When we reached camp, night had already fallen. I was shocked that for once the camp was quiet. They were gathered by the fire and have looked up in union upon our arrival. The first person to approach was Octavia, the worry on her face obvious to everyone.

I hate to be in Bellamy's place right now. His already tired face seemed to grow even older upon seeing his baby sister. His face was a mixer of relief for her safety and regret for the grave news she's about to hear.

Clarke tried to usher her inside with her, but Octavia's eyes caught the stretcher as we lowered it on the ground. Both Bellamy and Clarke tried to keep her away from the body lying motionless on the stretcher, but nothing could get in the way of Octavia's stubbornness once her mind is set.

Her innocent face was set in fear and anticipation as she kneeled down beside the body and ever so slowly lowered the jacket revealing Atom's peaceful face. Gasps echoed around camp in shock and disbelief. I don't think people have understood the grave danger they are living in until this moment where the face of a person who was talking among them only a few hours ago is now lying dead only a few feet away.

Using everyone's distraction, I slowly slipped away without anyone noticing. I strolled back into the jungle and made my way to the stream with only the moonlight to guide me. My arrival has scared away some poor animal as my feet tapped against the stray twigs and rocks. I fell on my knees as I felt as if there was something heavy weighting upon my shoulders.

The reflection of the moon soon rippled as my hands went in and filled my palms with enough water to splash on my face. My left hand caught my eyes as I saw it was covered in some blood. Dipping both hands back in the river, I started the process of scrubbing off the blood. The more time passes, the harder and faster I scrub, yet it seemed as if the blood would forever be painted on my skin as both hands were now stained in red. Breathing seemed difficult and the world seemed to be spinning around me as my hands stopped scrubbing to fall into the river to hold my weight as I fell forwards. Fingers dug into the muddy soil as I clinched my eyes closed in attempt to control my breathing.

Inhale…. Exhale…. Inhale…. Exhale….

Flashes of bodies.

Inhale…. Exhale…. Inhale…. Exhale….

Blood on my hands and clothes.

Inhale…. Exhale…. Inhale…. Exhale….

Light flashing along with the echo of gunfire.

Inhale…. Exhale…. Inhale…. Exhale….

Blood on the walls.

Inhale…. Exhale….

A single neckless swayed in the air with a figure of a reaper dangled by the end with few drops of blood falling off of the end of its scythes.

Inhale…. Exhale…. Inhale…. Exhale….


In a blink of an eye I had my bow aimed ready to fire.

"Whoa, whoa, it's me. It's Monty. Don't shoot," Monty exclaimed, gulping in nerves, with hands raised up in surrender.

"What do you want?" I sneered.

"You not pointing that thing at me?" I tightened my grip on my bow in response, my glare intensified. "Or not. Look, I thought I should come to check on you…"

"Didn't ask you to" I cut in, but he continued as if I didn't interrupt him.

"… and see how you're doing…"

"I'd be better if go away,"

"… especially with what you had to do for Atom…"

"Nothing I'm not used to,"

"…. It's such a heavy burden for anyone to do…"

"More like second nature," I scoffed with an eye roll as he kept going.

"… and I also wanted to tell you that Jasper is awake now." he grinned widely. I stared blankly at him.

"You done?" he shrugged. I nodded as I lowered my bow and turned my back to him as I sat down. "Good, now go away,"

"You can check on him if you," he suggested timidly.

"I don't"

"Why not?"

"Because I don't care," I growled. He was quiet for a few seconds. I thought he was going to give up and go back but he's as stubborn as a mule.


I sighed in aggravation, "fuck's sake, just go back to camp and leave me the hell alone,"

"Jasper is alive because of you. It would help ease the guilt a little if you come and check on him, see the results of what you helped accomplish."

"Jasper is alive because he fought to survive,"

"He's alive because you helped and because you believed he could pull through. You gave him hope," he argued. Hands crossed tightly and feet shuffling awkwardly, "I have hope for you too. You're not the bad person you pretend to be."

I huffed with a dry chuckle, "thanks Dr. Phil, for that inspiring speech. Now kindly va via (go away),"

"Word on the Ark is that the Reaper has gone and killed a number of guards in cold blood. No remorse. No regrets. The Reaper that I see, the Reaper that I met, has gone out of her way to save a life of a lost soul and gave mercy to another tortured one. I have always feared the legend of the Reaper, but since meeting you, I realized that there might be more to the legend. We both know how exaggerating rumors can get up there. And maybe the legend was built off of a rumor. I honestly don't care, because after meeting you, even for a short time, I know you're not that person. Maybe you were once upon a time, but I'm having my doubts, because that reaper wouldn't care for saving lives, or looking after a bunch of young girls. This place, being on the ground is a new start for us all, including the legendary Reaper. New place, new life, new beginning,"

I didn't turn around as I heard his footsteps disappearing back to the forest.

New place, new life, new beginning

I climbed up the ladder to see Clarke, Finn, Octavia, and Monty were crowded around Jasper who was rather tired but still manages to smile and joke around. His eyes caught my own and before I can make my escape he called me out with a large dopey smile.

"Ay! Look who decided to join us," everyone turned to who he was addressing. Clarke and Finn both visibly stiffened while Monty gave me a large smile that I wanted so bad to slap off of his face.

"Look who's not dying anymore," I remarked.

He scoffed, "please, you can't get rid of me that easily,"

"I'm sure something will come soon enough,"

"Ha, let it. Nothing's gonna get me as long as I still have you as my guardian angel"

It was my turn to scoff now, "the meds must be kicking in now,"

"Not as strong as I hoped," he pouted before perking up again, "say, do you still have any of your magic potion on you by any chance? They won't share any of the good stuff," he nodded towards the bottle in Finn's hand.

I shook my head and turned around to leave before my amused look can be caught by any of them, especially by the nosy Asian named Monty.

"No? okay then maybe next time then? Thank you," Jasper shouted after me.

After climbing down the ladder I turned around only to nearly bump into Bellamy. He looked disheveled and tired. We all were. It's nearly sunrise yet there are a few some people still awake.

"Jasper's finally awake huh?!" I shrugged in response, "at least one good thing came out of today," he sighed as he ran his hand through his hair in distress.

I hummed in agreement as I walked around him to make my way out, but his hand on my elbow has stopped me in my tracks.

"Look, about what you did earlier," he sighed deeply before his eyes locked with my own, "thank you,"

"I didn't do it for you," I told him, keeping my face neutral.

"I know. And you didn't have to take over…."

"Yeah I did," I replied sternly, "you froze and he was suffering. I did what was needed to be done."

"I know and I'm grateful fo…"

"Stop thanking me. Okay? Just stop." I sighed deeply, "Look, one thing I learned from this is that we are all in some deep shit. The power-that-be of the Ark have thrown us down here without preparing us for the dangers that come with being on earth. We're on our own now. We're gonna have to work together to insure our survival in this hell hole. If we don't work together we're gonna die alone. And I refuse to go down without fighting, even if that means I'm gonna have to dirty my hands then so be it." Bellamy stared off into space pondering over my words and the events of today. So I left him and made my way out.

I took the long way back to my tent; not feeling tired enough to sleep yet. I was half way there when I heard the faint sounds of sobbing. I cursed my curiosity as I slowly investigated the source.

To my astonishment and horror, I saw Charlotte sitting with her knees bent and chin resting on her knees staring off in the distance. She had some splashes of blood on her face and hands. I rushed to kneel by her side and my eyes widen even further when I saw Wells Jaha's body lying dead a few feet away with blood gushing out of a deep wound in his throat.

"I had to slay my demons," Charlotte quietly said, I turned to her. Her eyes were still gushing tears and her body started shaking. "I had to. I had to." She repeated over and over.

My thoughts rushed in my head as they kept trying to process the situation and solutions. Once I finally got my baring, I stood up.

"Get up," I quietly commanded. Charlotte stared at me in confusion, but followed my instruction.

I grabbed her wrest and rushed us both towards the streams a little farther from camp. Pushing her down a little too hard in my rush, I quickly grabbed a rag and wet it before I started cleaning her up.

"Okay, you're gonna listen to me very carefully." I spoke quickly and quietly. Eyes scanning the trees as my hands moved in a rush. "When you got back, you went straight to be bed. Okay? Nothing else happened, you hear me?"

"but i.."

I held tightly to her chin to keep her eyes locked with my own. I needed her to understand the danger of this situation. One of our own was killed by us. All hell will break loose if they found out it was by her hands. "Nothing else happened." I insisted sternly. She nodded in confirmation. "We're gonna go back to our tent. When they find the body, we're shocked. We don't know who killed him. Just like everyone else, you hear me? We don't know anything."

"I didn't see anything. I was sleeping the whole time." She repeated.

"Good," I took a deep breath. "Okay, now let's go back,"

New place, new life, new beginning


Thank you all for being patient with me. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.