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"Well we are on time…" Youmu says as she yawns. She turns to look at the vampire leaning against the wall.

"Two hundred years and us former humans are getting together… Too bad Sanea's dead…" Sakuya says. One of her wings twitch. She pulls out the Luna Dial and focuses on it. "What is it with gap youkai and being lazy?"

"It's not gap youkai. It's just Reimu." Youmu says in reply.

"Don't let Reimu hear you say that." Marisa says as she hovers to the ground. Her ever present broom flips to her hand as her feet touch the ground. She turns to watch a gap open. Reimu steps out of it.

"I'm better then Yukari when it comes to laziness. And rember I can watch through you Marisa." Reimu says as she walks up to the others.

"So we have the Phantom, Vampire, Magician, and Gap youkai here now. Sakuya you go in first." Marisa says. Sakuya glares at her.

"How about no. You three still resemble humans. One of you go first." Sakuya says in annoyance.


"So out of all us here the only one whose transformation was voluntary was Sakuya." Youmu says.

"Yeah and she'd still be alive if she hadn't undergone the change." Marisa says.

"Shut up youkai." Sakuya says.

"Why did we all decide to change?" Youmu asks.

"I had to change in order to preserve the border. So now I'm a shrine maiden gap hag." Reimu says.

"Wow you actually called yourself a gap hag… Meh with me its cause I went too far in my pursuit of magic. There's a point where a human magician becomes a youkai one." Marisa says.

"I died is all." Youmu states. She and the others turn to Sakuya.

"What? I did this out of love for Remillia." Sakuya says. Her wings flutter causing a rattling sound.

"So who thinks they had the hardest time with the transformation?" Youmu asks. Both Reimu and Marisa point at Sakuya. Sakuya blinks.

"Well you did grow wings and fangs. And didn't your powers not work for about three weeks after being changed?" Marisa says. Sakuya nods.

"Not only that but these didn't grow immediately. And without wings I can't fly." Sakuya says as she flaps her wings. The metal glistens as the light hits it.

"Can't argue with that." Youmu says.

"Well your transformation literally killed you." Reimu says. She pauses for a second. "I say we meet again later. Yukari's started to watch us."

"So get your other shikgama and deal with her like normal." Youmu says. Reimu points to a wall.

"One Final Spark on the way!" Marisa yells as she fires the spell. Reimu facepalms as the whole way is incinerated.


"Oh, you wanted Master Spark?"

"No duh you dumb magician!"

Sakuya turns towards Youmu. Youmu nods before standing up. They both walk out of the building leaving the two arguing girls behind.

"I should get going. Something bad is bound to happen leaving that many people alone." Sakuya says as she walks away.


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