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'What in the seven hells happened to self-preservation?' Salazar Slytherin asked himself, though his hands continued to move deftly over the well-used cauldron without a pause.

'Evaporate the excess fluid. Watch for the change in optical property that indicates saturation. Remove from heat.'

This was the product of fifteen long years of research – conceived in ideas so genius that even Rowena may be jealous, and gestated in experimental trials so patient that even Helga may find difficult. And now, he was about to pull off a feat so reckless that even Godric would hesitate.

'Cast the final spell. Seal the magic. Transfer into a clean flask and check consistency…'

Admittedly, he had but a vague guess at what would happen, and there would be no way to control it once it started. If his theories and conjectures had been correct, his being would dissipate into the ether until it would pull itself back together and begin anew. There was no telling how long this would be, or who he would become.

Not a comforting thought, as control had always been very important to him.

And yet, he absolutely must know...

Was it not true that someone had to try something drastic, once in a while, to further their civilization's understanding of magic? With no family, no ties, no greater goal in mind than this... it wasn't as if he had much to lose. Now was as good a time as any, he supposed.

'Bottoms up,' he grinned, and swallowed the potion in one long draught.

And he was gone.

Nearly a millennium later, a baby girl was born to a pair of proud new parents. Being both avid admirers of Shakespeare's plays, the list of girls' names they'd prepared was long indeed: Juliet, the loved; Ophelia, the pure; Emilia, the strong; Titania, the fairy queen; etc, etc.

But the moment their daughter opened her eyes, they knew exactly who to name her after.

Charming. Eloquent. Quick witted, and incredibly clever. Mind, perhaps a little too brilliant for her own good, said Dr. Olivia Granger to her husband. The poor queen from The Winter's Tale did have to suffer terrible accusations of crimes that she did not commit, and the people all thought she died in disgrace.

But, Dr. Jean Granger pointed out, it turned out that she either came back to life or never really died...

His wife agreed, and so the name of their daughter was decided.


The girl was to be named Hermione.

Dear Hermione Jean Granger,

'What the - ? What happened? And how is it that I suddenly remember two lifetimes?'

Congratulations. We are writing to you to offer you a place in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

'Letter of acceptance. The Hogwarts seal. So that's what set it off…'

"Hermione, dear, what's that strange letter you've got? It doesn't look like junk, does it?"

'Show mother the letter. Use the opportunity to recollect memories and thoughts. Hermione Granger, eleven years old. Daughter of dentists Jean and Olivia Granger. Muggleborn witch. Live in London, 1991… But formerly Lord Salazar Slytherin. Professor, inventor, potioneer, duellist. Founder of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Reincarnation potion successful. Theory of souls confirmed.' "Mum? I… I know you won't believe this, but… it says I'm a witch!"

Father choked on his coffee. "What?"

"It's probably a joke," said Hermione, despite knowing perfectly well that it was not. There was no way she could explain this without the help of a current professor.

"A very elaborate one at that," said mother with raised eyebrows, as she and father got ready to leave for the clinic. There were patients to see, and they'd better hurry if they wanted to be on time for the first appointment.

Soon, Hermione was left alone to stare at the brown textured parchment of the letter and nurse her buzzing head. It felt a little as if her brain was filled with static, really, or as if she was in a trance. And she was fairly certain that she might've screamed had she not grounded herself with the realization that all this was certainly, definitely real.

The world had changed, that much was certain. 'And what a world it is…'

A.N.: An overview of the story:

- Year 1 basically consists of Salazar pretending to be a normal girl (Canon!Hermione) in all respects and interfering as little as possible, with a few "side missions" that don't affect Harry very much (yet). As a result, it will follow canon very very closely, as much as logic allows in fact. If you're interested in the multitude of similarities between Canon!Hermione and a reincarnated Salazar Slytherin then you'll probably like it. If you find it boring and are more interested in how Salazar can change the modern wizarding world, though, feel free to skip to...

- Year 2, which diverges from canon and revolves around Salazar trying to clear his/her name and fix his - er, her- legacy by pulling strings from the shadows. There will be many funny moments here, I think, and will be fairly lighthearted.

- Year 3 will be less funny and more emotional, with a little bit of angst even. And maybe a bit of suspense too. Haven't entirely decided yet.

- Year 4,5,6 (if I get that far) will see more action + romance (?), finally culminating in the death of He-who-has-no-nose :D