Hi people!

It's LENG here, previously known as LENG The Flying Chocobo, now known as Howling WereWolf!

We've come to the end of The Promise Of The Star!

Sad to say, Zaki SpiritWolf won't be making any more appearances. The two of us are going solo.

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StormyWolfBowler: Thank you for being the most faithful reader of all time! I greatly appreciate your support as well as the ideas you supplied me with. Once again, Thank You!

AngstWolf: Thanks for your enthusiastic reviews. Although I only received a few, reading your reviews has boosted my confidence to keep on marching forward!

Fishton: Although I only heard once from you, I'm glad to know that there are many Extreme Ghost Buster fans out there, which is much much more than the number of Extreme Ghost Buster stories. I hope for more EGB stories in the near future as well.

eva: You make me feel so flattered! *blushes* I will continue to work harder!

Nitequeen: Thanks for your compliments on my interpretation of the Kylie/Eduardo pairing!

Dinette: Thanks for reviewing. It is reviewers like you that encourage writers to keep going!

Ky: I was really really glad to hear from you as well. I had been considering removing fiction when I saw your review! Thanks for helping me keep it standing!

Silvermagess: Thank you for the reassurance about my Garrett/Kylie part! I'm glad that people actually appreciate my humor!

Starian Princess: I may not say much, but I appreciate your review as much as everyone else's!

RPG Hui: Although your reviews weren't very constructive, thanks anyway! Love ya, sis!

eXtreme eVolution: Thanks for all those reviews you sent me! You don't know how proud you made me feel! Don't worry, I'll do my best to make the next story as good, if not better!

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What is next on my list?

Yup. You guessed it! [didn't you?]

Dark Canine Book II: The Revenge Of The Raven

I'll have it up and running ASAP!

Once again, my fellow fiction lovers, all your reviews were greatly appreciated, no matter how many words long!


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