-Take place after ch49 pg17 TG-

"So urm touka-chan,have you feed loser?"


Whilst downstairs nishiki wondering why those two teen ghouls haven't showed up when the cafe is about to close, he went upstairs to check out and he heard unpleasant noise coming out from the staff room

He walked slowly and try to catch what exactly those two ghouls were doing at these hour

"Don't be nervous touka-chan, we can do it slowly you know"

"Idiot! i'm not nervous, just a little uneasy"

"Relax, i will be gentle ok?"


"Alright now open it slowly and yes like that, you're doing great and i will put it in gently"

Nishiki sweat drop and can't believe on what he's hearing and all of sudden there's a loud noise coming out from the room and touka started to scream

'That idiot kaneki, he's not as innocent as he looks doesn't he? i bet he don't even know what gentle actually means when it comes to pleasing the ladies'

Nishiki kicked the staff room's door and shouted

"Kaneki! you doing it all wrong, you supposed to please and wet h-"

Loser flying around freely in the room

"Ah nishio-senpai, what need to be wet 1st again?"

"Stupid nishiki, why would you wet a bird?"

"Eh, what are you guys doing?"

"I'm helping touka-chan to feed loser properly, apparently she's afraid of birds haha"

"Shut up eye-patched! i'm not afraid just a little nervous"

Nishiki slapped his forehead

"Argh! i wasted my time for nothing! both of you come down quickly we're closing now" and stomped off


"That was close"

"Tsk really close, its your fault!"

"Uh why me?"

"What!? its your god damn idea, don't play innocent here eye-patched"

"Kaneki! Touka!"

"We better go downstairs now, and continue later where we stopped ok?"

"Huh whatever, nishiki just killed my mood"

"Don't be like that touka-chan" kaneki smiled and kissed her cheek

-Few days later-

Kaneki and touka were in the staff room again together,and nishiki once again checking out on them

The same noises came from the room

"You said you going to put it in gently!"

"I am…sorry let's try again ok?"

"Let me do it myself!"


Touka screaming can beheard from the room and nishiki couldn't be bothered to stay since those two just trying to feed loser, so he walked downstairs

"Ah nishiki-kun, you can go home now, today its touka and kaneki duty to clean and close the cafe" said irimi


Bothe Nishiki and Irimi were outside of the cafe and irimi started to wonder

"So, did you caught them?"


Irimi just chuckles and continue

"Those two young teens making out?"

"Nah they just feed loser"

"Aww nishiki-kun you went to kimi to study, don't you realised they just used loser to cover up?