Author Note: A new fic. A spur of the moment idea.

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/Encodeing complete. Neruoptic uplink complete. Nano derail virus id: Koishi going online.

Within the cybernetic world a wireframe forms. It quickly forms into a figure of a young girl wearing a hat. It then gains color as the program comes on line. The girl steps forward onto the cyberspace field. She spins around scattering bullets of energy. As each bullet impacts the surface they explode leaving behind a blue wireframe and glass where once was organic seeming trees.

/Objective: Destroy Cyber World Genskyo

The girl nods as she steps forward. She smiles as she walks further.

/Encodeing complete. Neruoptic uplink complete. Nano derail virus id: Satori going online.

The girl turns and watches as another girl is materlizes into the world. This girl is similar looking but with a different color scheme and no hat.

"Hello Satori, sister."

"Hello Koishi, sister."

The two girls greet each other as the look at the cyber landscape. They step forward as they make their way towards a town.


Short at the moment but it will get longer.