"Come on. I'll buy you breakfast." Deeks offered Kensi as they packed their things. Sam and Callen were getting debriefed in ops after their most recent undercover mission. The whole team had been working through the night.

"I don't know, I'm pretty tired Deeks." She'd only managed about six hours sleep in the past two days.

"Well you can't go to bed on an empty stomach." He countered. Ever since he'd returned her father's knife it had been a little tense, a little awkward, but every so slowly they were finding their way back to comfortable.

Kensi had just opened her mouth to accept his offer when her cell rang shrilly from her pocket. She didn't recognise the number. Deeks eyed her as she spoke.

"Kensi Blye." She paused while the person on the other line spoke.

"Ah, yeah sure." Her brow furrowed. "As in right now? Yeah no, I can do that. I'll ah, I'll be there in thirty minutes. Thanks." She hung up and turned to face her partner. "Sorry, gonna have to rain check."

"Everything okay?" He inquired.

"Ah, I think so. I'll let you know." She smiled. "I gotta go." She grabbed her messenger bag and fled the mission.

Her left leg bounced up and down nervously as she sat in the sterile waiting room. She was surprised when the doctor's office had called her back in after her routine physical last week. According to the receptionist there was something in her blood work that was odd and it was preferable for her to come in as soon as possible. It was important. At first she assumed it was just a vitamin deficiency, god knows she'd had them before, but the longer she sat and waited the more her mind started to wander. The pamphlets and posters dotted around the blue walls weren't helping either. She checked her watch and was about to head up to the desk to find out how much longer she'd have to wait when Dr. Murphy's head appeared and called her in.

She took a seat across from him, crossing her legs and resting her hands on her knees as he pulled up her records on the computer.

"Now, Miss Blye, I just had a few question regarding the blood work we did last week. How've you been feeling lately?"

"Fine. No different than normal." She shrugged, smiling at him.

"No vomiting, cramps, anything like that?" He queried.

"No. Nothing."

"And what about your cycle? Is everything on track there?"

"Well, no but that's not unusual. I have a high stress job and sometimes I miss a month every now and then. Is my iron low? I know that I sometimes skip a month if drops."

"No, no your iron is fine." He removed his glasses and folded his hands on his desk. "When was the last time you had intercourse?"

"Ah…" Kensi stammered, flashes of STD pamphlets whizzed through her mind. "About two months ago I think."

"And did you use protection? The pill, a condom?"

"I'm on the pill." She asserted. "Is everything okay? My last sexual partner doesn't have any history of STD's that I know of."

"You don't have an STD. Miss Blye, your blood tests from last week showed human chorionic gonadotropin in your system."

"Okay, and what is that?" She chuckled nervously.

"Miss Blye, you're pregnant."

Kensi's eyes bulged.

"Sorry, there must be some mistake. That's not possible." She was shaking her head emphatically.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, that would mean that I'm at least two months -. I… I have no symptoms. No morning sickness, I haven't gained any weight. Nothing's changed." She tried to defend.

"Some women don't show any signs of pregnancy until they start to physically show. I ran the tests twice Miss Blye, you are most definitely pregnant." He assured her.

"Pregnant." She rolled the word around in her mouth. "I… I'm pregnant?" Her hands drifted down to her still-flat stomach before she hastily brought them back up in front of her.

"Do you have an gynaecologist you see regularly?" Kensi shook her head. "Well we have one attached to this practice and I do believe she has a few times free today. We can get you in to see her and get an ultrasound done, make sure everything's going okay." She continued to stare at him, almost blankly. "Unless, would you like to talk about your options Miss Blye?"


"It's not too late to terminate." He assured her.

"Terminate. As in… oh."

"It's not a decision to be made lightly but it's an avenue available to you."

"Ah, I don't have to decide right now do I?" She furrowed her brow.

"Absolutely not. How about we book you in for a prenatal appointment and go from there." He suggested. Kensi nodded dumbly at him, her mind still rapid firing thoughts so fast she couldn't even catch them.

"Prenatal appointment. Today?"

"Well, seeing as you were unaware of the pregnancy or even the chance you could be pregnant I would recommend making the appointment as soon as possible to make sure you and the baby are both healthy." He said the words slowly, noting her obvious distress.

"Ah, yeah okay. Today." She affirmed, nodding her head more to herself then him. Her eyes darted up to meet the doctors. "Pregnant?" Her face scrunched in disbelief.

"Yes." He affirmed patiently. "Now, let's see what we can book you in for." He smiled.

The next two hours were a true out of body experience for Kensi. She vaguely remembered being asked question after question concerning her health, her cycle, her lifestyle habits. The questions started to query about past family medical histories of both the mother and father she honestly didn't have answers for most of them. She was then poked and prodded with needles for various blood tests before being asked to remove her pants and put her legs in the stirrups for a pelvic exam. She was asked to pee in a cup, which she did, and then they laid her down again to perform an ultra sound.

It's the only thing she remembered clearly from the whole ordeal, the ba-dump ba-dump of a steadily beating heart and the tiny dot the technician pointed out on the screen.

"You're about 10 weeks along." The woman said, all smiles and kind eyes as she wiped blue goop off Kensi's stomach. "We'll schedule you in for another appointment in four weeks time if you like. Unless you have another doctor in mind."

"Ah, no, I don't." Her mouth was dry as she spoke, her own heart pounding still. "Is, is that all?"

"For now. We'll run all your tests and if something comes up we'll give you a call. Otherwise, just head on out to the front desk and make an appointment for a months time. Will you be bringing the father along?"

"I… I don't know." She stammered.

"Not to worry. I'll see you in for weeks Miss Blye."

Kensi nodded and sat up, pulling her shirt as far down as it would go as she stood, leaving the room.

She sat in her car outside the clinic for a full twenty minutes. Her brain had not stopped turning since the doctor had told her the news. Taking a deep breath she all but rammed the key into the ignition, starting the car and pulling out of the lot.

She drove around for a long time, thinking, processing, trying to figure out her next move. Eventually she pulled up outside a familiar house and, still in a haze, she walked up to the door and knocked without thinking.

Someone muffled an 'I'm coming.' From inside before the door was pulled open.

"Kensi, what are you doing here? Not that I'm not glad to see you but…"

"Can I come in?" Her voice was soft, timid, nothing like her usual assertive self.

"Of course."

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