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A Month At Mione's

A young boy with black raven hair and emerald eyes, unknown to the world was in a house with terrible people. He sat on his bed in his tiny tiny room reading a book Hermione Granger had given him for Christmas last year during their 6th year at Hogwarts School of Wichcraft and Wizardary. Yes the boy with the raven hair and the emerald eyes was none other than Harry Potter, and Hermione was not his girlfriend, not that he didn't want her to be, she was indeed his best friend. You heard right Harry liked Mione he really liked her. He wanted to be with her. But he would never tell. Not anybody not even Ron his other best friend.

Harry was reading when he heard his Uncle Vernon call from downstairs "Boy! Get down here, Dudley needs his shirt ironed and his food before he goes to summer camp!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry yelled back. He then took his book and put in under the loose floorboard with all his other schoolbooks, (as he had to keep them hidden from his Aunt and Uncle), his letters, and some candy. He went down the stairs to find his lazy aunt sitting at the table sipping coffee. 'I'm surprised she can do that much by herself',. thought Harry.

Harry went and ironed Dudley's shirt for summer camp, but Harry knew it was for summer school not camp, and made breakfast for everyone. He went back up to his room after asking and began to un-pack his trunk. He was supposed to go to Ron's house for the last month before school but he couldn't. He walked over to his bedside table and picked up the letter that Ron had sent him a week ago. He had read it maybe 1000 times already, but he read it again hoping it would change.

Dear Harry,

Hey Mate! I hope everything is okay over there where you are. I'm sorry Harry the family has to go somewhere I don't even know my dad says it's a va-cat-ion. Or some muggle word like that. Anyway we have to go and you can't come for the month before school. I tried to convince mum to let you come to but she said,

"It's family time." Sorry Mate.

Your Best Friend,


Harry went and laid down on his bed and began to think. 'What am I supposed to do now?'

Just then an owl flew into the room. It was 'Mione's. Harry ran to the owl and grabbed the letter. He loved hearing from her.

Dear Harry,

Hello Harry I hope those muggles are treating you right!

Well I suppose you heard about the vacation Ron and his family are taking. Well I have some great news. My mum and dad said you can come and stay with me for the last month of the holidays and then we can both go to digaon alley together! Owl me back as soon as possible, we will come by car at whatever time you want. Hurry write back quick.

With love,


" How does she do that? She seems to know exactly what I'm thinking!" yelled Harry.

" Keep it down boy!" yelled Uncle Vernon.

"Sorry." Yelled Harry back. Harry ran down stairs wanting to ask about going to Hermione's house for a month. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he began to walk. He walked into the living room where his Aunt and Uncle sat doing nothing as usual.

"Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, May I please go to a friends house tomorrow? They said I can stay there until school starts." He said quietly.

"Why should we let you go?" said Vernon.

"Well my Godfather would let me go." Said Harry not so quietly.

"Ok fine you can go. When are they picking you up? I am not taking you anywhere."

"Tomorrow, and anytime I want. They will drive here.", said Harry with a smile on his face.

He ran back upstairs and let Hedwig out of her cage. Then began to write to Hermione. His letter read……

Dear 'Mione,

Hello 'Mione. I am doing fine, I hope you are too. Well I asked about your house and I can go! Isn't it great ? I can't wait. IT doesn't matter what time you pick me up but the sooner the better so is 9:00 good? Well owl me back and let me know! I can't wait to hear from you!

With love,


"That should do it, here it is. Hedwig take this to Hermione." The snowy white owl flew out the window, into the sky.

Harry began to throw everything back into his trunk and then he went under the floorboard and he saw the picture of him and Hermione.

It was from the end of 4th year when she kissed him on the check while leaving Hogwarts. Colin had taken the picture. At the beginning of 5th year Colin asked if he wanted it. In the picture Harry was standing there and Hermione moved in and kissed him then pulled away and began to blush just as Harry was blushing. Harry began to smile after seeing the picture he then shook his head. Placing the photo in his trunk he told himself he was going to tell Hermione how he felt about her before the end of the month.


The next morning Harry woke up at 8:30 with Hedwig sitting on his chest. Harry could tell that she was there for most of the night because she was asleep. Harry jumped up to get the letter from Hedwig scaring her awake. She flew about the room and landed again and Harry took the letter. It read…….

Dear Harry,

That's great! We will be there at 9:00 I promise. And we will make sure not to come through the fireplace. See you at 9:00

I can't wait!

With lots of love,


"Did I read that right? Did she say 'lots of love'?" Harry asked himself. He went down to the kitchen to tell his aunt and uncle what time the Grangers were arriving.

"Uncle Vernon, they are coming at 9:00.", said Harry.

"Boy why didn't you tell us, it is 8:45. They will be here any minute.", Vernon bellowed.

Harry ran up the stairs and grabbed his trunk. Harry was suddenly thankful for Quidditch. Without it he probably wouldn't have the strength to carry it without difficulty. He placed the chest on the landing and ran back upstairs to get dressed. He put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

He got downstairs just in time because as soon as he got to the door the bell rang. Harry opened the door to see Hermione wearing a tight pink cut-off shirt and faded low rise jeans. Her bushy hair wasn't bushy anymore it was straight and up in a high ponytail. She also had on make-up. She looked great.

"Hello, 'Mione, you look great." Harry said as he pulled her into a hug and then pulled back and took her hair in his hand and said,

"What happened to your bushy hair?"

She smiled and said " Well Harry I guess I out grew it.", Hermione leaned in a kissed Harry on the cheek. Harry blushed slightly as did 'Mione. They went out to the car, and Harry put his trunk in the back and got in. Hermione pulled out of the short driveway identical to the ones at the neighboring homes, and then drove out of Privet Drive,

both Harry and Hermione smiling the whole time.


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