I promised to come back and write more of this story. This veers a bit more into the M category, so I changed the rating just in case. Enjoy!

He tucked his hand into the plastic, wrapping his fingers around the handle to keep the hook in place. The vinyl of his long jacket was warm, but completed the outfit too perfectly not to wear. The one piece he refused to don, however, was still in the bag and would never see the light of day. Giving himself one last glance in the mirror he smirked at his own reflection, memories of long ago Halloweens and daydreaming of sailing the high seas coming to the forefront of his mind.

As he made his way down the back stairs he braced himself for the onslaught that would ensue once he joined the madness. The sounds of laughter and music enveloped him as he peeked his head around the door, giving himself a moment to take in the scene in front of him before joining the fray.

She was lovely. His beautiful Swan, her floor length red gown billowing out from underneath her apron, was beaming like the sun as she leaned over to help one of her tiny guests with her rose. He watched the little girl wearing a long blonde wig look up at her in awe, her tiny hands reaching up to twine her fingers into one of Emma's curls. The smile bestowed on the girl in response by his love took his breath away, his mind reeling to a future when it would be their child looking at her like that, begging for her attention.

Emma straightened and caught his eye as he stood in the doorway, her smile changing to one she reserved for him and him alone. He winked, letting her know that he was ready…for many things, but in this case, to play his part.

"Look everyone! The infamous Captain Hook is here!"

And with that, Killian was on. He strode into the room with his sword in the air (which he had found at a pawn shop) and a swagger to his step. He made it to the center of the room, fighting back a smile as he took in the tables filled with the cutest array of costumed children.

"Ahoy, mates! Me crew informed me that there was a celebration happening here for pirates and princesses, but it seems my invitation was lost at sea."

"You weren't invited, Hook!"

Killian turned to see the owner of the brave soul who dared challenge him and wasn't surprised to see the same blonde girl he had been watching interact with Emma standing behind him with her hands on her hips.

"Brave lass. Who might you be, princess?"

"Rapunzel. This is my party. No villains allowed!"

Killian bowed before crouching down so he was at eye level with the pint-sized princess.

"Milady, I assure I am no longer a villain. I met a princess of my own and she reformed me. I'm a hero now. Isn't that right, Princess Emma?"

Killian lifted his head to catch Emma's eye, noting the barely contained laughter she was trying to hide behind the piping bag in her fist.

"It's true, Rapunzel. Kill…er, Captain Hook is a villain no more. Unless you're a crocodile, then, you better run!"

Laughter erupted in the room around them as Killian smiled brightly at the still skeptical lass in front of him. She reached her tiny hand out towards him, poking at his plastic hook briefly before looking back up at Emma.

"Fine, he can stay. But if he does anything bad, I've got my frying pan if you need it." And with that, she marched back over to her seat, patting the plastic frying pan briefly that was on the table next to her half decorated cupcake before she went back to work.

Killian stood, tossing another wink in Emma's direction before turning his attention to the pirates in the room. He sauntered to a pair in the back who were play fighting, obviously more interested in their plastic swords than the cupcake decorating activity in front of them. Knowing Emma would appreciate the help, he spent the next half hour showing the mini Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard the correct form (or at least he pretended to as he really had no idea).

He was so engrossed in his activity that he didn't realize Emma was behind him until he felt her soft hands clasp his shoulders from behind.

"Lads, can I borrow the Captain here for a spell?"

The two little devils barely nodded before turning back to their duel, allowing Killian to be dragged by the hand by his princess down the hallway and into the back room. As soon as they were out of sight of the party he found himself flush against the wall of her kitchen, Emma's lips hot and insistent against his. He groaned his approval as he wound his free hand into her curls, angling her head as he slipped his tongue past her lips, tasting the faintest hint of vanilla on her tongue. He let the plastic hook fall to the ground so he could pull her closer to him by her apron, fisting his hand into the fabric at her waist as their hips connected. Her hands were creeping under his shirt beneath his jacket, the heat from the vinyl nothing compared to the searing sensation of her palms against his skin.

Forcing himself to pull back, he took a few deep breaths in the space between their lips, before resting his forehead against hears.

"Gods, love. We really shouldn't be doing this now." His actions belied his words, however, as he couldn't resist leaning down to nip lightly at her jaw, and her earlobe, and then her collarbone on display thanks to the bodice of her dress. He was just beginning to get carried away again when he felt her hands leave his back to move to his hair, pulling lightly so he would lift his head from its decent to her breast.

Her pupils were blown wide, her curls slightly mussed from his hand, and a hazy smile adorning her lips as she looked down at him. As she took a moment to catch her breath, he leaned down to retrieve his hook from the floor, chuckling slightly as he fitted his hand back inside.

"Sorry. There's just something sexy about that hook."

Her voice was still breathy behind her amusement, forcing him to take a step back from her before he threw caution to the wind and carried her upstairs to their apartment, leaving a room full of children to Ruby's solitary care.

"Perhaps you should stop booking Princess and Pirate parties here love, if you can't keep your hands off of me. I know I can be rather dashing…"

That broke her from her lustful state, her laugh ringing throughout the kitchen as she pushed herself from the wall.

"Okay Casanova, let's get back in there before Ruby sniffs us out." She looked down at herself and straightened her skirts, tucked her curls back behind her ear and dabbed the corners of her lips to remove her smeared lipstick.

"But you know, if you would just wear the wig we wouldn't have this problem. Permed wigs are not sexy."

"Swan, my love for you will make me do many, many things for you. Wearing that wig is not one of them."

Holding out his hook for her, he bowed his head slightly, smiling as she wrapped her fingers around it before stepping in sync with him back into the party room. Just as she was letting go to go back to work, he snaked his arm around her waist to pull her close again. He placed a chaste kiss to her cheek, making sure to catch little Rapunzel's eye as he did so, waggling his eyebrows in her direction, determined to win her over. He swore he saw the faintest hint of a smile tug at her small lips before she turned back to her friend, an adorable Princess Tiana who was attempting to hide her stuffed alligator from view. She was obviously too young to know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator, fearing that the dreaded Captain Hook would go after her treasured toy. He made a note to steer clear of that table, not wanting to traumatize the poor thing with worry.

The party was already starting to wind down, sugar overload causing the pirates to begin to chase the princesses around the room, teasing and taunting as little boys tend to do. He played referee until the parents began to arrive, while Emma and Ruby helped box up everyone's cupcakes in festive boxes and bows. In less than 10 minutes time, Ruby and Emma were waving goodbye to the last of the party guests, little Rapunzel and her mother, who were both beaming from ear to ear.

"Well, ladies, it looks as though you made one little princess a very happy birthday girl."

Ruby laughed, giving one more glance out the window before turning back to face him.

"She was a firecracker, that Rapunzel. She really showed you who was boss."

"Aye, love, that she did. Can I help you clean up?"

Emma made her way over to him at that, her finger coming up to rub lightly underneath his eye where his eyeliner must have smudged. She had a somewhat wistful, faraway look on her face, causing him to reach up to lift her chin slightly with his finger to catch her gaze.

"You alright, Swan?"

She smiled, leaning forward to brush her nose against his briefly before leaning back to look deeply into his eyes.

"I'm great. You just caught me thinking, that's all."

"Thinking about…"

"Kids. Well, our kids, if I'm being honest. Every time I have one of these parties I think about it…having a family with you. I think I'm ready."

He couldn't help the smile that took over his face as he stepped forward, leaning in to press a soft kiss to her temple before whispering in her ear.

"You know nothing would make me happier, love."

His arms circled her waist and he held her close, knowing that her emotions were likely close to boiling over at her confession. She tucked her nose against his neck and took a deep breath, her lips curving into a smile against his throat as she settled in his arms.

"Yo, lovebirds, clean now, cuddle later. I've got plans tonight."

He playfully rolled his eyes in Ruby's direction before loosening his grip on Emma's waist, catching her face in his hands as she leaned back to press a quick kiss to her lips.

"We'll finish this later, love."

She raised a single eyebrow at him before bestowing him with a knowing smile, her hands coming down on his chest to lightly shove him away.

"You are dismissed, Captain."

"You sure I can't be of service, milady?"

"Later. Now go rest up. You'll be needing it."

With that, she turned, her hips swaying dramatically as she joined Ruby at the front table to clean up the frosting and cake crumbs left behind.

E: Can you come down here? I need your opinion.

Killian was dozing on their couch, the baseball game he was watching long forgotten, fatigue from entertaining the party guests having taken over. The buzzing from his phone in his pants pocket jolted him from his nap, his hands fumbling to check the text as his eyes came back into focus. Perhaps the two beers he'd had while waiting for Emma to finish downstairs weren't a great idea after all…

Seeing it was Emma texting him from downstairs, he sat up quickly, checking the time to see how long he had been out before typing his reply.

K: Of course, love.

E: ;)

He was about to head downstairs before he stopped and looked down at himself, wondering if he should put more clothes on than the pajama pants and flip flops he was currently wearing.

K: Are you alone down there?

E: Yeah, Ruby left a while ago.

K: Good. You won't mind my current state of undress, then.

E: Might come in handy…

And…he was suddenly very much awake. He may have skipped a few steps on his way down the stairs, curiosity and adrenalin suddenly coursing through his veins after her last text.

He expected to see her in the main room where the party had been held earlier, but it was empty, the light from her back kitchen shining from the hallway. His flip flops were loud against the concrete floor as he made his way to her, her sweet voice as she sang along to her Ed Sheeran CD making him smile as he got closer.

What he saw when he entered the kitchen made his jaw drop. She was a bloody vision, sitting atop her counter wearing one of his shirts, only one of his shirts, with her long legs crossed and swinging seductively in his direction. She crooked her finger at him and he obliged, crossing to her in a slightly dazed state as his eyes raked over her from the pink tinge of her ears to the creamy swell of her breasts peeking out from the very open collar of his shirt to her smooth thighs just begging for his touch.

"You look ravishing, my love."

He placed his hands on either side of her body as he reached her, gripping the counter as he leaned in to capture her lips. Her hand came up between them before he made contact, two fingers pressing lightly against his lips as she shook her head at him.

"Not yet, Captain. I told you, I need your opinion on something."

"My opinion, Swan, is you need to be kissed, quite thoroughly."

Her laugh was bright and lovely, the mischievous twinkle in her eye stirring his desires further as she leaned back out of his reach.

"Be patient."

He gave her his best puppy dog look before leaning back, placing his hands on her thighs as he stepped back a step. He watched as she pulled the tray next to her closer, her finger dipping into one of the small bowls. She turned back to him with her finger raised, a dollop of pink icing now coating the tip.

"I need you to tell me which of these frosting flavors you like best."

He quirked his eyebrow at her, wondering exactly what she was playing at, but definitely up for whatever game she had in store. Needing to gain some advantage in this situation, he slid his hands lightly down her thighs to slowly uncross her legs, stepping forward so he could stand between them, groaning when her legs wrapped firmly around his waist in return.

"Give us a taste, love."

She reached her finger towards his mouth and he met her halfway, sucking her fingertip between his lips and swirling his tongue to remove all of the sweetness she was offering. Raspberry.

He watched her eyes darken as he slowly released her finger from his lips, his tongue coming out to slowly remove the remaining icing that was left behind on his upper lip.

"Sinful, love. A bit tart, though. What else do you have for me to sample?"

She shook off her lustful stare and turned back to her tray, looking thoughtfully at the flavor she would offer him next. He tightened his hands on her thighs while he waited, wishing he could just pull her closer and mold his body into hers, taste her sweetness instead of the sugary confections she was intent of torturing him with.

She turned back to him again and he leaned in, his mouth reaching for her finger now swirled with white. She leaned back, shaking her head at him, his eyebrows quirking at her in confusion. He watched as she leaned her head back, exposing her neck to his view before swiping her finger in the space just above her collarbone. He couldn't have suppressed the moan that escaped his lips when he realized what she was offering if he tried, his hands instinctively moving to circle her waist as pulled her to the edge of the counter. The salty skin of her throat mixed with the spicy flavor of the frosting on his tongue was overwhelming, his head spinning with want as he lapped the last of the confection from her skin and proceeded to mark her with his lips. He felt a sense of victory when her fingers wound their way into his hair, holding him close as small sounds of pleasure escaped her lips.

He lifted his head slightly to gaze at her, her closed eyes opening slowly as his ministrations came to an end.

"Rum flavored icing? That is simply unfair, my love."

"I thought you might like that one." Her fingernails were now scraping lightly against his scalp as they gazed into each other eyes, lust and love mixing together in perfect combination as he leaned in to slowly unbutton the few remaining buttons on her, his, shirt. His breath caught when he parted the fabric, revealing her fully to him in all her naked glory, her breasts slightly flushed, aching for his attention.

"I believe there is one more flavor over there for me to taste, love."

"There is. I made this one especially for you." She went to reach for it and he stopped her, grabbing her hand and placing it gently on his waist. She looked at him quizzically and he smiled, leaning in to suck her bottom lip into his mouth, needing a moment to expel the passion that had built up between them before he lost all control and took her right then and there. He kissed her long and hard, stroking her tongue with insistence, moaning into her mouth when her hands dipped into the back of his pants to pull him closer to her center.

She was not helping him to calm his senses, not by any means, and he forced himself to pull back from her lips and create the perfect amount of space between their bodies for what he had in mind. Her hands were slowing moving to the front of his pants, prompting him to hurry, reaching for the last bowl on the tray. He dipped his thumb into the icing, which appeared to be chocolate, the unmistakable scent of cocoa filling his nose.

Her hands ceased their descent when she looked up to see him looking at her, waiting for her undivided attention before he continued. He smirked at her briefly before his gaze settled lower, watching the movement of his thumb as he slowly make contact with her breast, coating her nipple slowly with the frosting. Her head fell back on a soft sigh, her legs tightening around his waist as her hands moved to grip the edge of the counter. He smiled a triumphant smile before leaning down, sucking her nipple into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the tip. His eyes shot open as he tasted her creation, chocolate covered strawberry. She was too lost in her pleasure for him to ask her how she had managed to create this concoction, filing away that query for a much later time. Frosting now forgotten, he continued to lavish her body with attention, bringing her to the brink of bliss and back again until her hands finally found purchase, taking him in hand, stroking him with purpose as he worked the fabric from his legs.

They were so lost in each other that it was only in the last second that he remembered that he didn't have protection with him. He stopped, reaching his hand to her face to draw her attention to his gaze, the passion he found there almost breaking his resolve.

"Love, we don't have a condom."

Her hand tightened briefly around him and he groaned, his eyes widening as she scooted forward.

"I told you I was ready. Let's start our family, Killian."


"I love you, Killian. Let's create something, together."

"Gods, I love you, Emma." He surged forward, aligning their bodies and mouths, swallowing her gasp of pleasure as he found home inside her body. The feel of her around him was too much, the love, the passion, everything, more than he ever dreamed he would find, all here with her in this moment. Their bodies moved together in perfect unison, their peak approaching quickly, breaths heavy in the space between their lips.

He opened his eyes and gazed at her, needing to see her in this moment. Her eyes were shut, pleasure washing over her as she lost herself in the feel of him, too.

"Emma, love, look at me."

He waited until her eyes were on him before he leaned forward, stilling his movements so he could rest his forehead against hers. He took a moment to catch his breath, knowing exactly that he had finally found his moment.

"Marry me?"

Her eyes opened wider as her mouth fell open, tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes as she gazed at him. He felt her arms tighten around him as her shocked face transformed into a watery smile.

"I thought you'd never ask."

"Is that a yes, love?"

She leaned forward, sliding her tongue along the crease of his mouth, whispering "yes" between his lips before kissing him with so much passion that he couldn't help but slide deeper inside of her warm body in response. Time seemed to stand still as they crashed into one another, words of love and devotion spilling from their lips as they found their bliss, the first spark of family blossoming to life between them.

She wouldn't find out for another two weeks. Holding the pregnancy test up to his eyes, his mother's ring gleaming on her finger, as tears fell down both of their cheeks.

"You're going to be a father, Killian."