Blair was completely distraught. She couldn't understand how she could be so popular and well liked, but feel so alone all at the same time. Every class she attended, every walk in the hall, she could hear the whispers, although she pretended she couldn't.

She was fairly certain what they were whispering about.

Michael Sampson.

I bet he told a few of his 'buddies' at Bates, now they've told their girlfriends here at Eastland. I'm ruined.

Blair let out an exasperated sigh. At least the school day was over and she could rest. She fell back on her perfectly made bed with perfumed sheets and closed her eyes.

Blair drifted off into a deep slumber, she was completely exhausted. She was out cold barely after five minutes of lying down and didn't hear Jo enter the room the girls shared.

Jo slammed the door and then winced slightly when she realized she could have potentially woken her roommate.

Blair didn't move an inch.

'Poor thing,' Jo thought to herself. By this point she's gotta be aware of the rumors.

Jo shook her head. She could kill Michael Sampson for hurting Blair. It was bad enough he tried to take advantage of her, now he's spreading rumors that he 'got lucky' with her. Blair was a tease, but Jo knew she would actually never follow through with the flirtatious words and actions.

Blair was a flirt and maybe some would say, even a tease, but she was old fashioned. Jo found it endearing. If Jo were being completely honest with herself, she found almost everything the blonde did, 'cute'.

Jo had fallen completely in love with Blair over the past few years. It all started when they first met and Blair had Jo's back against the mean girls at school. She knew she was something special.

She sat down beside blair on the edge of the bed, careful not to wake her. She gazed down at her beautiful roommate. Her blonde hair spilling over the pink satin pillowcase.

Damn it, why can't I just tell her how I feel? Why is it so hard?

Jo needed to vent, but had no one to talk to.

Well, Blair's asleep. Why not?

She exhaled sharply.

"Blair, ever since I met you. You're the only thing I can think about. The first time you took up for me against that Margo girl. I knew we were gonna have something special. I knew I could trust you. You actually cared when no one else did. You were my best friend from the very beginning even if I couldn't see it. You're my... soulmate, Blair. I love you."

Jo sighed heavily.

"I guess you'll never know. There's no way I can actually tell you."

Jo slowly eased herself up off the bed and went to the bathroom to shower.

Some things are better left unsaid, blondie. I guess you'll never know how I really feel.

Little did Jo know, Blair had woke up as soon as Jo sat down on the bed.

She heard every word.