Trapped Together till Halloween

By Krysia


Rated: PG-ish

Set: 1st

AN: I feel that I should mention...this plot line was part of a challenge set by Reba Jean in the fall of 2002. Contest details/guidelines can be found at: . There are at least four authors who participated in the challenge so if you run across similar stories...this is why.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is not mine. The story idea is Reba Jean's. I'm just trying to complete a contest challenge.

Chapter 1

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, four young women and one young man were sitting in a booth at the Crown arcade about a half-hour before opening. Mostly, the girls were filled with restless excitement. The blonde man shook his head at the girls' antics while keeping his own enthusiasm in check. They had gathered together to discuss the previous evening events.

"I sure hope Usa likes her present," snickered Minako. Her blue eyes sparkled merrily. She was practically bouncing in her seat with excitement.

"Should we take bets on who will wake first?" laughed Makoto. She leaned back into her seat and rested herself against the backrest. Due to her height, the bottom of her ponytail barely brushed the top of the back of the booth.

"Mamoru," chorus everyone except Ami, who was sitting quietly in the corner of the booth. She was trying to pull herself physically as far away from them as she could while in such close quarters. It was as if she was trying hard to not be included in the revelry.

"Are you sure what Motoki put in their shakes was safe Ami?" inquired Rei. Violet eyes peered intently at the girl sitting across from her.

Ami looked affronted. "Just because what I think you guys are doing is wrong, knocking them out wasn't the way either. At least this way I made sure no physical harm was done." She placed a hand in her book to mark her page and glared at the other occupants of the booth.

"Don't worry...its not like they'll be scarred for life. Besides the way they continued to fight, extreme measures were needed. Nothing else was working and we HAD to do SOMETHING!" cajoled Motoki. The arcade manager had taken minimal convincing that they needed to something drastic to stop their best friends from going at each other's throat on a daily basis. Originally it had been a great source of entertainment, but after a while enough was enough.

"How do you know that being betrayed by your best friends won't emotionally damage them?"

"Cheer up Ami. When this is all over, they'll both be thanking us." Minako winked and flashed her trademark 'V' for victory sign. Minako was the originator of this wild and devious plan. She was sure that with the help of her fellow senshi, the master plan would be executed perfectly and love would prevail.

"We should be hearing from them any moment now." Everyone stared at the communicator lying on the table. It was silver and rectangular, not unlike a small, flat calculator. It only had two buttons labeled 'c' and 'r'. There was a small dial on the side, which appeared to be a volume control. Nervous, excited, anxious and worried gazes focused on the small contraption. Motoki picked it up and began to inspect it more closely.

"Hey Ami! Where did you find this communicator anyway? It looks like pretty fancy technology. I've never seen anything like it. Was it really expensive?" asked Motoki. He looked at her curiously. Even though she came in daily with the other girls, she was probably the one he knew the least. After all, she was more likely to have her head in a book than take part in most of the conversations.

Ami buried her head in her book, "You can find anything you want on the Internet. And usually for reasonable prices too."

The other girls sighed in relief. They knew that Ami disliked lying, but she carried it off well. She must have been expecting that question. Trust Ami to be prepared for any possible setback.

Rei noticed Luna outside the arcade window peering in. She looked in anxiously, concern and worry written across her face. The miko nodded her head towards the window. Minako and Makoto followed her gaze to see the black cat looking for them. The three exchanged guilty glances. 'Whoops! What are we going to tell Luna?' they thought simultaneously.

The communicator started beeping. While Motoki was distracted at trying to figure out how to respond,

Makoto casually slid out of the booth and opened the arcade door for Luna. She put a finger to her lips signaling silence and motioned Luna towards the table. Luna nodded and quietly slipped under the bench, warily eyeing the girls' feet.

Motoki pressed the receive button, labeled 'r'. Mamoru's voice echoed throughout the arcade, "Hello? Is anyone there?"