As a touken shipper I would love to thank ishida for giving us confirmation that kaneki too in love with touka, from the song that he dedicated on kaneki's bday with touken pic on his twitter. Something have been bothering me as there is a gap from where touka punched kaneki and she regret it and saying "He definitely won't be coming back" ch121 pg10 to "He got lost going back to anteiku, that's why he lost his place to return, I have faith in him" ch143 pg 20-21. How on earth touka gain so much confident that kaneki will return when earlier she even doubt about it? Well I guess something really happen off screen as what the lyrics has confirmed it. For those who are not aware of it, there's a lyric translation made by lovely sunset-tower on tumblr. Here's the link post/135635781792/referring-to-one-of-ishidas-art-for-kanekis

-Take place after kaneki disband his group and before he knew the news about ccg going to attack anteiku-


*The punching scene flashing in touka's mind*

'Ugh what have I done? Why can't I just quietly listen to him after 6months?'

Touka glance at the rabbit keychain dangling from her cellphone

'How can I be a teacher.. If I'm this aggressive?'

She slowly reached her cellphone and gently touch the keychain

'I even let my tears out in front of him, of all people why must it be him? Dear lord!'

'Wait, why am I even thinking of him right now? I must study! Kirishima touka please focus!'

Touka closed her eyes as she tried to calm down and stay focus instead kaneki's small laugh and gentle smile flashing at the back of her eyes

'I cannot take this anymore, this is insane, I must have losing my mind'

Touka get up from the chair and heading straight to the main door of her house

'I should get some fresh air'

As she open the door, unexpected guest standing firmly in front of her


"Hello touka-chan"


"Urm can I come in?"


"Just for a while, I promise you"

"You and your promises" Touka sigh

"Just come in already, don't be such a creep as if you have been stalking me all this time"

"Hmm I might…have?"

Touka sent her death glare

"What do you want?"

"I…just want to apologies to you"

"Hah? What for? I was the one who knocked you down, I should apologies to you….i shouldn't do that in the 1st place"

There's guilt in her voice

"No, you technically knocked some sense into me, and I should thank you for that, I realized I was wrong…and I feel like returning back to anteiku is a good option, if you don't mind of course"

"Of course I mind, with your white hair and gloomy face, you better fix that before you come back, we don't need second yomo in the house you know"


"You don't touka-chan with me, you owe me so you better do something for me"

"Of course, I belong to you tonight, you can do whatever you like on me, I will take it"

"For real?"


"Hmm, fold the clothes"


Kaneki walk straight to the laundry basket full with unfold clean clothes and starts folding it one by one without complaining or protest in any way

'Is he really going to listen whatever I said?'

As kaneki reached touka's matching underwear

"Okay, you can stop right there"

"But there's more in the basket"

"It's fine, I will do that later"

'What is running in his head?' touka thinks, so she tried again

"Why don't you mop the floor"

"Alright" as kaneki go around the house trying to find a mop and a bucket

Touka just stood there disbelief when kaneki started to mop the living room

"Wait, stop"

And kaneki stop moping immediately

"Turn around" Touka orders kaneki

So kaneki turns and his back facing touka

"Now undress"

'There's no way he would do it right? If he really going to undress then what is really wrong with-'

At 1st there was no movement from kaneki, but slowly he lift his shirt and in a blink of an eye, his shirt was on the floor

"S-stop, why are you really do as what I said!?"

Kaneki turns his head side ways to look at touka's direction as she sliding? Towards him

Touka initially tried to grab his shirt on the floor and she has forgotten that the floor was slippery and she tried her best not to fall flat on the floor with an awkward posture

Before kaneki could react, touka bumped into him and they both collapse on the floor

They stayed silently on the floor for a few seconds without an inch movement, and kaneki broke the silence with a small laugh

"You should have seen your acrobatic posture just now, it was mesmerizing"

"Don't you dare laugh at me, shitty kaneki" and she stood up and sat on him.

"Anything you said, touka-chan"

"And what is going thru your head? Why would you even listen to what I said?"

"…nothing, I just feel like listening to your orders like back in the days at anteiku"

"Geez, you really need someone to knocked some sense in you isn't it?, put your clothes back now"

Kaneki just gave touka a small smile and reaching his shirt to put it back on

Touka tried to get up and offering her hand for kaneki to reach

"You have always been a troublesome, maybe you need a good cup of coffee to clear your cloudy head"

Touka walking towards the kitchen and realized kaneki doesn't follower and she stop and turning back to him




"Is it….is it ok for you if I coming back to urm anteiku?"

There was a moment of silence

"Its..ok if you don't want me-"

"Of course we don't mind, dumb kaneki...don't you know we have always been short of hand?"

Kaneki smile and walks toward touka

"You better, pack your things quickly and bring Hinami-chan back too" as touka tried to grab a pack of coffee bean at the corner of the higher shelves

Kaneki grab her hand and turns her around facing him, before touka could speak a single word kaneki buried his head on her shoulder

"Touka-chan, thank you…thank you so much"

Touka just smile and hugged him back, and before things getting pretty awkward she release him and said

"Well, you still owe me this whole night right?"

"Yes, anything else you want from me"

Touka just gave him a very sneaky smile