Serena went to England for Henry's funeral, she would not be returning to the states anytime soon... she quit. Dennis and Evelyn sat in the hotel room in Chicago, where Cyrus had flown them to capture the final ghost.

Evelyn sat by the window, staring out at the city as Dennis sat by the bed, staring at the floor in a daze.

"He said we were going to capture him tomorrow?" Evy asked Dennis.

"Yeah, tomorrow night, he said he'd pick us up at nine." Dennis responded, rubbing his eyes.

"You mean the sadistic bastard is actually going to drive us in his car?"

"I guess." He mumbled, standing up to stretch.




Evy and Dennis laid in the bed next to each other asleep, it was two in the morning.

Evelyn heard the screams, they were Dennis', she saw the blood on the broken viewers that fell to the glass floor in pieces, she then saw the fear on his face. The tall monster that was the Juggernaut towered over Dennis' broken body, the blood pouring from his mouth as the life left his tattered figure.

Evelyn awoke suddenly, the sweat dripping down her face as she shrieked with fright. Dennis awoke beside her, he jumped up to help.

"What happened, you okay?" he asked concerned.

"I'm okay... it was a dream..." Evy gasped unsure as she looked around the dark hotel room, she then wrapped her arms around Dennis, relieved that he was all right.

Evelyn was happy that it was only a dream, but at the same time she was worried... she knew what dreams like that meant, she had had the same type of dreams before her parents' deaths, even Alex'. She knew that it was more than a hallucination of her subconscious, it was a warning... a foreshadowing of what was to happen... if the twelfth ghost was captured, Dennis was going to die.

"Calm down... what do you mean I can't go tonight?" Dennis asked Evelyn, as she walked around in circles nervously.

"What did I just say? You can't trap the twelfth ghost tonight!" she demanded, biting her nails.

"Okay, mother. And why can't I?" he asked her sarcastically, Evy became infuriated.

"This isn't a joke, Dennis... if you catch this ghost..." she trailed off.

"What?" he questioned sincerely, taking her hands so she would stop biting at them.

"You'll die." She whispered sadly, he just looked at her blankly.

"And you're positive that your dream will come true?"

"Well they have before, like the night before Alex died, I had this dream..." Dennis cut her off before she could finish the sentence.

"You knew she was going to die?" he asked confused.

"No, not exactly... but I saw blood, and there certainly was a lot of blood!" she babbled nervously.


"Why are you so eager to die!?!" she shouted at him in frustration.

"I'm not!" he yelled back. "Its just that I need the money too bad to... to..." he trailed off as he looked down at the floor, ashamed of what he was thinking.

"To take a chance on me just being delusional." She said hurt yet aware.

Dennis looked up at her, staring into her eyes sadly, Evy just nodded... then looked away from him.

"I can't believe that you don't trust me..." she said with emotion in her voice as she tried to hold back the tears.

"No! Its not that-" Dennis began to say before she cut him off.

"Don't! I get it." She said, the tears now streaming down her face. "I quit." She whispered, and with that she walked out of the hotel room.

"God..." Dennis mumbled as he held his head, trying not to cry.




Evelyn knocked on the hotel room door on the next floor, after a few minutes it finally opened, Cyrus stood in the doorway.

"Miss Chase, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I just came to tell you that... I quit. Sorry, I can't do this anymore." She said in a depressed tone.

"But you are only one ghost away from-" he began to say.

"I know, I just can't..." she muttered sadly. "Please, just make sure Dennis gets his money... he needs it more than I do." Evy then walked away from him, she began to sob as she had her back turned, she was too mad at Cyrus to let him see her cry.

A few hours later a knock came on Dennis' hotel room door, he ran to the door, hoping it was Evelyn. Dennis opened the door, Evelyn stood before him, but she wasn't there to make up.

"I just came to get my bag." She said as emotionless as she could.

"What?" he asked sad and confused.

"I'm leaving, hadn't you figured that?" she said as she walked in the room, going straight for her luggage by the bed.

"But... why?" he muttered upset.

"Why? You're gonna willingly give your life for money!" she spat at him.

"Yeah, well you and Alex seemed very forthcoming to risk your lives for money when I first met you!" Dennis cussed at her, regretting what he said two seconds later.

Evelyn stared at him astonished as the tears welled up in her eyes, Dennis sighed, wishing he could take it back.

"I cashed in all my policies and funds, plus sold some jewelry for a plane ticket to New York... even though I no longer have an apartment!" she said cruelly to him. "So you make up your mind... the plane leaves at nine thirty, if you can't get your shit together by then, I'm gone... for good." Evelyn then grabbed her luggage and walked away, slamming the door behind her as she left.

Dennis just stood in the same spot, to confused and hurt to do anything.




(Music In: Sara McLachlan, I Love You)

(I have a smile

stretched from ear to ear

to see you walking down the road)

The clock read 9 o'clock, Dennis was in the lobby of the hotel, awaiting Cyrus to lead him to his supposed death. He was dressed in the best clothes he owned, a black suit with a red shirt underneath, he figured if he was going to die... why not dress for the occasion? He was slouched in the lobby chair, rapping his fingers nervously on the armrest, then Cyrus walked up to him.

(We meet at the lights

I stare for a while

the world around us disappears)

"Well Mr. Rafkin, are you ready?" Cyrus asked him.

"Does it matter?" he asked smartly as he got up from the chair, Cyrus just glared at him.

Dennis followed Cyrus to the parking lot, Cyrus got into the back seat of the expensive black car, Dennis looked back at the hotel, he stared at it one last time before getting into the back seat with Cyrus and shutting the door.

(It's just you and me

on this island of hope

a breath between us could be miles)

Evelyn sat in the chair at the O'Hare International Airport lobby. She stared at the clock, minute-by-minute she awaited something she knew would not happen... it just wasn't meant to be.

(Let me surround you

my sea to your shore

let me be the calm you seek)

Dennis sat in the back seat of the car, staring out the window in a daze, then he would look down at his watch, every ten seconds, as if he was late for something, or awaiting something important to happen. He looked down at his watch, it read 9:23, they had been driving for twenty-three minutes, and he still couldn't believe he had waited that long before he did what he should have done earlier that day.

"Stop the car." he said suddenly.

"What?" the driver asked him confused.

"You heard me! Stop the fucking car, NOW!" he demanded.

"What do you think you are doing?" Cyrus questioned.

"I quit! Find someone else to die for you!" Dennis spat as he opened the door on the now stopped vehicle and stepped out.

(Oh and every time I'm close to you

there's too much I can't say

and you just walk away)

Dennis looked around the open highway, how was he going to get to the airport, he had no money, and no car? Suddenly a cab drove down the road, Dennis jumped in front of the speeding car, almost without thinking. The driver hit the breaks, the cab stopped just in the nick of time.

"Hey buddy, what are you crazy!?!" the cab driver yelled at Dennis as he ran to the driver's side window.

"Look, I need to get to the airport, its an emergency!" he shrieked.

"Get in." the driver said reluctantly, Dennis ran to the back of the car and hopped inside.

(And I forgot

to tell you

I love you

and the night's

too long

and cold here

without you

I grieve in my condition

for I cannot find the words to say I need you so)

"Flight 103 to New York now boarding." Blasted over the loudspeaker at the airport.

Evelyn grabbed her bag and stood up, she looked up at the clock, it now read nine thirty, then she looked at the doorway of the exit... he wasn't there. She slowly made her way to the boarding ramp, she still had hope... 'Men are never on time anyway, right?' she thought as she crept from her seat, stalling for time the best she could without admitting it to herself.

"Can you go any faster?" Dennis eagerly asked the cab driver.

"Look pal, I'm going as fast as I can!" the driver fussed.

The cab pulled up to the airport, Dennis leapt out of the car and ran straight to the doors as the driver yelled at him to pay.

(Oh and every time I'm close to you

there's too much I can't say

and you just walk away)

Evelyn got to the ramp, the flight attendant reached her hand out to take the ticket from her, Evy turned around and looked at the doors one last time... then reluctantly handed over her ticket.

Dennis charged through the airport, rushing through the lobbies in search of Evelyn. He ran through the doors, pausing as he went through them to catch his breath.

Evelyn walked down the boarding ramp to the plane, then for some reason she stopped...

Dennis ran to the boarding ramp, he was stopped by the flight attendant.

"Is this plane going to New York?" he asked urgently, out of breath.

"Yes, but I'm afraid its already boarding and I can't let you through if you don't have a ticket." She told him.

Dennis bent down exhausted as he rested his hands on his knees, he felt like he was going to collapse.

For some reason Evelyn couldn't move, she turned around and walked in the opposite direction, back to the lobby... she couldn't allow herself to leave.

"No! I gotta get on this plane, I gotta stop her..." Dennis argued with the attendant.

(And I forgot

to tell you

I love you

and the night's

too long

and cold here

without you

I grieve in my condition

for I cannot find the words to say I need you so)

As he leaned up, the spectral viewers slid out of his inside jacket pocket and fell to the red-carpeted floor. Dennis looked up at the ramp, Evy was standing there, only a few feet away staring at him stunned.

Dennis took off running towards her, knocking down the flight attendant, and crushing the viewers under his feet as he ran, Evelyn dropped her bag and ticket and ran to him as fast as she could. Dennis grabbed her and kissed her as hard as he could, Evy did the same.

"Oh, its you." Evy said out of breath as soon as they released each other.

"Yeah, its me." Dennis said smiling as he held her tight, Evy leaned in and kissed him softly.

The plane to New York pulled away from O'Hare's airfield one passenger short as Evelyn and Dennis embraced each other inside the airport. They had no money, no jobs, and no friends... but they had a future... together.

(Music Out)

~The End~