Note: Sorry for the short chapter! Tyelkormo/Celegorm is going to have a part too.


Curufin tossed and turned in his bed, his mind refusing sleep. The soft tapping of the rain on the window did not help nor hinder sleep from coming. Exasperated, he threw off the covers and changed from his sleep clothes into a fresh tunic and pants.

After Elrenia had arrived with such troubling news, he still did not know what to think… or say. Celegorm had withdrawn to his room early, and they did not speak much afterwards, even though they had the evening meal together. Elrenia had decided to stay for a few days before beginning the return-journey back to Hithlum.

Curufin pulled his cloak on and left his room, his mind racing in the quiet of the night, going through hundreds of years of memories. Most of them were of him and his favourite brother, hunting in Valinor with… Aredhel. Desperately he tried to lock them away - he couldn't cry. He just couldn't. Crying, to him, was a sign of weakness, had always been a weakness. Angrily, he forced himself out of the recesses of his memories and into the waking world.

He found himself standing at the entrance of the forge.

The forge, where he usually found respite from his mind, from his feelings, his thoughts. Where he found comfort in new ideas, new inventions, and his craft.

Not only his, but his father's.

Adar… He shut his eyes tightly.

And then he was sent wheeling back - by Eithel Sirion, at the Pass.

"No!" Curufin exclaimed, turning away, his arm outstretched behind him. He could not let the memories take a hold of him. "Go. Away."

A haunting, deep voice arose in the corners of his mind, rebelling against his will.

"Their Oath shall drive them, and yet betray them, and ever snatch away the very treasures that they have sworn to pursue. To evil end shall all things turn that they begin well, and-"

"ENOUGH!" He yelled, his fists clenched.

And then the voice was gone, and in the halls of the fortress his cry echoed again and again.

Curufin let himself sink down onto the cold marble floor, and put his head in his hands.