"I really don't think this is a good idea, 'Vana..." Camellia whispered nervously, pulling down her extremely small shorts that she was borrowing from the girl next to her. They were navy blue and jeans material, going well with the loose white shirt she wore that fell off of her left shoulder. The girl next to her in the cab glanced in Camellia's direction.

"Oh come on, Cammie. Please? Just this once? I really want you to meet my boyfriend and I made sure the DJ we hired wouldn't make the music too loud," Nirvana, Camellia's best friend, whined. Unlike the shy girl next to her, Nirvana willingly left her home often, visiting clubs and partying the night away. The two were neighbors and were both sophomores in high school.

Camellia sighed and remained silent for a few minutes. As they pulled up into the small but loaded parking lot of the bar Nirvana had rented out for her boyfriend's birthday. She watched quietly as her friend passed the cab driver a view extra dollars to forget about the drive.

"Come on, Cammie!" Nirvana exclaimed, beaming, and before she could realize what was happening Camellia was being dragged into the bar.

"Oh my god, I think my ears are being assaulted!" Camellia whimpered over the music, rubbing her temples and looking around the bar. The bartender's area and some red cushioned stools were directly in front of her, followed by a small dance floor, then a pool table and several booths and small round tables with one or two cheap chairs. Overall, it wasn't exactly five star, but it was the best a high school girl could afford.

Nirvana rolled her emerald green eyes and propped her fist up on her hip, but before she could reply, a tall boy spotted them from the dancefloor and stood in front of them. His hair was tied back out of his face and his large arms were crossed. Unlike Nirvana's caramel skin color and Camellia's pale tone, the boy's was darker, like he had been in the sun for long amounts of time. Nirvana squealed and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. It took a moment, but after their... greeting, his arm was wrapped around 'Vana's waist and they both were facing Camellia, who looked quite surprised.

"Cammie, right? I've heard a lot about you from Nirvana. I'm Calem," Calem explained, holding out a beefy hand. She placed her smaller, paler one in his and shook with a small, nervous smile.

"It's nice to finally meet you! I've heard a lot about you as well," she replied, faking a large, almost childish smile. She already hated him. He had a cocky smile that Nirvana would swoon at, but Camellia saw it as a sign of overconfidence and unfaithfulness.

"All good things, I hope," he chuckled, then turned to Nirvana, who was practically glowing. "So, babe, wanna help me pick out some songs?" he suggested, and she nodded, hugging his arm as they walked away from Camellia.

Camellia sighed and walked up to the bar, climbing up one of the tall stools and sitting on the circular red cushion. She lowered her head to the wooden counter and rested her chin on her arms. The bartender passed a drink to one of the other customers and faced her with a judgemental gleam in his eye.

"I just want a water. With ice," Camellia explained before the bartender could ask any questions. He let out a heavy sigh, fully displaying his irritation, but turned away. A few minutes of Camellia's eardrums being shattered by Beyonce, or whatever the 'DJ' was playing, later, he came back with a cheap, plastic cup with come tap water and a few ice cubes in it.

Camellia smiled when he set it down in front of her. "Thanks," she said kindly and fished a dollar out of her pocket, attempting to get on the man's good side, if there was one.

The bartender simply grunted, snatched up the dollar bill, and turned away. Nope, no good side. She pouted in response.

The music was really starting to bother her now. She glanced over at the dance floor, where Nirvana and Calem were getting a bit... intimate. Honestly, she was pretty bored with the whole setting. Most would see her as immature, and usually she would be childish to go with her young appearance, but after being around Nirvana so much, she was developed into some sort of mix between a lolita and a perv. Eventually she decided to just sip her water very slowly, and by the time she was done, something interesting would happen and the music would magically stop.

The music didn't stop, but something interesting did happen.

The door opened, revealing two police officers, and everyone froze. Camellia instinctively slipped off her seat and hid behind it. She was small for a 16 year old, so it would be hard to be noticed if they weren't looking right at her.

"We got a call stating that multiple underage citizens would be drinking here tonight. We'll need to see an ID for everyone and you'll need to take the breathalyzer," he stated. Camellia was already slithering through the dance floor.

Nirvana gulped, looking up at Calem, but he didn't look back. He simply ran toward the back door, only to be grabbed by a third officer. She almost shrieked, but a small hand grabbed hers and Camellia looked at the girl and held a finger to her lips. "They're distracted. Come on!" she whispered harshly.

Nirvana looked at Calem, then at Camellia, obviously struggling internally. After an encouraging tug from her friend, the two sneaked away from the crowded dancefloor and into the bathroom.

"Please have a window, please have a window," Camellia pleaded quietly. Luckily, against all odds, there was a window next to the farthest stall out of three. They bolted for it, but Nirvana suddenly stopped.

"My bag!" she exclaimed, only for Camellia to wave two purses, one hers and one Nirvana's, in her face. "Way ahead of you. Now open the window and throw me out. I'm too short to climb out myself."

Nirvana blinked. "Did you just say throw you out?!" she shouted, pausing from opening the window's latch. The brunette nodded vigorously. "But-"

"We don't have time to argue! They'll check the bathroom any second now!" she argued. Nirvana finally gulped and nodded, swinging the window open and lifting Cammie up by her armpits. Once everything above her stomach was outside, she let go and allowed her friend to climb out.

Camellia threw the two purses out the window first, then lowered her chest and stopped supporting herself with her quivering arms, causing her to double over and combat-roll into the grass.

She got up and brushed the dirt off of her scabbing knees, ignoring the sting and calling out to Nirvana. "Alright, the landing bay is open! Climb on out!"

The caramel-toned teenager shakily nodded and began hoisting herself out of the window, too. She looked down at Camellia and her emerald orbs widened at the drop. Nirvana took a deep breath... if Camellia could do it, she could t-

"I swear, this is where she ran off to!"

Camellia's blue eyes widened. The gruff voice was familiar... Calem.

"Just lead us to the culprit, boy." The police officer...

"So if I show you where she is, you'll let me go, right?"

Both girls frowned, but Cammie looked less surprised than her friend.

"Come on Nirvana! We're out of time!" she whisper-shouted.

"Here I come!" Nirvana replied, doubling over and flinging herself out the window. She did a similar move to Camellia's, but moved a bit differently due to their size difference. Thank gods for the extensive gymnastics and self-defense training Cammie's brother had forced them into.

Camellia brushed herself off one more time and picked up the two purses, glancing nervously back at the window. "When they see the window is open, we're going to be in trouble. We've gotta run."

Nirvana nodded, straightening her purple ponytail. "Through the forest then?" she suggested, nervousness gone.


And they ran.

~{Scattered Petals}~

"Are you sure this is the right direction?" Camellia moaned. Her knees stung from the scrapes of falling twice, her hands were red from supporting her aching feet by gripping trees as she walked by, and she was overall very tired.

"I don't know! This is the first time I've been here!" Nirvana replied in an equally whiny voice, but hers was more indignant. They had to have been wandering for at least an hour.

"I'll try to call Peter..." Cammie trailed off, pulling out her iPhone and scrolling through her contacts, then frowned. "Shoot! No signal out here... he would have been angry anyway..."

Nirvana nodded silently, her emerald eyes rather dull. It was obvious that she was thinking back to Calem and his betrayal. "Vana?"


"... I'm sorry about him," Cammie hugged her, and Nirvana smiled. They were opposites, but they complimented each other. It hadn't been the first time something like that had happened, but the one thing they could count on was that that they were a team.

They continued to walk for a while, and their fatigue grew. The moon was already high in the sky... wait.

"Cammie... Look at the moon..." she whispered, her green eyes wide with awe. She had stopped walking completely, and her fatigue was replaced by fascination.

Camellia groaned and stopped as well, looking at her best friend. "It's not like either of us could just follow the north... star.." she trailed off as she, too, stared at the moon. It was a pale orange-red, and reminded her of fire, not the soft glow the moon usually emitted. She vaguely remembered something like this being mentioned in History class, happening during the great fire of London, or something like that...

Finally, Camellia tore her gaze away from the strange sight and gasped at what stood before them. "N-Nirvana!" she gaped, and her friend also tore her gaze away to stare at the even stranger sight.

Where there used to be only seemingly endless trees and shadows stood stone ruins. It seemed like some sort of alter, with a large stone platform and an archway leading into a 'room' with a stone bench inside. "What the fuck?" Nirvana exclaimed in confusion.

Without thinking, Camellia walked closer and Nirvana followed, both fascinated. Then something strange happened as they stood on the stone platform.

"Uh, Cammie...? Was it foggy before?" Vana asked, looking around at the thick fog that suddenly surrounded them, making her feel trapped, unable to move away from the platform. Camellia turned around to face her friend, but before she could reply, the cracks in the platform's floor began to glow a light red and formed a star beneath their feet.

Then... they vanished.

~{Scattered Petals}~

Camellia slowly opened her blue eyes. She wanted to gasp at the sight before her, but she couldn't. It was like she was in an emotionless trance... nothing but calm.

Everything was endless black. There was no floor, no ceiling, and no walls. She was floating, and yet she was standing. All around her was a swirling tornado of small blue lights. She could occasionally hear one whisper into her ear, but it was a random sentence with no context, as if she only heard a sentence out of an entire conversation. Floating there, completely calm, she truly felt... free.

Then, one by one, the blue lights let out horrible shrieks and vanished. Millions, disappearing one by one. The calmness Camellia previously felt was gone, and she felt a deep pain in her chest. She closed her eyes, the shade of the lights which had so quickly disappeared, and fell, letting out an agonizing scream that echoed in the darkness.

When she opened her eyes again, she was still falling, but she could see the clouds above her, a pale blue dusted with murky clouds. Next to her, Nirvana was falling as well. Their eyes met, but neither could find the will to scream.

Instead, they simply let the darkness swallow them up again, and fell unconscious.

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