Cheramie (OC) Female Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter /Sharptooth) Alignment: Good

Thorn (OC) Male Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter /Sharptooth) Alignment: Good

Darrien (OC) Female Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter /Sharptooth) Alignment: Good

Lorenzo (OC) Male Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter /Sharptooth) Alignment: Good

Farrell (OC) Male Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter/Sharptooth) Alignment: Good

Leafie (OC) Female Ziapelta (Clubtail/ Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Littlefoot Male Apatosaurus (Longneck /Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Cera Female Triceratops (Threehorn / Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Ducky Female Saurolophus (Swimmer /Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Petrie Male Pteranodon(Flyer/Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Spike Male Stegosaurus (Spiketail/ Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Guido Male Microraptor gui (Glider/Sharptoothish) Alignment: Good

Ptero (OC) Male Pterodactylus/Pteranodon Hybrid (Flyer + Sharp Beak/Flattooth + Sharptooth) Alignment: Good

Grandpa Longneck Male Apatosaurus (Longneck/ Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Grandma Longneck Female Apatosaurus (Longneck/ Flattooth) Alignment: Good

Dakota (OC) Male Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter/Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

Xavier (OC) Male Dakotaraptor (Fast Biter/Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

Tarborsaurus Leader (OC) Male Tarborsaurus (Two Claw/Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

Tarbosaurus Pack (OCs) Mixed Tarbosaurus (Sharptooth) Alignment: Bad

In the Great Valley, Littlefoot the Longneck watched as Chomper the newly hatched Sharptooth left, heading out the hole that his group had accidentally made the night before. The adults were about to close the wall, so Littlefoot needed to get Chomper going with his parents. "Goodbye Chomper. I hope we meet again." said Littlefoot.

"Goodbye Chomper." said Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike. They watched the young Sharptooth go. They would indeed meet Chomper again.

Five Flatteeth had taken care of a Sharptooth. You have probably heard that story in The Land Before Time II: Great Valley Adventure. But what you probably didn't know was that something similar happened, only in reverse. That occurred about a week later in a place called Hunter Valley. It was filled with Sharpteeth, Fast Biters to be more precise. Hunter Valley was not too far from the Great Valley, one of its entrances through a canyon and through a supposedly haunted cave.

Five young Fast Biters, who were each a year old, wandered around outside of Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley was where their pack lived.

Cheramie had red eyes and was orange and brown. Her friend Lorenzo had yellow eyes and was red and brown. Flavia and Thorn both had orange eyes. They both were orange and red, though Thorn was a darker shade of orange and red than Flavia. Farrell had hazel eyes and was orange and yellow.

Lorenzo was optimistic and brave. Thorn was kind enough, though he could be really stubborn and could sometimes be rude. His sister Flavia was gentler than him and really outgoing. Cheramie was also outgoing and gentle and also somewhat of a coward. Farrell was more reserved, but good-natured.

I'm going to get those Buzzers and get some dinner! said Thorn.

Last time you tried to take on loads of Stinging Buzzers, you got stung really bad. laughed Cheramie.

They decided to wander outside of Hunter Valley. Being Sharpteeth, they did not have to worry as much about being in the Mysterious Beyond as did Flattooth children. They noticed some silver lizards. Dinner! yelled Farrell excitedly. They chased after the lizards.

The group came upon a huge rockslide. They saw an Egg Stealer about to grab an egg that had apparently survived it. The Struthiomimus was licking his lips and about to crack open the egg. The Egg Stealer turned and saw them, muttered "Sharpteeth!", and took off faster than bad guys when Spiderman shows up. The Dakotaraptors let the lizards escape and focused their attention on the egg instead.

Looks like we saved this one. That Egg Stealer was about to eat it. said Farrell. Yeah, well, it's not our egg. It's not our responsibility. said Thorn. Yeah, like we could have an egg at our age. laughed Thorn's sister Cheramie. What should we do with it? asked Flavia. Make an omelet. joked Thorn. We should hatch it. It will die out here. said Lorenzo. They stared at the green egg, wondering what to do with it.

The five children did not know what type of dinosaur the egg held. They guessed that the parents must have perished, for they could see footprints that had tried to run from the rockslide. The rocks were too big to move off the bodies to find out what type they were.

After much pestering from Lorenzo, they had agreed to take the egg. They had decided not to tell their parents. The less their parents knew, the better, they figured. This time, they were very right!

How are we going to get it into Hunter Valley? asked Cheramie.

I've got an idea. We can use these. suggested Thorn, indicating a bunch of twigs and leaves that he'd found nearby.

The group carried the pretty green egg on a bed of leaves that was supported by the twigs. It took them a good while to get into Hunter Valley. They didn't want their parents to nose around the egg and take away their new discovery. They put it in a gorge near a river. They placed it into a nest that they had made out of reeds along the river.

They all stood around the egg, wondering what it could be. Think it's a Sharp Beak? asked Flavia. Seems kind of big to be that. said Farrell. Maybe it's a Large Claw. said Cheramie. Maybe it's a Belly Dragger. said Thorn. Perhaps it's a Sail-back.suggested Farrell. Seems a bit small to be that. countered Flavia. Maybe it's a Two-claw. suggested Lorenzo. They argued for a while about what creature the egg had in it.

We will be good parents to it, whatever it is. said Lorenzo finally, bringing an end to the argument as to what it was. But we're just kids. said Thorn. Well, we can be good parents, can't we? I mean, it can't be anything we can't handle. said Lorenzo.

They sat by their egg. Eventually, it began to hatch. I wonder what it is. said Lorenzo excitedly. I hope it's not anything dangerous.said Flavia uneasily. Don't be such a Scaredy Egg. You worry too much Flavia. laughed Thorn. Eventually, the baby broke free of its shell. They all stared at it. It wasn't what any of them were expecting. It wasn't a Belly Dragger, a Large Claw, Two-Claw, Sailback, or a Sharp Beak, though. It wasn't even a Sharptooth for that matter! It was a Clubtail!

It was a girl. She was green and had a tiny club on her tail. She had pink eyes and looked really cute. She smiled at them innocently. She yawned, revealing that she didn't have any fangs, but instead had flat teeth.

It's a…..a….Flattooth! said Flavia. They sat, staring at the Clubtail, who didn't yet realize what danger she could be in. What do we do? whispered Cheramie. Eat it?suggested Thorn, licking his lips and staring hungrily at the young Clubtail. No! She's just a baby! We can't do that! protested Lorenzo. Come on, I'm starving here! We've got a Flattooth and those are edible!whined Thorn. You think with your stomach Thorn! Go get some hoppers! snapped his sister.

We'd better get it before Dad does. He'll eat her right on the spot. said Thorn. She does smell good. commented Cheramie, sniffing the baby, who continued to stare at them innocently. You can have half of her. said Thorn. I don't know, she looks so cute! remarked Farrell hesitantly. Thorn licked the baby. The baby, unaware that he was thinking of harming her, licked him back. The others laughed. Smart-aleck kid! grumbled Thorn. I think she likes you.laughed Cheramie. I think I'm going to like her. said Thorn, licking his lips.

Lorenzo stared at the baby Clubtail. He thought she seemed so sweet and innocent. Her pink eyes stared into his yellow ones. He felt that he couldn't hurt her, even if she was edible. She was too cute. Don't worry girl. We're not going to hurt you. he said gently.

Thorn, however, had a different idea. He jumped at the baby, trying to eat her. Lorenzo saw this in time, moved the baby aside with one claw, and pushed Thorn's tail where the baby had been with the other. Thorn bit himself in the tail. Yow! he yelled, wincing in pain.

Serves you right! snapped Lorenzo.

That was my dinner! snarled Thorn.

They got into a heated argument about what to do with their new Clubtail. They finally agreed that harming a baby was wrong. Also, they soon realized that they had to keep the baby away from their parents, who didn't share their views on not eating kids.

The baby suddenly moved around looking for food. She fell and hit her head, as she was bad at walking. She did this a few times. Silly kid!commented Thorn. Come on girl, do like I do. said Lorenzo gently. The baby copied him and soon learned how to walk properly. The baby went and ate a tiny bit of grass. I think our new baby is hungry. said Flavia. She is not the only one!grumbled Thorn. Thorn, don't you dare!snapped Flavia. Come on girl, you need to hide. said Lorenzo. He tried to feed the kid insects, but the baby didn't want any. Crazy kid doesn't want bugs. What's wrong with her? grumbled Thorn. Eventually, Lorenzo brought the Clubtail to some grass, which she started to eat. She then ate leaves. She really liked those. At least we have the eating problem taken care of. said Thorn. At least for her anyway…. Thorn grumbled. Cheramie gave him some dragon flies, which he ate hungrily. The baby, meanwhile, continued to eat many leaves. She likes leaves a lot. Let's call her Leafie. suggested Lorenzo.

If our parents find Leafie, she's a goner. said Cheramie. We will need a plan to hide her. remarked Farrell. I'll think of something. replied Lorenzo.

Lorenzo, time for dinner! called Lorenzo's mother. Lorenzo turned pale.

Quick, hide Leafie in those smelly plants over there. It will mask her smell. If they find her, she'll be dinner! Lorenzo whispered to the others. The others moved Leafie across a shallow point in the river and out of sight.

Lorenzo's mother came into sight. She was silver and brown colored and had dark red eyes. Who were you talking to? And why do I smell Clubtail? she asked him.

I was with my friends. They went off to play rock throwing. We, er, caught a Clubtail outside of Hunter Valley. I, um, burped. We had Clubtail for dinner. That's why you smell Clubtail. Lorenzo lied.

Well done Lorenzo on getting a Clubtail. I guess you won't be hungry for dinner. she replied.

Nope. All full. he lied. I need to hurry. I'm supposed to join my friends. I don't want them starting without me.

Have fun. said his mother, walking away. As soon as she left, he grabbed some fish and walked off with them, planning to eat them later. He had to see that Leafie was safe first.

He came to the others. She's in here. whispered Flavia to him. Lorenzo stuck his head into the cluster of foul smelling plants. He didn't like the smell, but he tried his best to ignore it.

Don't worry girl, we will keep you safe. he promised her. He returned to the others.

Oh, by the way, we're going to have to be eating these. Mom thinks that we ate Clubtail for dinner and we have to convince her of the tale. She smelled Leafie earlier. Lorenzo whispered to the others, giving them some of the fish.

They hid Leafie from their parents as time went by. They made sure that she didn't wander out of where they had kept her. While the other Fast Biter children ran around and played, they spent most of their time making sure that Leafie wasn't in any danger. If they lost her, she would almost certainly end up a meal.