-Take place after Haise and juuzou meet washuu matsuri-

Haise's brain full with thoughts after the meeting with Matsuri that he didn't realised where his feet taking him to, the moment he reached a door and simply opened it without thinking and said

"I'm home"




Haise and touka stared and gave puzzled look that haise immediately turned his back to the cafe's door and check if he really entered his favourite cafe and mistaken that he reached his house

"Is your head really cloudy that you mistaken my shop with your house?" asked touka

Haise was so embarrassed and he started to scratch his cheek unconsciously and gave his adorable signature laughed

"Hahah your cafe is too cosy for my liking that i indeed mistaken that i already reached my home"

Touka chuckle and haise probably think he saw the most genuine laughed he ever witnessed

If i always welcome with this warm smile, i wouldn't mind coming here everyday and considered it as my 2nd home

"Why are you standing there? come in since you're already here thanks to your foot though" touka smile and walked back to the counter

Haise sheepishly smile back and went to his favourite spot near the book shelves

"Same table and same coffee huh?" Touka placed the finely brewed black coffee in front of him

"Yeah, you make the best coffee i ever tasted! its so good that i uh…i cried…?"

Well that was a bit embarrassing thing to remember now sasaki haise, not after you mistakenly said out loud i'm home in coffee shop!

"…..that good?"

"Eh what?"

"I said is my coffee taste that good?"

"Oh yes, very good! and with all the books the combination really calming and the scent somehow….a bit nostalgic"

Haise lowered his gaze and staring blankly to the coffee cup that he was holding

Does this how my previous life feels like? No No, i'm a monster! i used to be a monster and probably hurt a lot of people along the way

Haise's hand trembling whilst holding the cap, touka noticed and took his hand and sat next to him

"You know, you're always welcome to this shop"

Haise was a bit surprised with 2 pairs of warm hands covering his own trembling hands and stared into touka's violet eyes

"There's not many customer around this hour, since its a peak hour for everyone to go back home, so urm you can stay here a little longer enjoying a cup of coffee and reading some books that you like here maybe?"


"Well its just a suggestion you know, if you don't want too its still fin-"

Haise immediately cut off touka's word and hugged her

"Thank you…thank you so much"

Touka's body stiffen a bit with a sudden hug by the two toned hair coloured dove in front of her

"Ah sorry, i didn't mean to scared you like this!" Haise immediately release his embrace when he felt the beautiful woman's body didn't move an inch

"I'm sorry! i'm really sorry"

Great move haise, what an idiot

Haise didn't imagine he could actually see a tint of pink coloured spread across the waitress's cheek

"Its alright" Touka blushed lightly and pulled haise head to the crock of her neck and return his embrace

She continues

"You do deserved a hug" as touka's right hand calmly soothing his back muscle

Somehow haise's body started to relax more and he buried his face in between touka's neck and shoulder

Haise took a deep breath and trying to remember this scent, its too familiar for him not to recognised, he snapped a little when touka asked him if he's feeling a bit better

He smiled and murmured that he's feeling good and his eyelids started to dropped slowly

Touka just let a little sigh and smile when she noticed that haise did not move and his body getting heavier, he really dozed off on her shoulder, she continue to caress his hair and slowly slumped her back towards the wall and whispered in his ears

"….welcome back, kaneki"

Touka did not know if he conscious or not that he really replied

"I'm back touka….chan"

A tear rolling down her cheek