'Avada kedavra"and Lily and James potter were dead, the dark Lord was gone. The whole wizarding world was in mourning for the lives of James and Lily, despite the dark lord gone. Amist all the drama there were two great men who found reason to celebrate.

Our story begins With two famous people of the wizarding holding hands and gallopping the rural english countryside. These two men were none other than Barty Crouch sr who was minister of magic at the time. The other Albus (Badboy) Dumbledore he liked to call himself. Albus is in the order of merlin 1st class by defeating his former boyfriend he was also headmaster at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry. As these 2 new companions were galloping Albus was singing "JOY TO THE WORLD THE POTTERS ARE DEAD, NOW I GET THERE FORTUNE! Dumbledore hollowed collapsing on top of Crouch Sr. Dumbledore and Crouch's tongues invaded each others mouths. Dumbledores kissing got more and more aggressive until he was biting Barty's tongue drawing blood. Surprised by how good the blood tasted, Dumbledore Now ripped Barty's tongue out and then proceded to his face and soon dumbledore ate Crouch's face While a helpless Crouch could just lay there .

Moments later: Dumbledore plunged his head into Crouch's stomach ripping all of the good stuff was eating Crouch intestines like they were spaghetti. As you can probably imagine the great Barty Crouch SR. was no more. Dumbledore had become dare I say... A MAN EATER! oh no!

"Oh shit I just killed the minister of magic!" Dumbledore panicked and chastised himself as he was slowly coming to his senses from animal back to human. You see Dumbledore planned on killing the minister of magic yes, but he planned on killing him much later down the road when he retired from headmaster so he could become the next minister of magic.

"Looks like I'll have to kill another Minister of magic!" Dumbledore shrugged to himself, realizing that this was just part of life, dealing with great obstacles like this.

"Still though why me it's always me who has to suffer!" Dumbledore lamented as he apperated away before anyone arrived where the gruesome murder and cannibalization just occurred, to avoid suspicion Dumbledore appeared away.

The Next day Some Ministry Officials Found a pile of bones and next to it was Barty Crouch SR's favorite cloak. Barty Crouch had now been declared dead, however they would say that Barty Crouch Senior retired and did not want his picture because he suddenly became camera shy, yeah it was weird and did not make sense but it was the best they had and better than what really happened, to avoid panic among everyone they would go with this.

At a very, very private funeral for crouch which just had his Son Barty Crouch Junior (who was not in prison) Barty seniors wife, Cornelius Fudge, Albus Dumbledore, and a few ministry blokes Dumbledore spoke some words for Barty Senior.

Barty was a good man, I'm sure he died as a hero, as he always was, he probably died by a death eater or some act of evil, the next minister of magic will want to make sure to finish what Barty started." Dumbledore finished as he used silent wandless magic to make it seem like he was crying.

"Thank you Headmaster Dumbledore." Barty Seniors likely replacement Cornelius Fudge said as next took the stage to say a few words.

Cornelius Fudge now took over as the new Minister of magic the very next day, with promises of a stronger and unifying Ministry of magic, whatever that meant.