Percy Jackson

Son of Hera

This is my first story so please don't be to harsh. Comment suggestions or PM me and I'll take it in mind and try to put it in. I don't own any of Percy Jackson and The Olympians the author Rick Riordan does he gets all the thanks.


What if Hera had a secret. A big secret that would make her husband very mad. Lets start from the beginning 12 years ago.


Hera once again is very hurt by her husband's unfaithfulness. She was upset that she couldn't have a child because of her domain is marriage so she can only be faithful. But some days she wish she could just have a child of her own to spoil. Then a thought hit her, what if she could have a brain child like Athena. So she tried to think of a child she would have. The child would have

Black hair , high cheek bones , deep hazelnut brown eyes , have a slight tan. As she thought up the image mist started to form in front of her, she knew he would be loyal and would be an amazing hero. After a moment of waiting a bright light flashed and there in her arms slept a child. In her eyes he was a beautiful child but then a thought struck her since this was her first child he will be very powerful and Zeus and monsters will continue to hunt him. Then she felt really warm and calm inside even with all her problems and knew that only one goddess had this power. So Hestia appeared after being caught by her sister and they exchanged some words, Hestia blessed the baby and went to get her brother Poseidon know that his current lover is incapable of having children. Poseidon agreed to adopt the baby as his own son and agreed with the plan to save the baby. Poseidon went to his lover sally Jackson with the baby in his arms and explained the problem and sally was so happy that she prayed to Hera promising her huge blessing in the near future. Sally defied naming the baby Perseus Jackson. He is the son of Hera adopted son of Poseidon champion of the hearth.

This is my first story so please comment and tell me if i should continue.