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This first chapter is going to be kinda short, but I just used it to describe the situation.

Chapter One

It had been approximately two years since all the Phantom Troupe members had gathered in one place

It had been approximately two years since the 11th Phantom Troupe member, Uvogin's,death.

And it had been two years since the Phantom Troupe had a run-in with their enemy, the chain user.

Anticipation filled the tight, dusty air. Chrollo Lucilfer feels this as the last of the Troupe members arrive.

Shalnark and Phinks are late, as per usual.

"This place looks like it's going to fall over." Phinks mutters while adjusting his new, "casual" track suit. The two men look up at the run down hotel which sat in a seemingly abandoned town in the middle of the desert. A town which, for all they cared, was nameless.

"Yeah, but it's definitely nothing compared to home-sweet-home." Says Shalnark, who looks at the other spider with his signature grin. "I wonder what could be troubling the boss so much that caused him to send out an urgent message." He continues as they step into the hotel.

Phinks glances at the fallen floorboards and ceiling tiles covered in dust all over the cold wooden floor while silently stating:

"It takes a lot to concern the boss."

The door swings open with a loud creak then hits the wall with a dull thud as Phinks and Shalnark enter the room.

Feitan, the Troupe's interrogator, looks up at them from his uncomfortable position on the floor. Only Phinks approaches him while Shalnark takes a spot near Kortopi and Machi, taking his place on a computer desk; which threatened to collapse beneath him. The room of spiders is silent while their leader, Chrollo, stands near a window, gazing out into the dark desert; his back is facing them. A smile spread across his face despite the grim situation.

Nobunaga, Kalluto, Shizuku and Franklin sit silently in the middle of the room. The four are playing a card game, a silent and awkward one.

"So we're just waiting on Bonolenov..?" asks Shalnark to Machi, who gave a careless shrug in response.

"Don't know. Nobody has said a word since I got here."

Still grinning, Shalnark crosses his arms and exhales loudly. "Well, guess we'll just need to wait and see."

"He could be dead." Says the kunoichi again.

Shalnark chuckled silently. "Is that so? I doubt thats even possible-"

"Its the truth."

Attention from every Troupe member turns to their leader, who held a book close to his chest with one hand and balled his other into a gentle fist at his side. He closes his eyes and turns to face the spiders.

"Tomorrow," he begins, "we set out to YorkNew City. We're being targeted, I suggest you find some "casual" clothing until we get to our destination located in a forest just past YorkNew." He pauses to look all the members in the eyes. "Bonolenov, Uvogin, Pakunoda. Their deaths are the fault of the Chain User."

Questions invade each spider's mind.

The atmosphere seems to thicken. The spiders are not quite surprised, nor do they feel threatened. The thick tension that fills the air is each and every individual spider's excitement.

"Really...? So, the little blonde kid is trying to pick us off one by one." Nobunaga laughs, "That little shit!"

"The chain user is less likely to attack when we're all together especially since my nen has been restored. This is not a mission to steal, but a mission to avenge the fallen. At this point it is safe to assume that the Spider as a whole has been truly threatened. We know now that the chain user's abilities only work on us, so we'll be grouping with allies."

Phinks asks the question on every spider's mind.

"Since when do we have allies?!"

"Since I was isolated from the rest of you. I set off to the east towards Greed Island. On my way there, I met a man named Argo Kazeryu." Chrollo opens the book in his hands and flips around, watching the pages turn with an expression that any normal person would describe as wonderment. "His group is known as the 'Desdemona Shadowmen' and they are very, very interesting. They stay in a place very dense forest just north of YorkNew, I promise the location's conditions will not disappoint you. Argo offered to me his location if for whatever reason, I needed him. You will find that my friend is very trustworthy."

Content with his leader's response, Phinks finds himself lost in thought. To gain Chrollo's respect is difficult and becoming friends with him was even harder.

'Hmmm... friends..' He thought, focusing his vision on a small, dead insect that sat sprawled on its back near his shoe. He was unsure if he could even call the other troupe members "friends". He wonders... did Chrollo consider all of them... "friends" ?

Certainly he couldn't, no Troupe member had even said that word in each others presence.

'That Argo guy must be the real deal...'

Phinks's eyes focus back on his leader, who is looking down at a page in his book with a warm gaze.

"And once we reach our location, will we plan our attack? Do we even have the information we need?" Phinks questions once again

"Obviously." Feitan says silently, receiving only a glare from Phinks in return.

"Get some rest, we'll be walking almost all day tomorrow." Is the last instruction the spiders recieve from their leader before he leaves them to sleep.

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