"How did we end up in Latveria again?" Clint asked Natasha to his left.

"Do you remember nothing Barton?" She replied as the noises of flying debris was hitting the ground near the group.

"Nope." The archer replied, with a smug tone.

"The Doctor of Doom had gotten involved with the Jotun" Thor said to the man. "Did your head get damaged by a piece of falling metal dear friend?" He asked with actual concern.

"No Thor," Natasha replied before Clint had the chance to respond. "Clint just wasn't paying attention. As per usual."

"Oh," Thor responded with a forceful punch to Clints arm with a smile. "It was another joke yes?"

"Yeah Thor." Tony said cutting into the conversation. "Now will you please go help out your green buddy smash some people?"

"It would be my pleasure Stark." Thor replied.

As Thor flew off Tony then looked at the other pair of trained assains.

"Come on guys it's not rocket science here. Will you just stick to the plan and attack together in our pairs!" Tony shouted from outside the walls of Doom's fortris.

"Easy for you to say Tony. You are a rocket scientist!" Hawkeye shouted back.

"Not really Clint I haven't gotten that degree yet. It's hasn't printed out." Tony retorted.

"Hey!" Natasha shouted. "Can we please get back to the mission I don't feel like having the Eastern seaboard being sent to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and having it be Attuma's playground"

"Sure Nat," Tony replied "As soon as Clinton here apologizes."

"Apologize?" Clint shouted in disbelief. "Apologize for what? All I said was, there was no way that we could win with your plan. And I am clearly right becauseā€¦ do you see us winning?"

"Just because we aren't winning yet doesn't mean we won't!" Tony replied. "And besides, do you see Thor or Hulk complaining? No I DIDN'T THINK SO!" Tony shouted as he stepped directly in front of Clint.

"The only reason they aren't "complaining", Clint said with a sarcastic tone "is because they are having a competition to see who can take down more Atlantean guards. The winner gets to eat the fridge."

"Both of you!" Steve shouted "Quit your bickering and get back to the plan! We don't have much time!"

"Sorry Cap no can do, not until Archer here gets his tights out of his butt and admits that my plan will work." Tony replied to Steve standing tall with fists firmly planted on his hips.

They all then ducked because something was thrown at them. More like someone as they realized it was The Hulk.

"Goldilocks!" The Hulk yelled with a mighty growl "I'll get you back for that one!"

As he charged back into battle.

"That's it!" Natasha shouted. "Clinton Francis Barton! You say that you are sorry and that Starks idiotic plan will work! Now!"

Slowly but surely Clint walked over to the man of iron and stood in front of him.

"Sorry Tony." He said as he looked back to Natasha and she gave him a stern glare. He turned back to Tony and finished his statement. "Your plan will work."

"Thank you Francis." Tony replied then lowering his face mask into place.

Tony then took his steps towards the middle of the fire fight. He raised his right arm towards the battle and aimed at the large gathering of soldiers, while avoiding his own people and fired.

The arc reactors pulse reached its target. However not before one of Attuma's best men, as was later found out, fired something else directly at Tony himself.

"Tony!" Everyone shouted together.

At the moment of the explosion of Attuma and his forces, Tony fell down to the cold hard ground. Everyone rushed to his side trying to figure out what had happened they all reached him all were with their respective pairs.

Clint and Natasha were a few feet away trying to figure out a way to get help, or even a way back to the tower. The Hulk and Thor were hovering above Tony. Thor ripped off the face mask and The Hulk tried screaming in his face like at the battle of New York accept this time it didn't work. But the pair that was pushing through the hard situations was Tony himself and Steve.

After The Hulk screamed into Tony's face and he didn't wake The Hulk got very upset. Thor had to forcibly pull him away and calm him down. Whereas Steve was right next to Tony kneeling next to him checking his suit checking for any signs that his friend was okay. He looked at the mans iron shielded chest plate towards the normally glowing light but found that it was actually not glowing at all. He then realized that the blast must have somehow interfered with the arc reactor that was keeping his friend alive at all times. He knew what his next course of action had to be.

"Thor!" Steve shouted. As everyone was then looking at the man in the red, white, and blue suit.

Thor turned trying to yet again keep the green monster at bay, however realizing that his other friend needed his assistance urgently.

"Yes Captain?" Thor shouted questionly. "What is the matter."

"It's the arc reactor. It stopped working." Steve replied shouting enough for everyone to hear. "You need to get Banner back. He is the only one who knows what to do to save Tony."

Thor nodded and turned towards The Hulk expecting to see his friend enraged still but instead found a strange sight. The Hulk was calming. He was no longer yelling, or fighting. Well not fighting as in with Thor. He was however fighting with himself it seemed. He was shaking his head as if trying to wake himself up.

It took a few minutes but eventually The Hulk shrunk back down to their friend Bruce. As of now he was naked but Natasha threw a bag his way. It was his back-up bag of clothes. No one knew when it was that The Hulk would eventually let Bruce back in control but whenever that happened the team always had a spare set of clothes ready to go. You know just to avoid the awkwardness that the possible situation could bring.

Once Bruce had changed he ran as fast as his normal legs could take him. He then appeared right next to Tony. He checked what he could and tapped into Jarvis asking him what had happened to Tony.

"I'm sorry sir," the machine replied to the doctors questions. "The arc reactor has stopped working. Judging on the last estimation of where the shrapnel was only had about an hour until it all reached his heart. And since it has already been 15 minutes there is only an estimated time of 45 minutes until heart is as he would say 'ripped to dog food'."

They all looked at Tony for a split second and then to Bruce wondering what their next move should be.

It only took a few milliseconds for Bruce to get a plan of action.

"Natasha, what is the estimated time for our ride to get here?" Bruce asked the red haired woman.

"They said evac would be here in 5 minutes." She replied hoping that everything would come with perfect timing.

"Okay that leaves us with a time bubble of about 40 minutes to get Tony back to the lab in the tower and the arc reactor started again. Jarvis how long should the repairs take?" The doctor replied.

"About 10 minutes sir. Mr. Stark has a back up reactor set up in case of an emergence at the lab. All it would take is for it to be installed." The AI replied to the team.

"And it should take about 25 minutes to get from here to the tower right Bruce?" Steve asked realizing that it wouldn't leave much of a time gap in case of any problems.

"Hopefully yes as long as there are no complications we should get to the tower with just enough time to spare to get everything in working order." Bruce replied.

"Well lets hope you're right." Clint said as they all heard the sound of a small ship approaching. "Because if you're wrong...then we'll be out of a 'genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist."