Chapter 3 - What does that mean?

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Previously on…..

"Asgard!" Shouted Thor in disbelief.

"What the hell!"Shouts Clint. "First off, how did Tony get poisoned, and second, how is it from goldilocks' place?"

The entire team looked at Clint and then to Bruce, wanting to know the answer to his questions.

"I...I don't know." Replied the doctor. "I can't believe that the poison is from Asgard let alone how it got here and into Tony. Thor any ideas on what brought it here?"

"No, I honestly do not." replied the god, "I am the only one from Asgard who comes to Midgard."

"You aren't the only one."Steve grounded through shut teeth. He then rose and walked over to the wall only to make one giant hole inside of it.

"Loki…" Natasha said aloud, cluing everyone that didn't already know (Which was pretty much only Clint). "Loki is the only other Asgardian that has been here recently. And Thor for all we know he could have come back since your departure. You always said that he had secret passages right?"

"You're right Natasha," replied Thor, "But I do not know how this is possible I dropped him off at the Asgardian prison myself. I also directly told all of the guards that he was never to be let out."

"Thor it's Loki." Stated Clint simply, "For all we know he could have hypnotized half of the guards there before he even left for New York."

"You are right Archer." Thor said, "I must go to Asgard at once, to find out what treachery has been dealt because of my brother."

"We're coming with you." Steve said, finally coming away from the wall. "And if you think we're not, your crazy."

"But who will stay with Tony, he needs to be watched constantly." Said Bruce.

"We'll bring him with." replied the doctor. "I can set up the Avengjet with the right supplies and we can bring him with. I need to be there to talk to Loki and try and figure out how to save Tony."

"Okay then," said Steve, "Bruce we'll help you with the equipment but I want to leave as soon as we can."

"No problem," replied Bruce. "I have all that I need here I just need some extra hands."

Soon everyone was helping get a very large amount of supplies into the jet.

"Is all this really necessary?" Whined Clint with his 6th load in his hands.

"I don't know," replied Bruce "Do you want Tony to live or is that just a maybe type thing with you?"

Hearing this as she walked by, Natasha then proceeded to smack Clint's arm and drag him by his ear to the jet.

"Okay that should do it," Steve said to the surrounding team, "Is there anything else Bruce?"

"Nope," replied Bruce "I think that should just about -"

Just as Bruce was finishing his sentence there was a loud obnoxious noise coming from the machines that were giving off Tony's signature of life.

"What the hell is going on?!" Clint shouted.

"I...I don't know!" Said Bruce "I don't know what happened he should have been fine. His vitals were great."

"Well….well what do we do?" Screamed Natasha.

"Um...ah….I -" stuttered Bruce, right before Tony started seizing.

Tony began flailing his arms around mouth fizzing and body shaking. He couldn't get enough air into his lungs. Everyone started to panic, that is everyone except Bruce.

He walked over to the crash cart, turned on the machine and set the charge. Bruce basically ran over to Tony and placed the pads on his chest.

"CLEAR!" Bruce shouted.

Everyone stepped away, with about half a second to spare before the major electric current was sent through Tony's body. It took about half a second before the rhythmic beating of the heart rate monitor began again, signifying that the friend was alive.

"What...the hell...just happened?"Asked Clint.

"I don't know but whatever this poison is, Tony can't take much more of it." Bruce replied.

"Thor,"Steve said, looking at the man to his left, "We need to get to Asgard, and now."

Thor nodded to the team as they all started heading to the jet. There was a little struggle getting Tony and his gurney into the jet and all tied down. But right before Natasha entered the jet she stopped Thor and pulled him aside.

"You have to make sure that he lives through this. Okay?"

Thor simply grunted and nodded. Natasha walked into the jet and Thor closed the door. He then walked to the front of the jet and called to Heimdal and told him to open the portal. All the while thinking to himself, "Please let this work."

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