Harry woke up to a blonde kid telling him to get up as they now nearly at Hogwarts.

The kid introduced himself as Draco Malfoy.

"Get out of my face you stupid kid!" Harry initially thought to himself as he did not like being woke up by anyone.

"I'm Harry, you probably heard of me, and no I will not show you my scar, that is old and very weird if you think about it!" Harry said rolling his eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about, I'm not gay, if anything you should be asking about me not me asking about you!" Draco said offended.

"Oh well that's good." Harry said as he rubbed his head and chuckled slightly earning an eyebrow raise from young Draco.

"What happened to you there?" Draco asked Harry.

"What didn't you see it, a scrawny old man that killed the conductor for this train?" A confused Harry said as he increasingly became agitated.

"There was no man that killed anybody!" Draco said as he was quite taken a back by this.

"Well I saw it, but I doubt those people would tell a bunch of kids like ourselves that someone died like that!" Harry said condescendingly which irritated Draco rather slightly.

"Are you ok Harry?" Draco said.

"I'm bloody fantastic!" Harry began aggressively as he did not like to be asked questions about his feelings, especially form another guy.

"I know what I saw, I saw an old man that was hooded old and scrawny, and he bit the conductors throat out, then he saw me, he knew my name and everything, then he said he couldn't wait to see me in Gryffindor!" Harry said this real fast.

Draco shuddered at the thought of getting sorted into Gryffindor.

"I know I felt the same way." Harry said, acknowledging Draco's shudder.

"It must of been a bad nightmare, do you know who the person was?" Draco said.

"He said his name was something Dumbledore." Harry responded the best he could.

"What the fuzz, Dumbledore is the headmaster of the school!" Draco exclaimed.

Harry was at a loss for words, and felt like passing out again. Until the compartment doors flew open and in stepped a very obese, freckle and lice infested, foul smelling ginger haired boy.

"Why your Harry Potter!" The fat kid said.

"Yes I know what my name is you carrot topped prick now beat it!" Harry said dangerously.

Ron seemed to disregard this statement.

"Harry I'm Ron Weasely your future Gryffindor classmate, best friend, and Quidditch teammate, now what in Merlens beard are you doing with that filthy serpent Malfoy over there? Ron snarled.

"I went from confused to angry skipped sad, and now I feel like kicking your ass!" Harry threatened as Draco had to restrain him from kicking the red heads ass.

"Another time!" Draco whispered to Harry slightly.

"Harry Dumbledore is not going to like that!" Ron said in a sing song voice.

"From all I know Dumbledore can go fuck himself because he has done nothing but try to wreck my life the very instant I was born!" Harry said as his eyes turned red for a brief second.

Harry you've been too heavily influenced by hate, for that is what Malfoy and his family represents, on top of that he his now doubt going to get sorted into Slytherin and be a filthy serpent!" Ron bellowed as he seemed to get ignored before going on again:

"Harry don't let Malfoy drag you into Slytherin, come to Gryfdindor and find your true friends, I can help you there!" Ron said extending his hand to be shaken by Harry.

"Weasely you until the count of 3 until I let Harry destroy your ass!" Malfoy barked as Harry physically swatted Ronald's hand away as Ron cried.

Ron took off like a bat out of hell as he screamed like a baby: "Wait til Dumbledore hears about this" Weasely sobbed.

"Don't worry about him that's only Ron Weasely his whole family is inbreed and worthless, they are a disgrace to the pure bloods!" Draco said with the utmost disgust

Harry acknowledged this and the two of them exited the train to go to Hogwarts.

Harry and Draco joined a huge group of first years outside the great hall.

Then a man with with greasy black hair escorted them in the great hall to be sorted into their houses.

"That man is Severus Snape, he's the head of slytherin, and a very cool guy." Draco said to Harry.

"I hope I get into slytherin." Harry sighed.

"Dont worry, you will." Draco reassured Harry.

As Harry was walking down the great hall he saw that Dumbledore bloke that was in his dream, Harry then immediately started to get awful flashbacks of his dream he had on the train, and on top of that his legendary scar was starting to burn a little.

Harry saw that Dumbledore had a Gryffindor themed Scarlett and gold cloak on, Harry thought it was disgustung that Dumbledore had the cloak untied showing his disgusting chest hairs.

"Welcome Students, and especially you Harry!" Dumbledore said as his were twinkling madly.

Harry saw Dumbledore acknowledge him and Harry made sure to give him a dirty look.

Dumbledore seemed oblivious to this as Dumbledore gave him a huge teeth showing smile.

Many names were called and they were sorted including Malfoy who was sorted into Slytherin.

Finally Harry's name was called.

There was a disturbance from Dumbledore as Harry went up.

"Oh boy here we go." Harry thought out loud.

"I'll take this one Severus!" Dumbledore thundered pleasantly as he took the hat from Snape.

"Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this here is Harry potter the boy who lived here, I think it is only right that the greatest wizard which is me gets the opportunity to put the hat on Harry's head and see him get sorted into Gryffindor! " Dumbledore said triumphantly with his hands raised.

Harry rolled his eyed as Dumbledore gently placed the sorting hat on Harry's head.

"Make us proud!" Dumbledore whispered to Harry.

Dumbledore looked on smugly as the debate went on.

"Very interesting the hat began until it was cut off.

"Just put me in fucking Slytherin!" Harry harsly whispered.

"Wasn't expecting that language from you it was going to be Gryffindor, now it's going to be Slytherin.

"Slytherin!" The hat screamed and you could hear the smallest pen drop.

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