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Chapter 1

"Pettigrew, is that you?" Severus spat, gazing with fury on the cowering lump of a man.

"Severus, thank goodness, You Know Who must have captured me," Pettigrew sniffled, and Severus narrowed his eyes and snatched the wand from his hands, shoving him against the wall.

"Then why do you have a wand, you useless pile of dragon dung," Severus growled, "So you're the traitor, right under Potter and Black's nose."

"Surely you understand, Severus, they treat me like dirt," Pettigrew cried, and Severus removed his arm, idly twirling the wand in his fingers.

"Of course I understand, don't you remember that nickname you used to call me?" he shot back, "Ah yes, Snivellus."

"But Severus, Severus, we're both serving the Dark Lord now," Pettigrew whined, and Severus pondered for a moment. This information would undoubtedly be useful.

"Obliviate," Severus pointed Pettigrew's wand at him, then placed it back into his hands, leaving the little rat none the wiser.

"Lily!" Severus exclaimed, as the redhead strode into the living room at Spinner's End. Her emerald eyes were flashing dangerously, and Severus spotted her wand partially hidden up her sleeve.

"Why have you sent me this note, Snape," Lily said cooly, thrusting the crumpled bit of parchment toward his chest.

"I just meant to warn you, Lily," he croaked, regretting that his wand lay on the coffee table.

"Have you told Dumbledore? Or has he banned you from his presence as a stinking Death Eater!" Lily roared, slamming his door behind her.

"Of course I told Dumbledore! I flooed right after I wrote the note to you, and Dumbledore informed the Longbottoms. Have you moved to another safe house yet?" Severus replied, putting his hands up in an expression of deference.

"Why would we, you're obviously lying about Peter. He's much too dependant on Albus to turn to You Know Who," she scoffed. Severus felt the blood drain out of his face.

"Lily, where are young Harry and James?" Severus asked slowly.

"Godric's Hollow, where else," Lily folded her arms across her chest after putting her wand in the pocket of her robe.

"Dammit," he swore, "Apparate to Godric's Hollow immediately, I'll send along a patronus to Dumbledore." He dashed across the living room to retrieve his wand, muttering the spell and passing along a message to the Order. Lily watched him for a moment, before her eyes widened.

"Harry!" she cried, and apparated out.

"That stupid fool James, too arrogant for his own good," Severus grumbled before following her.

He was about to ask her to lead him to the house before he glimpsed the crumbling wreck of a cottage a couple houses up the street. Her red hair flashed like fire as she sprinted to it, and he shouted warnings at her as he followed. A small crowd of curious neighbors were gazing at the cottage, huddling together and whispering. The remains of the iron gates were on opposite sides of the hedged in front lawn, and the front door lay to the right of the doorway. As he crossed the hedges he heard a muffled feminine scream, and he redoubled his efforts to catch up to Lily.

The inside looked blackened and dusty, the furniture askew and broken. Luckily the stairs were satisfactory, and he raced up them into what he assumed was the nursery. The walls were nearly covered in cracks, and part of the ceiling had fallen in, partially burying the body of James Potter, his wand clutched in his right hand and eyes forever staring ahead, and Severus stooped to close them, disliking their accusatory gaze. Lily seemed unconcerned with the carnage, attempting to lift a large section of the debris in front of a crib.

"I'll do it," Severus mumbled, levitating it easily with his wand, revealing a pile of black robes, a wand, and an unconscious toddler. Lily pushed past him to cradle baby Harry, while Severus pocketed the wand for safekeeping, poking the black robes with his foot. He glanced back towards Harry.

"I think he's sleeping," Lily murmured shakily, patting the top of his head.

"Lily, we should leave before the ceiling collapses entirely. The Order will be here shortly, Dumbledore will know what to do with-" Severus paused, ducking his head, "Dumbledore will know what to do." Lily nodded, walking quickly out of the nursery and pulling Harry close.

A small crowd had already gathered, mostly Muggles from the houses surrounding the small community of Godric's Hollow, but Severus recognized Bathilda Bagshot and Minerva McGonagall trying to shunt the Muggles away from the scene. A series of large cracks pierced the air, and Albus Dumbledore appeared, followed by Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Arthur Weasley, and Frank Longbottom. All of the younger men immediately drew their wands upon seeing Severus and a weeping Lily.

"What are you doing here, Snivellus?" Sirius asked. He looked around for a moment, before continuing, "Where's James, Lily? Is he still inside?" This caused Lily to break out in loud sobs, and Severus felt a greater need to comfort her.

"Are you daft, Black? Haven't you upset Lily enough? Why do you think she's crying, you idiot? The Dark Lord has attacked, did you think there would not be any consequences, or are you so arrogant to believe that your precious best friend could best the second most powerful wizard in our world?" Severus hissed, as Dumbledore motioned for them to lower their wands. Sirius' face crumbled instantly, and Severus felt a small measure of pity for his childhood bully.

"Severus is here for the same reason as all of you, under my orders," Albus said firmly, "Sirius, would you like to retrieve James, I understand if you don't want to, but you were his best friend."

"No, I'll do it," Sirius choked out, bolting towards the cottage and disappearing within it.

"Minerva, would you like to escort Lily and Harry to Hogwarts? I believe Bathilda will allow us to use her Floo. Gentlemen, if you would be so kind, apparate to Hogsmeade and meet me in my office, I will be along shortly with Sirius." Albus instructed, following Sirius into the cottage. Minerva strode towards Lily and put an arm around her, while Bathilda took little Harry from Lily and Lily buried her face into Minerva's robes as they walked away. The men nodded to each other before apparating.