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Chapter One

Kagome Higurashi sat behind a large desk, fiddling with her skirt. She looked at her watch, her next couple wasn't due until one. 'Thirty minutes. Maybe I'll get lunch' she thought as she rolled back her chair and stood up. She opened the door and walked down the hallway, trying to remember her way out of the ridiculously large building.

It had only been a month since she had been assigned this job at Shikon Counseling and Mental Health Institute. She had just finished her two year internship and was finally a certified marriage counselor, just as she had gone to school so long to become. She loved her job, the people were nice and she was paid good money. The job seemed so easy, she herself believed she had a perfect marriage. Her and her husband Kouga were married right out of high school and had been in love ever since. She sighed in loving happiness at the thought of going home to her sweet husband later and celebrating their anniversary. They had been married ten years as of today, and she imagined all the lovely gifts he might have gotten her. 'Maybe I'll get a pearl necklace, or some diamond earrings' she mused, smiling to herself as she walked out the front doors of Shikon.

"Wait! Kagome!" Sango, her mentor and trainer since she had arrived at Shikon, yelled out as she too, was walking out the front doors. "Are you going to lunch? Mind if I join?" Kagome shook her head no and the two women began to walk off together.

Lunch had been completely uneventful. Sango talked about the male counselor on our floor who specialized in women's marriage problems. Kagome could tell Sango obviously liked him, even as she sat there and repeatedly insulted the man.

She walked back into her office, she glanced around. The office was plain but still welcoming. Her desk was a deep red mahogany, it was neat but had a few papers laid out. She had a picture of her and Kouga in the corner of her desk. Her laptop rested on the desk but she usually just wrote her notes, it was rarely used except to email and look at patient records. The walls were a deep chocolate color with two blue plush chairs facing her desk. She sighed as she saw the wilting plant in the corner of the room. She just couldn't keep the damn thing alive. She sat down at her desk and glanced at the clock hanging over the door. It was one on the dot, she figured she better go get the couple.

As she walked to the waiting room she read over their file. 'Nice couple. Inuyasha and Kikyo Takahashi. Hmm…' The more she read the less she could find about the couple that made her think they needed marriage counseling. She approached the waiting room and opened the door. "Takahashi?" She looked around the room until she saw the couple stand up. She took the time to observe them. The woman was beautiful, long straight black hair, pale, heart-shaped face, deep brown eyes. She was dressed extremely well, and was very tall and slender. Kagome felt a little self-conscious at the sight of her, but looked past it to notice the man. Inuyasha was tall as well, she could tell he was well built under his nice suit. She took his looks all in, he had beautiful long silver hair, and piercing amber eyes. To her they had to be the most beautiful couple she'd ever counseled.

Kikyo reached out her hand to shake Kagome's, "It's lovely to meet you Dr. Higurashi, I'm Kikyo and this is my husband, Inuyasha." She smiled, Kagome noticed that the couple did not touch, Kikyo didn't even look at Inuyasha when she introduced him. Kagome mentally stored that away.

"The pleasure's all mine, please follow me to my office." Kagome held the door open and the couple followed behind.

After all was situated the couple sat down across from Kagome as she got her clipboard out. She wheeled her chair out to the front of her desk. She hated the barrier a desk formed between her and her patients, she felt that the people who told their deepest secrets deserved a more intimate relationship than Kagome hiding her face behind her computer while sitting at her desk. Inuyasha and Kikyo sat as far away from each other as they could get, the tension was thick between the two, so thick Kagome felt she would suffocate on it. "So," Kagome started, noticing the couple both snap out of their reveries to listen to what she had to say, "I've read a decent bit in my file already, but I'd like to hear from you. Tell me about your relationship."

"She's a fucking cheating cunt." Kagome widened her eyes that such a well presented man would use such language. Kikyo snapped her head towards him and practically growled at him. Kagome quickly began taking notes as the couple began to argue.

"OKAY!" Kagome yelled after five minutes of hearing their arguing. "How about I assess each one of you individually before we even begin taking this on as a couple. Inuyasha could you please step out? I and Mrs. Takahashi are going to chat for a few minutes then I'll come to get you.

From what Kikyo had told her, it seemed as though Inuyasha was the typical business man husband. Late nights at work, never home on the weekends. She told Kagome of her past affairs with Naraku, and how she was just trying to make things right between her and her husband. Kagome mentally rolled her eyes, she'd heard this before. Kagome couldn't imagine Kouga using that lame excuse with her. She would throw him out in a heartbeat if he cheated on her. She shook her head at the thought and reminded herself that she couldn't take sides. "Thanks Kikyo, I'm going to go ahead and invite Inuyasha in. I'll meet with both of you next week same time. Take care."

"Mr. Takahashi I would like to speak to you now." He complied and walked towards her office. "Thank you for being so reasonable with counseling, not many men would agre-"

"I didn't agree to this." Inuyasha interrupted, giving Kagome a glare.

"I apologize for the misunderstanding then, Mr. Takahashi." Kagome answered back calmly. "Would you like to tell me yourself then, under what circumstances you are here? Perhaps I was misled."

"Clearly." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "This was court mandated. I requested a divorce and the judge ordered eight weeks of mandatory marriage counseling before he would appeal a divorce." Inuyasha impatiently picked at his nails. Kagome sighed, 'eight weeks of this couple and I might need a vacation' she thought.

"Mr. Takahashi, would you tell me a little about you and your wife's relationship? Certainly you both won't have the same story."

"What is there to know? She's an immature bitch. So just report to our judge and tell him we aren't making progress and allow us to leave."

"Sir that's not really my decision to make at this moment. Instead of telling me about the relationship why don't you tell me about yourself?"

"What is there to know? I'm a Stanford graduate in business. I began my own business at the age of twenty-three of making and manufacturing electronics. I have a wife, no kids, I'm thirty. What more do you want to know Kagome?" Kagome was taken aback by his informal use of her first name. And even more taken aback when she heard his next question, "So do I get to know you?" He smirked as she shifted in her seat, slightly uncomfortable at his familiar tone with her.

"Mr. Takahashi-"

"Call me Inuyasha." He said with a small smile.

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Mr. Takahashi, if you are not willing to participate in this therapy then don't, but I won't sit here and let you mock me."

"Ya know Kagome, I think youre far too pretty to be with that sack of shit." Kagome widened her eyes, noticing that he was taking in her picture of her and her husband. Even more so at his statement that she was pretty.

"Mr. Takahashi! Please!" Kagome began to get flustered with him smiling at her. She began to get angry. "Mr. Takahashi I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She said to him glowering at his smiling figure in the chair across from her.

"Okay then, Kagome, I'll see you tomorrow." He said, waving as he walked out of her office.

"Wait! Tomorrow?!" She tried to follow after him but he was already walking out into the waiting room. She sank back down into her chair, only a few more hours and she could celebrate with her husband. She smiled at the thought and began to type notes into her computer.

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