Hey everyone,

First of all, I wanted to that I'm sorry about the long hiatus I took on this story. I had terrible writers block, and just couldn't seem to figure where to take the characters next.

I've decided to rewrite this story in a new story called 'Blind Spot', the first chapter of which I intend to upload either tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, I've posted a preview for 'Blind Spot' on the tumblr account I created for my fics: allthatpurpleprose while I go through the final edit of the chapter, so please feel free to check that out in the meantime.

I'm much happier with the direction the new story is going in and I will be able to update it more regularly.

I hope everyone enjoys the new direction Emma and Stiles are going to go in!

Once again, I wanted to say sorry for the ridiculously long delay, but I am in a much better place to write now.

Thank you all, and I hope you check out 'Blind Spot',