Summary: "Do not trust Edward Cullen, he will destroy you." She chanted the words every day from nine to five until he decided to up and fuck her brains out against his desk. Bella Swan never imagined she could be embroiled in an affair with the man that seemed to hold New York City in the palm of his hand. When she discovers she's dabbled in more than she bargained for, and lives hang in the balance, she does the only thing she can do, she runs.

A New York Affair

Chapter 1

A shifty Bella Swan walked at a quick pace toward the massive bus, a rolling suitcase at her heel. She glanced down at the crumpled ticket in her vice grip.

#34B BUS: NYC to Washington DC. Departs: 9:20PM.

Running Away. That's what Bella was doing and she didn't care who thought of her as a coward. Better a living coward than a courageous dead girl. They would hate her anyway, they would want her gone. She knew she was utterly trapped and it was all her own damn fault for getting involved in this mess. Leaving was the only option if she wanted a chance at her real life.

Bella mussed up her hair before pulling a dark hood over her eyes as she entered the bus, better that the driver couldn't identify her from a photo if the time came. One could never underestimate the reach of Edward Cullen.

Head down, she shuffled her way to the back with her tiny carry-on and huddled into a corner. She only managed to bring along nearly three hundred dollars, not much but it would get her where she needed to go.


"Here we go." The doors shut and the driver pulled out carefully, hitting a few road bumps as they went.

Relief flooded over her when the bus hit the darkened highway. He'd never find her now. New York was his town but his power didn't extend too far beyond that unless he wanted it badly enough and Bella was sure she didn't fall into that category. He wouldn't come after her once he knew, he wouldn't want to be in the same room with her once he knew.

She groaned, banging her head against her headrest. What had she gotten herself into? Bella spent enough time convincing herself she was equipped to handle Edward but she was kidding herself.

She watched the Empire State Building fly by in the distance. Edward had taken her there under the guise of business but she realized he was still courting her despite his objections. She had been touched, he remembered her love of the monument despite her saying it in passing weeks prior after a business meeting. It was the best of view of the city. He liked it for his own reasons; because everyone looked like little insignificant ants, he felt even more powerful up there. Yes he was always that cocky, he grinned at her question.

Bella smiled at the memory but was quick to wipe it off at the realization that a deep affection was swelling up again deep inside her heart. It wasn't meant to be. There were too many lies between them.

Edward would never find her. No one would. She had taken enough precautionary measures to the point where even she questioned the sanity of them. She knew if he found out her secret he would have her killed, or worse…

She palmed her stomach, recalling the conversation she eavesdropped on a few days prior, Edward's harsh words to his brother:

"I don't want any fucking babies. She knows what'll happen if she tries anything cute."

She had begun to finally relax when the bus came to a grinding halt. Bella's breath hitched and she pushed away from the window and glanced around, following the lead of the rest of the passengers. She tried to remain calm, there was a simple explanation for this, of course there was!

The bus wasn't gassed up.

They had a flat tire.


Blue and red lights flashed around them, her heart dropped.

"No, not now." She palmed her face.

"Sorry folks." The officer said good-naturedly to the uncrowded bus, securing his belt. "Nothing to worry about, I'll just be a moment." He took care to catalogue every patron as he went, chatting casually with anyone that engaged him in conversation.

She stared out the window as the heavy footfalls came closer, or was it the thumping of her heart? She couldn't tell. She steeled herself, evening out her breath. But goose bumps flushed over her skin when the thumping stopped.

"Get up." He spat.

"Please just let me go, Sam." Her face was ashen. "Nobody has to know."

"You're going back, Bella."

Her pleading brown eyes met his unsympathetic stare and she stood up, zipping her sweatshirt more securely.

He guided her off the bus, as if she would try to make a break for it and the driver once again set off. People unashamedly perched themselves on their headrests to watch the arrest. One even snapped a picture. She looked back as her only chance at freedom set off into the distance before she was nudged into his car.

The ride back was thick with tension. Bella looked left and right for some sort of weapon but she knew it was hopeless, she was in the back of a squad car after all, crooked cop or not, he wasn't an idiot. Fiddling with the ends of her ponytail, she sat straightbacked awaiting her hour of judgement. It was not long after that she was dragged back into the familiar setting. A maid greeted them upon their entrance but Bella was too shaken for pleasantries.

He sat perched on the corner of his desk, perusing the contents of a manila folder when Bella was dragged into the room by the crook of her arm. She glared with malice at Sam as he let her go and she stumbled sideways.

"Sweetheart, where have you been!" Edward greeted with that velvety smooth voice that had always hypnotized her beyond comprehension, now it put her on edge. He tossed the folder aside to be replaced with her backpack, courtesy of Sam who left the room obediently after, affording them privacy. Edward's easy smile dropped.

She looked up at the ceiling gratefully thanking the Lord for Sam's ignorance. Her suitcase had been left unnoticed in the overhead compartment. If Edward go a look inside, god help her.

He stood up and emptied out the contents of her bag and tossed it away haphazardly. "Passport…Breathmints… house keys… lipstick." He laughed but there was no humour in his demeanour, not bothering to peruse anymore. "Is that it? Is that what you were going to survive on?" He hurled the keys at the wall and she ducked to avoid becoming collateral damage.

She kept her eyes trained on his red tie, breathing deeply. Red. She told him once that the colour exerted dominance.

He steadied his hands on the desk.

"Is your little tantrum over with?" He was seething.

Look who's talking.

When she finally spoke, her words were controlled. "I'm never going to stay here with you. You can pay off every cop in town, I'll find a way. I am not yours."

"What are you going to do? Run again?" He came around the table and her legs propelled her backward in response. "Maybe I'll tie you to my bedpost, how would you like that?" He rounded his desk.

"I'm sure Tanya would love coming home to that, Mr. Cullen." She spat, losing control of her serenity.

"Do you really think I give a damn what she thinks?"

No. He didn't. The thought of his fiancé didn't stop him from taking her in this very room, thoroughly and repeatedly. Though she was one to talk, she didn't exactly deny him. There was no moral high ground to be wielded in this room.

"I ended it with her."

It changed nothing. He could never know. He could never find out the truth about why she ran. He sure as hell could never know that she was pregnant with his child because not only would he not want her, he would dispose of her. Bella thought back to the most pleasurable mistake of her life…

~~~/~~~ One Month Earlier ~~~/~~~

The slow jazz wafted through the open door as Edward tapped away at his computer, brow furrowed in concentration. He was on the precipice of securing a deal that would stand to make him millions and he discovered a flaw in the contract that would bind him to his partner indefinitely. Couldn't have that.

He heard a movement to his left and his attention fell on his assistant.

"Isabella. What are you doing here so late?" Edward checked his watch and moved to stand. Then he fully took her in. She wore a little black dress that hugged her curves and her hair tumbled around her shoulders as if she'd been running her hands through it roughly and persistently. She was barefoot, one foot running up and down the back of her slender leg as she took him in. He smirked suddenly, comprehension dawning his features.

"What are you waiting for?"

He was clad in slacks and a button down with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow so his well-defined arms were exposed. Delicious. Bella licked her lips and stalked towards him.

Five minutes later they were half naked and she was pressed, spread-eagled against the floor to ceiling window. He rocked slowly against her underwear clad crotch to the beat of the sexually powered music, teasing her, torturing her but never releasing himself from his boxers. Kneading her breasts, he draped her knee around him. She moaned wantonly when he grinded even slower to the point of madness, enjoying how she gave herself to him with abandon after so long denying him. She knew it was wrong but in that moment she didn't care anymore. It was just Edward and Bella, away from the bullshit of life.

"You want my cock, Isabella?"

"I want your cock." She nodded against his lips, eyes wide in a display of innocence, swaying to the beat. Her pert ass pressed against the cold glass of the window in contrast the warmth of Edward's body against her front. Her thong was her only flimsy protection.

"Yeah? What's changed?" He buried his face into the crook of her neck, feeling the softness of her mahogany tresses.

"I need you inside me. I want you to claim me. Fuck me, Edward." She ground out. He was getting off on her desperation. It was only fair, he'd been hitting on her relentlessly despite their work-relationship but she shut him down every time. Until tonight. Such is the power of liquid courage.

"Tell me how bad you want it."

She groaned instead. Unsatisfied with her response he dragged her to the other end of the room only to bend her over his desk. He ripped her panties from her body with an audible snap and spanked her supple behind. She bucked.

"Tell. Me. Now." He punctuated each word with a firm slap. Her rear went red and if it was possible she felt her entrance dampen even more.

His throbbing member sprung from his boxers. He teased her, letting himself rub against her slick folds. She threw her head back, feeling her bundle of nerves grip tighter. Could he make her come without entering her?

"So bad, baby. I'm begging you." She panted, biting her bottom lip, doing her damnedest to guide him closer to her center. He took hold of her searching hand and slammed it back onto the table top, his large hand encompassing hers. Zeroing in on his hand she released her lip and sucked at his thumb, moaning at the taste. Why did he taste so good? Like peppermint and cigarettes.

"Bad girl." He watched her lips move up and down his thumb over her shoulder.

"I'm your bad girl." She panted. It would have been embarrassing had she been with anyone other than this man. This man who wanted nothing but Bella's body without reservations.

Suddenly he gripped her ass, thrusting inside, filling her to the hilt. He didn't move. He stood there, drinking in the delectable view before him. Seeing himself shoved between her smooth, plump ivory cheeks, it almost did him in.

Then he finally gave in and drilled into her without abandon and she screamed. With every thrust she bucked and screamed in ecstasy like a cowgirl riding her steed. She felt herself squeeze around him, begging him to stay.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She chanted, progressively screaming louder, unthinking of who would hear beyond the doors. The desk skidded infinitesimally with every thrust.

"Ungf." She stifled her screams with her fist. She almost cried tears of joy at the rush of pleasure that washed over her in relentless waves. He was more than a man, no man could bring such unearthly pleasure.

"You like that?" He teased roughly, feeling her suddenly milk him with her release and feeling his come immediately after. He collapsed on top of her, still inside her. Their breathing evening out in synchrony. He peppered kisses down her back and felt her shiver beneath him and he hardened once again inside of her. His lips formed a grin against her back. She gave him the libido of a teenaged boy.

"Let me see you." He whispered.

She spun around pushing him back onto his leather chair, he jolted in surprise before she hopped on top of him, positioning herself back in place, with one hand steadied on his shoulder and the other on the headrest she sunk down onto him and rode him hard and fast with a renewed vigour. She found a steady pace, bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock. He groaned at the intense pleasure of the sight before him. He took hold of her hips, guiding her along.

"Does she make you feel this good?" Bella asked, bringing up Tanya, his fiancé. Her inebriated state was making her too cocky. Tanya had gone away for the weekend to unwind, as if the life of an heiress wasn't one big goddamn vacation. Ordering Bella around like she was her boss might have tired her out. Poor thing.

"Never." He was mesmerized.

His eyes were trapped by the delightful vision of her bouncing breasts. He captured one in his mouth hungrily, gripping the other roughly.

She slowed her pace unconsciously to watch his perfect lips and that sharp jawline ravage her like he was fucking for the last time. She thrust her chest closer to allow freer access, rubbing her fingers through his soft bronze locks.

"Edward." She breathed, finding her release along with his.

She dozed off like that, Edward sheathed inside of her, surrounded by his warmth.

It was the next morning when she awoke to a warm body next to her in an unfamiliar bed that her heart stopped in panic. She turned her head minutely to find, Edward's dazed profile glancing down at her. It hadn't been a dream. It was only in her dreams when she allowed herself to succumb to her desires for him but in her drunken state she gave in and let him ravage her and she ravaged him in return. She fucked her boss.

Confronted by the realization, she did the only thing she could do, she jumped and ran from the room with a bed sheet wrapped around her.


Pulled from her reverie, she was reminded that she was face to face with Edward. He had dragged her back here against her will but as it turned out, he didn't appear to have any inclinations toward the truth about her. That knowledge calmed her endlessly.

"Why did you bring me back here?"

"Why did you run from me?" He countered.

She hesitated, there were so many reasons.

"Haven't I always treated you well?"

She ground her teeth in an effort to relax. He was trying to provoke a reaction out of her but unbeknownst to him, she had the upper hand.

Knowledge is power.

"I never should have gotten involved with you. Luckily for you, you can still have Tanya so nothing has to change." She smiled despite the pang in her chest. "You can go on about your life like we never met because I…I quit."

He didn't move, at all. She could see the cogs turning in his head only because she worked with him long enough to understand him. When that blank expression was thrown up, he was deliberating. Considering his options, the pros and cons of every move like a fucking robot.


Say what now?


This was originally going to be a one or two-shot but it looks like some want the entire story, so here we go :)