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Chapter 8: Road Trip

"So, have we done this before?" Logan wondered as he and Paris walked into the garage and toward the Hummer.

"Done what?" Paris wondered, opening the passenger door to shove her bag into the car. "Road trips?"

"Missions," he replied, doing the same on his side of the car, knowing the doors were unlocked before they both climbed into their seats.

"Oh, plenty," she smiled, pulling on her seatbelt and shutting her door, but when Logan started the engine, she noticed he hadn't put his seatbelt on, making her roll her eyes, sighing, "Still not bothering with your seatbelt, huh? If you didn't have a healing factor, I'd ask if you have a death wish."

"What is it with women and seatbelts?" he sighed in return, yanking at the belt to strap himself in, before frowning at her when she reached over and touched the corner on the windshield. "What are you doing?"

"Bringing up the map," she replied.

His frown deepened before his eyes widened in astonishment when a purple, transparent image came across the glass resembling a navigation map, covering the entire windshield.

"Well, I'll be damned," he smirked as she sat back but the map remained up on the glass and she looked to him with a smirk of her own, giving him a saucy wink as he added, "Who needs Siri when I've got you?"

"You said the exact same thing the first time I did that for you," she chuckled as he pulled out of the garage and down the driveway toward the street.

"Not surprising," he smirked, then asked, "You said plenty of missions, right? What kind of missions?"

"Missions like these," she shrugged, reaching for her bag to rummage through it. "Recruiting, surveillance…really whatever Charles asks us to do. Save the world once in a while."

"Only once in a while?" he scoffed. "I thought that was all we did."

"Not quite," she chuckled, before pulling out her iPod and a wire to hook it up to the sound system in the car. "Alright, I don't wanna hear it from you, ok?"

"Hear what?" he frowned, glancing at her while he still drove. "What are you doing with that?"

"I don't wanna hear any teasing about my taste in music," she explained as she rummaged through the music on her iPod. "I like all kinds of stuff, so if I put this on shuffle, just go with it, ok?"

"Long as you got something I like on there, Freckles," he smirked.

"Yeah, yeah, I got you covered," she muttered, waving a dismissive hand. "Assuming you like the same kind of music."

"I'm sure I do," he assured her as a song came on through the speakers, which made him frown. "What the hell is this?"

"It's a lovely band called Oak & Gorski," she shot back with a smile as the sounds of cello and guitar filled the car. "It's called Cello Rock"

"It's Indie," he grumbled.

"You liked it before," she pouted.

"You're such a liar," he laughed, making her pout deepen. "Oh, quit pouting. As if you really thought I'd fall for that."

"Well…I had hoped," she muttered, making him laugh again. "Anyway, Charles said he'd keep us informed if she makes any kind of move from the base."

"What else do we know about her?" Logan wondered, taking a turn as he kept his gaze on the directions on the windscreen. "Wade must've gotten more information than that, right?"

"Yup," she nodded, plugging the flash drive into the USB port on the dash and tapping the screen their as well to pull up the information. "Dad's in the military, hence why they're on the base. Mom is stay-at-home, big brother, Allen, is looking into becoming a soldier just like daddy, apparently. He wants to be a doctor. Rose has more…violent aspirations, it seems. Lots of extracurricular classes in the martial arts fields. Top of her class in target shooting. Wonder if she uses her powers to help her with that. Ooh…and it looks like she's seeing a counselor for anger management."

"I thought that only issue was the incident in school," Logan recalled.

"It was…that's what led to it," Paris confirmed. "She was angry when it happened. A few things flew in the direction of some kids that were teasing her about something, according to her counselor's notes here. She never said what they were teasing her about, but she got pissed enough to almost decapitate one of the girls with a plate she flung with her telekinesis across the room."

"Holy hell," he blurted. "Yeah, I'd say that's an anger issue, alright."

"Well, maybe you can head in first when we go to talk to her," she smirked. "Y'know, since you have the power to heal and all that."

"And you can form a shield around both of us to protect us from anything flying at us, so why don't you do that instead?" he retorted.

"Not that strong," she shrugged, still looking at the screen.



"Only in the morning."

"It's afternoon."

"That's what I meant."



"If you're gonna be this ornery the whole way, I'm gonna materialize a gag over your mouth."

"Tease," he smirked, then frowned, calling, "Hey, Freckles?"


"Change this damn music, will ya?"

That Evening...

"There it is," Logan sighed as he and Paris stood in the darkness of the forest surrounding the military base they'd come to. "How do you wanna do this?"

"We gotta figure out which house she's in," she reported, both staring at the fence, lights and other security methods that were set in place. "But the first order of business…is how we get in?"

"Leave that to me, Freckles," Logan smirked as the telltale sound of his claws being brandished filled the air. He was eyeing the fence when Paris shook her head and placed a hand on one of his, making him frown in confusion.

"Covertly, Logan," she argued, making his frown deepen as their gazes met. "Deadpool got me more than just info on the target. Those fences have laser sensors that will set off the alarm once you scratch that fence with your claws."

"Alright, then, what the hell do you suggest, then?" he shot back.

Paris smirked as she lifted a hand and teasingly stroked one finger under his chin as she strolled forward, toward the fence. He gave a growl from low in his chest before following her, sheathing his claws. She stopped at the fence, examining the lasers on either side of the fence, stretching across it as Logan stood watch on full alert.

She stepped in front of the fence, knelt in front of it and placed her hands in the grass before slowly standing and lifting her hands to use her shield to form stairs leading to the top of the fence and over it. She reached over and tapped Logan's shoulder before heading up the stairs without a word, letting him quickly follow after her.

When they reached the top, she gently floated down while he jumped, landing next to her, the stairs disappearing. She stepped forward, but Logan lifted a hand to stop her, making her stop and frown at him, but she said nothing. Paris watched as he sniffed at the air before looking to his left when they both heard the crunch of grass under boots coming toward them.

A soldier on his watch came sauntering toward them, and as soon as he saw the two, he made to call out, but Paris quickly lifted a hand to form a solid gag over his mouth, her other hand coming up to flick his gun from his hands with her telekinesis. Logan rushed toward him, tackling to the ground and punching him hard enough to knock him out, before he stood and turned to Paris.

"Now what, Freckles?" he asked, stopping next to her. "Eventually his buddies are gonna notice he's not back from his watch."

"Well, then we better hurry up and find Rose, shouldn't we?" she smirked back, making her way forward, sticking to the shadows as he followed her. "She's in the boot camp area, according to the info Deadpool got for me."

"Great," Logan grumbled, still following her. "How we gonna get her out of there under the noses of her friends and SO?"

"Easy," she smirked. "I'll reach out to her with my thoughts. Charles said her powers are a bit unstable, so she should be able to hear me call to her if we're outside her barracks and I'm concentrating hard enough."

"Unstable?" Logan echoed, then stopped and grabbed her arm to turn her toward him, making her frown in confusion. "You sure this is a good idea?"

"If it wasn't, Charles wouldn't have trusted us with it," she replied, then suddenly realized why he was worried. Smiling gently she took his hand as it still held her arm and looked him in the eye, whispering, "If she were anything like Jean, he probably would've come himself. He didn't wanna make a fuss. He got a glimpse of the type of person she is, too. She wouldn't want a big stink made out of this. That's why this is a covert mission, ok? I've got this…we've got this."

She punctuated her confidence in them with a quick kiss to his chin and grinned before pulling him by the hand in the direction of where she was sure Rose's barracks were. He couldn't help but give a smirk as he dragged him along until she stopped them next to the window of a building. The lights were all out, but there was a glow coming from, what she assumed was a flashlight, coming from one of the beds.

"That's her," Paris whispered, examining the other beds in the room before releasing Logan's hand and placing her index and middle fingers to her temples while closing her eyes. He turned to her with a frown of confusion as he watched her.

"The hell are you doin'?" he blurted.

"Charles told me I had to concentrate if I was going to contact her," she whispered, her eyes still shut. "She's the telepath, not me. So I have to think very loudly so she hears me. Keep a look out."

Logan scoffed and folded his arms over his chest before leaning sideways on the wall as he kept watch. Paris chewed on her lower lip, concentrating hard as Charles had told her to do.

"Rose!" she called out in her mind. "Rose Destler! If you can hear me, don't be scared. I'm here to help. I was sent by someone who knows about your powers. You can trust him, and me. Come meet me outside, please!"


"Quiet, Logan, I'm trying to concentrate," she whispered, cutting him off.

"He's trying to tell you I'm right here."

Paris gasped, whirling around to stare wide eyes at the teen standing right behind her, Logan standing from his relaxed position on the wall. She was dressed all in black, her hair cut at jaw length with straight, thick bangs hanging above her emerald green eyes that stared at the couple, curiously.


"I have two questions for you," Rose cut into whatever Paris was about to say, holding up a hand to count her questions as she spoke them, in an irritable hushed tone. "One: Who the hell are you? And two: how the hell did you get onto this base?"

"Didn't you hear me when I was contacting you just now?" Paris frowned in wonder, making Rose frown back at her in confusion.

"No, I heard the two of you whispering over here, so I came to see who the hell was here," Rose retorted, making Logan scoff and lean back on the wall again as Paris turned a glare to him before turning back to Rose, who snapped, "Answer my questions, or I'll call security to have you dragged out of here, if not arrested for trespassing."

"Oh, they can try," Logan growled through a smirk, shoving off the wall again and brandishing his claws without another word. "In fact, I'm beggin' ya to call 'em. I need the practice."

"Covert, Wolverine, what part of that don't you understand?!" Paris hissed before turning to a wide-eyed Rose as she stared at Logan's hands in disbelief, then looked to the red-head as she stepped closer. "I'm Paris, and this is Logan. We're here to help you. We were sent be someone who knows about your powers. He's a telepath, like you, and I have telekinesis, like you do. We're here to tell you that you're not alone, and to offer you the chance to come with us to a school for people like us. For mutants."

"But…why come like this?" Rose wondered. "Sneaking around in the dark like it's a jailbreak or something?"

"The man that knows about your powers also knows that you haven't really told anyone about them, because you're afraid of your own powers," Paris instantly explained with a sad smile, making Rose's expression soften, slightly. "I know what that's like. I was afraid of my own powers a long time ago. But he taught me how to control my powers and gave me peace of mind. There's so much he can do for you. You'll get the same education you would in a regular school and even more."

Rose glanced between the two, and they both felt the brush of a presence in their minds, making Logan scoff as he retracted his claws as Paris' smile widened.

"You're trying to see if we're telling the truth," Paris thought, making Rose's eyes shoot to hers in shock. "If you wanna root around in my head a little more, you'll find the image and the name of the man who sent us, and he's absolutely trustworthy."

"Charles…Xavier?" Rose whispered aloud, keeping eye contact with Paris. "I've heard of him. Did he really send you?"

"You know the answer to that, Kiddo," Logan smirked, stepping next to Paris and resting an arm on her shoulder as he tapped the side of his head. "If you've been in both our skulls, that is."

"Yeah, and I know you don't trust me," Rose shot back at him.

"Oh, don't take it personally. He doesn't trust anybody," Paris assured Rose with a dismissive wave toward Logan. "So, what do you say? Do you wanna come with us?"

"Or stay here…in the closet," Logan finished with a smirk, making Paris roll her eyes as Rose only glared at him before looking away in thought.

Logan suddenly turned, sniffing the air and glancing around, making Paris frown up at him in wonder as he said, "Better make up your mind if you're coming or not. We gotta get outta here."

"Oh, don't worry about them," Rose assured him, making the couple frown at her before she took a deep breath, shutting her eyes in concentration just as they heard the familiar sound of bootsteps crunching grass coming toward them. "Just don't move."

"The hell—?"

Paris lifted a hand to slap it over Logan's mouth as a couple soldiers came around the corner of another building. They were coming right toward them, but it seemed as though neither of them saw the three standing outside the barracks staring back at them. The three didn't move as the soldiers glanced around on their watch, strolling right past them and around the next corner, but instead of speaking aloud when they were completely gone, Rose opened her eyes to meet Paris' gaze. The red-head felt the brush of a presence in her mind again and kept Rose's stare.

"I'll come with you, but we have to stop by one of the other barracks," Rose told Paris, telepathically.

"Ok, but why?" Paris asked with a slight frown.

"My brother. He hates it here. It's not what he thought it was. He's a mutant, too. He can heal others. Will your Professor take him?"

"Of course. Where is he?"

Rose lifted her hand to beckon them to follow her as she turned to head around the opposite corner the guards had gone down. Paris instantly followed, but Logan frowned and grabbed the shoulder of her jacket to pull her back and glare at her. He jerked his head toward the direction Rose had gone in question, to which she only placed a finger over her lips before beckoning him to follow her. He gave a growl as he released her and she turned to hurriedly follow Rose, Logan right behind her.

The three weaved around buildings and around guards until they reached another one of the barracks. They stopped beside one of the windows of the barracks, and Rose peeked inside before ducking away again and closing her eyes to concentrate. Soon, a young man, a few years older than Rose, stepped into view of the window, opening it with a frown between his brown, tousled hair and golden eyes.

"Allen, this is Paris and Logan," Rose whispered as the young man glanced between the three. "They're here to take us to a school for people like us…for mutants. They came for me, but they said you can come too. I'm not leaving without you."

"Rose, are you crazy?!" Allen hissed, glancing around inside the barracks before looking back at the three. "You're gonna get us both thrown in the can!"

"Please, Allen," Rose begged, stepping closer to the open window. "I know you hate it here—"

"I told you to stay out of my head!" he snarled.

"I didn't have to read your mind to know that," she retorted. "It's all over your face every time I see you. Allen, I'm not leaving here without you."

"Who's there?!"

"Shit," Logan hissed, brandishing his claws as Paris gasped in shock when they heard one of the guards shout near them, but he was too far away to see. "If we're gonna go, we gotta go now."

"Allen!" Rose urged, making him glance between the three as they heard soldiers racing toward them.

He quickly nodded and climbed out the window as Rose grinned. Paris and Logan quickly led the siblings away from the soldiers chasing them and toward the gate.

"Paris, just let me—"

"Covert, Logan!" she snapped, none of them stopping as they suddenly heard dogs barking behind them, along with more shouting. As they came closer to the gate, she reached toward it, forming the set of stairs she had earlier and called, "Don't stop!"

The group ran up the stairs and raced down them on the other side just as the soldiers caught up with them. They raced into the woods, but Rose and Allen stopped just as they passed the first few sets of trees to look back at the soldiers and dogs on leashes, all making noise to alert everyone there had been an 'escape.' Logan and Paris ran past them, but stopped a few steps ahead and turned to them in wonder.

"The hell?!" Logan snapped, as Paris hurriedly stepped back toward them to gently take Rose's arm to get her attention.

"It's ok," Paris whispered, gently pulling Rose along who still had a grip on Allen's hand as well. "Let's go."

Rose nodded before pulling Allen along with her as Paris pulled her back toward Logan where he waited for them. The group hurried through the woods and toward the Hummer parked beyond them. Logan and Paris hurried Rose and Allen into the back and climbed in themselves, and Logan instantly hit the gas to head away from the base as fast as they could.

"Well, that was fun," Logan sighed with a smirk then glanced to Paris and asked, "Was it good for you, too?"

"Shut up and drive," she shot back with a smirk of her own.

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