimidate from Luxio, not Metagon. He wasn't looking too good when I got him to the Pokémon Center, I'll be going back in to check on him once I'm done with lunch" Leo replied. Luna nodded, then said "I hope he'll be OK", and they then continued to eat.

About an hour later, Leo was sitting beside his Kirlia, worried by the fact his Kirlia was unresponsive, with several machines on his stomach. Liza was walking up to the room that Leo and Kirlia was in, she said to the doctor "Can I please go in to see them?" to which the doctor nodded. Liza opened the door, and entered.

"Hey Liza" Leo said, turning back to see that Liza had entered the room. Liza sat down next to Leo, and asked "Is Kirlia OK?" to which Leo replied with "He's not well. He greatly overextended himself during the Gym Battle, and I'm worried about him" and at this, Liza wrapped an arm around Leo, offering a comfort to him.

"This must be hard for you" Liza said. Leo replied with "It is, I haven't gone through something like this before. Back in my world, we only take care of the cards, we don't have to take care of the creatures like Luna and I have had to do here. The other big issue, is that Kirlia's shown himself to be wanting to continue fighting even if he got badly hurt, this is the second time Kirlia has overextended himself, and I'm unsure what to do. I think it might be related to his nature"

"I'll help you with that once Kirlia recovers, alright?" Liza asked. Leo smiled, and wrapped an arm around Liza.

Meanwhile in the gym:

For Luna, Wattson was a dangerous Gym leader, along with Flannery, Norman and Tate. Luna was hoping that she wouldn't need more than one attempt to defeat Wattson, but she was nervous, despite Drobaren being part-Ground-type. Luna and Wattson head to the opposite ends of the arena, and Norman, who's once again referring, said "The battle between the Gym Leader Wattson and Luna of Mosdeep City will not begin. Each trainer will use three Pokémon, and only the challenger can make substitutes. Begin"

"Alright then, Monorose, let's show them what you can do" Luna said, calling in her Rose Bird Pokémon. Wattson then said "Magnemite, let's go".

Battle: Luna VS Wattson. Monorose, Drobaren and Luxio VS Magnemite, Voltorb and Luxio.

"Monorose, rush in and use Leech Seed" Luna said. Monorose shot in, using its incredible speed to rush at Magnemite and blasted a bunch of seeds out of the rose on its waist and seeded Magnemite with it. Wattson then said "Alright Magnemite, use Thunder Wave" and a shot of electricity shot from Magnemite and hit Monorose as he leapt back, and Monorose was left Paralysed.

"Uh oh, Monorose, are you OK?" Luna asked, to which Monorose pulled himself up, nodded in confirmation, then retook his battle position. Magnemite then had a bit of it's health sapped by Leech Seed. Wattson then said "Magnemite, use Shock Wave" and Luna called "Monorose, dodge then use Confusion" but the Paralysis stopped Monorose from avoiding the attack, and the blow from the Shock Wave was heavy. Monorose managed to fire off a Confusion to deal some more damage. Magnemite's health was sapped more by Leech Seed.

"Finish this Magnemite, use Shock Wave" Wattson said. Monorose couldn't dodge, and was knocked out by the Shock Wave.

"Monorose is unable to battle, Magnemite wins" Norman said. Luna returned Monorose to his Poké Ball, then said "You rest up Monorose, you did well. Now, Drobaren, let's show them what you can do" and a large, bear-like Pokémon materialised.

"Now, quick, Drobaren use Sand Tomb" Luna said, and the sand whipped up on Magnemite and KO'ed it.

"Magnemite is unable to battle, Drobaren wins" Norman said. Wattson returned Magnemite, said "Great job Magnemite, now rest up. Now then, Luxio, let's go" and the young lion Pokémon appeared, and intimidated Drobaren.

"I had a feeling that you would send Luxio in. Now, Drobaren return" Luna said as she withdrew Drobaren. Wattson then said, "I know who you're sending in, and damn I can't switch" to which Luna nodded, then said "Now, my own Luxio, let's show them what you can do" and Luna's young lion Pokémon materialised, and Intimidated Wattson's Luxio.

"Luxio, use Bite" Wattson said. Wattson's Luxio charged in and bit Luna's Luxio, doing a moderate amount of damage. Luxio restored a small amount of health from its Leftovers.

"Luxio, use Bite" Wattson said. Luna said "Luxio, use Bite too" and they both bit on each other, doing some more damage, and Luna's Luxio recovered first, as Wattson's Luxio Flinched. Luna's Luxio recovered a little more HP using Leftovers.

"Alright Luxio, another Bite attack" Luna said. Luxio charged in and Bit Wattson's Luxio, triggering it's Sitrus Berry. Wattson then said "Luxio, Bite back" and Wattson's Luxio bit Luna's Luxio. Luna's Luxio then recovered a little more health with Leftovers.

"Tackle" both Wattson and Luna said. Both Luxio charged in, collided, and knocked each other out.

"Both Luxio are unable to battle, this round is a tie" Norman said as both Wattson and Luna withdrew their Luxio's, with Wattson saying "Rest up Luxio, you did great" while Luna said, "Good job Luxio, get a nice, long rest now, alright?". Wattson then said "Alright Voltorb, let's go" while Luna said "Drobaren, let's show them what you can do" and a large, bear-like Pokémon and a giant Poké Ball with eyes materialised.

Luna didn't even get a chance to react to Voltorb's Sonic Boom after Wattson commanded it. However, when Wattson said "Now Voltorb, Swift" Luna replied with "Drobaren, use Vine Whip to deflect it" and the stars were successfully deflected. Not only that, but Drobaren also hit Voltorb with Vine Whip, doing a fair amount of damage.

"Voltorb, use Sonic Boom" Wattson said. However, Drobaren had gotten enough distance to allow Luna to command "Now Drobaren, stop it with Sand Tomb" and Dobaren breathed a whirlwind of sand at Voltorb, ending the Sonic Boom's momentum and almost KO'ing Voltorb.

"Now finish this Drobaren, use Vine Whip" Luna said. Drobaren swung its arm at Voltorb, but Wattson said "Voltorb, dodge it then use Swift" and Voltorb easily avoided it and did damage to Drobaren using Swift, and forcing it to use up its Sitrus Berry. However, the Sand Tomb residual damage KO'ed Voltorb.

"Voltorb is unable to battle the winner is Drobaren. The victor is Luna of Mosdeep city" Norman said. As Wattson returned Voltorb, Luna ran to her drop bear Pokémon and hugged him. Luna then returned Drobaren to its Poké Ball.

"Alright Luna, here's the Dynamo Badge and TM34 Shock Wave" Wattson said. Luna took the badge and added it to her Badge case, and put the TM into her bag. Wattson then said "You and Leo were both holding back, weren't you? You both could have wiped me out"

"Not so much. Not even with Drobaren, since he's a Physical attacker, and Intimidating him would have taken the bite out of him" Luna said. She then said, "That was a good battle though, thanks" to which Wattson said "No problem".

As Luna left, she thought to herself "That was tough, the Gym Leaders are getting tougher now. Flannery and Norman loom, Flannery's going to be a big problem for me, and Norman's going to be a tough assignment for both of us, but especially Leo if he doesn't get a Ghost-type or Kirlia evolves into Gallade. I'd better go check on him, he sounded worried"


Pokémon: 3

Metagon L25

Kirlia L25

Bronzor L23


Pokémon: 3

Luxio L25

Drobaren L25

Monorose L23