Chapter 3

Poseidon Pov.

Poseidon felt something stir inside him. A quite fury and dread that made he seas darken and storms rage, that made ships sink and kept everyone at anything but at bay. People avoided he beach, the angry waves scaring them and the children. Animals stayed in the forest, whimpering in hiding spots, hoping to avoid death.

Because Poseidon was scared.

He felt that power surge. He felt how the waves seemed to be out of his control, if only for a minute. And it honestly terrified.

Because that meant that his son was discovered. And Zeus would not hesitate to tear him apart.

Poseidon cautiously approached a beach, scanning the area. He saw bits of trash and the occasional blue salt water taffy, making him remember old times with no worries and care free laughter, so unlike recent times. He sighed, kicking a tin can across the sand, his head down. His hands jammed themselves in his pocket as he heard the rustling of sand as the can skittered across it.

Suddenly, the rustling of sand stopped and a silence felt across the beach, except for the waves lapping across the shore. Poseidon looked up to see a small child, an angry looking child, with angry sea green eyes. Tufts of tangled, angry, jet black hair hung in the child's angry face, his fists clenched angrily at his side. The tin can was smashed roughly under his right foot.

"Who are you?" He asked gruffly, as though his voice had been scorched by liquid fire. Poseidon hesitated.

"Your father."

Percy's tough exterior melted almost instantly, though he stayed away. He looked on with wide, mystified eyes. His clenched hands unclenched and crossed over his chest. He seems to retract on himself, as though trying not to exist. Poseidon moved a step forward hesitantly, and when Percy didn't retract, he continued. He was soon enveloping his son in a tight embrace, holding him as he mourned the loss of his mother...

Poseidon wanted to sooth his sons ache. Wanted to undo all the lies he felt out. He wanted Percy's real mother to come out of the shadows and take Percy in her arms, to undo his pain. And there were only two ways to do that...tell more lies, or...the truth.

And no one shall know of that.

"Well, isn't this touching."

Poseidon whipped around, forcing Percy to stay behind him. He narrowed his eyes at seeing Apollo.

"What do you want?" He growled angrily, glaring at the sun god. He simply shrugged under the sea gods gaze. He whistled a tune as he stepped forward, looking around aimlessly. He finally settled his gaze on Poseidon and Percy.

"I felt the power surge, Poseidon. Everyone did. The boy needs to come to Olympus-" his gaze was hardened and unnerved.